Top 5 Firebase Open Source Alternatives for 2021

Mobile applications need a backend that is powerful enough to support their performance and cost-efficient at the same time. Platforms like Firebase allow the developers to develop these applications by providing excellent backend services.

However, Firebase has some disadvantages like not being open-source, working only with NoSQL databases, and may not the ideal solution for applications that require complex queries. So, here we will discuss the best five open-source alternatives to Firebase that you can use in 2021.

The best five Open Source alternatives to Firebase in 2021

The following are the five best alternatives to firebase that you can use in 2021, and the best thing about all of these is that their services are available for free.


Back4App is a platform that provides services like the backend for the development of applications, and it also provides services like managed databases for easier data management. It comes with a lot of unique features. Some of them are addressed below.

Features of Back4App

The following are the key features of Back4App.

Real-time updatesBack4app works with both SQL and NoSQL databases and delivers a scalable and fully integrated real-time database.
APIsBack4app works with both REST and GraphQL APIs.
Notifications, Authentication, Storage, etcThese are other features available on Back4app that allow an end-to-end app development experience.

Pricing of Back4App

  • Free Tier – Apps under development
  • Shared Hosting – Subscriptions starting at $5/mo
  • Dedicated Hosting – Subscriptions starting at $255/mo


The Parse platform has attracted many new developers because it allows the most straightforward backed development services. When you use Parse as a backend service, you can develop your application’s backend without having to code boilerplate functionality. Using Parse makes the whole development process very easy as you only have to code the frontend. Here are some features of Parse.

Unique Features of Parse

The following are the key features of Parse.

Spreadsheet like interfaceParse works with both MongoDB and Postgres databases, and the graphical interface looks like a spreadsheet.
File Storage Some applications require the functionality of the file system from the device and store data on multiple cloud services. When you use Parse for backend development, you can easily add this feature to your applications.
Push-NotificationsWhen you make the backend of your application with Parse, you can add push notification functionality. It is an essential and productive feature for applications where there is a need to get users’ attention.

Pricing of Parse

  • Parse is free to download
  • You can host it on multiple cloud services


Kuzzle is another open-source alternative to Firebase that provides backend services like a scalable server and administrative control. It also increases the functionality of the applications with the help of multiprotocol API. Here are some features of Kuzzle.

Features of Kuzzle

The following are the key features of Kuzzle.

Realtime DatabaseMost of the applications need the functionality of the real-time database. This functionality makes the applications perform very well in terms of data management. For adding something to the database, the need for refreshing the application will not be there as everything will be happening on a real-time basis.
Multiprotocol APIsKuzzle supports three different protocols for connection. The list includes HTTP, Websocket, and
User securityThe security of users’ data and profiles is paramount for an application that has many daily-based users with their confidential information in their profile. So, Kuzzle uses several techniques to ensure that every user’s profile is secure and safe from every kind of threat.

Pricing of Parse

  • Parse is free to download
  • You can host it on multiple cloud services

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is provided by Amazon, where the developers can get the backend services for their applications. It is an open-source platform so that you can make an excellent replacement for Firebase out of it. AWS Amplify makes application development very fast and easy for the developers. Here we will discuss some of the features of AWS Amplify.

Features of AWS Amplify

The following are the key features of AWS Amplify.

Chatbot integrationsChatbots are the future of the online world because these artificially intelligent bots can save a lot of workload and time by answering the visitors’ queries. With the help of AWS Amplify, any developer can integrate this great feature into their application.
AnalyticsAn app must perform well, and if it performs well, users like to use it. So, if you want to know if your website is performing well, this feature of AWS Amplify will be handy for you because it will provide the analysis of the performance and other data of your application.
APIsWorks with both REST and GraphQL APIs.

Pricing of AWS Amplify

  • Free tier included
  • Pay as you go model for usage above the free tier


AppWrite is the platform where the developers can meet their back-end needs with the help of easy to use and integrate REST APIs. This platform comes with a lot of features. Some of them are discussed below.

Features of App Write

The following are the key features of AppWrite.

GeolocationOne of the AppWrite platform’s best features is the developers, and the admin can get every user’s location using their application. It significantly helps in the delivery cost estimations. It is also an excellent feature for the worldwide applications for telling the local converted currency rates.
Task SchedulingEvery application has some recurring tasks, which gets very odd for the administrator or the developer to repeat them repeatedly. With the help of AppWrite, you can automate those tasks as per your required schedule. It helps in saving a lot of time.
DatabaseIt allows users to store and query data easily.

Pricing of App Write

  • Free to download
  • Pricing information not available on the pricing page


Having a robust backend for your mobile application is very important because it will decide the ease of developing and deploying the application and its performance.

Firebase is usually the first choice when developers choose a backend service. Still, the platform is not open-source, has deep query limitations, and may not be the cheapest option available.

This article highlighted the best open-source alternatives to Firebase. Each of the platforms has its benefits and features. The cost for each is also different. We hope that this information was helpful for you, and you will now easily make your decision about selecting the right platform.


Is Firebase open-source?

No. Firebase is a proprietary platform from Google.

Why look for alternatives to Firebase?

– It’s not open-source
– Works only with NoSQL databases
– May not be the ideal solution for complex queries

What are the best open-source alternatives to Firebase in 2021?

– Back4app
– Parse
– Kuzzle
– AWS Amplify
– App Write

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