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Mastering Parse Live Queries

Because I’ve seen some developers in the Back4App and Parse communities sometimes struggling to understand how Parse Live Query works, I wrote this article to explain all different events that Parse Live Query can fire and how to maintain a collection of Parse objects real-time updated on the client-side. So let’s get started! First of all, I created a Parse App at Back4App and a very simple class to illustrate the many different events that Parse Live Query can fire. The name of my class is Todo and I added two columns:

Xamarin Backend | Top 5 Providers

Xamarin is a leading open-source, cross-platform application platform for the development of high-performance mobile apps. Cross-platform Android and iOS applications developed with this platform are used by businesses across industries today. 

Finding the right Xamarin backend is crucial for any development team. There are many options available in the market and read on to discover the top 5 Xamarin backends available today. 

How APIs Are Helping App Developers

How APIs Are Helping App Developers
API help developers

Application Programming Interfaces are available in various forms, such as operating systems, software libraries, and web-based systems. 

APIs refer to a set of protocols, tools, and subroutines that can be utilized in the building of apps. In the world of creating applications, APIs typically rule how an app communicates and shares data with another application or web service. Indeed, APIs are helping developers in a multitude of ways. Here is a look at their uses in more detail.

Ionic Backend Service | Top 4 Providers

Having the right backend service can be quite important for mobile application developers focussed on performance and security. Many developers use Ionic as their preferred solution for the features it offers for creating robust mobile applications.

Selecting the appropriate Ionic backend service can have a massive impact on development outcomes. Read on to explore some of the best backend options available today. 

Low Code Platforms – 10 Best Solutions

If you wish to create and deploy working apps to address sudden needs, you can check out low-code app development platforms. Such solutions make the app creation procedure easier and allow daily business users to access the process. 

Parse BaaS

The conventional procedure for app development is challenging. It requires the writing of codes for both the backend and frontend function of the app. However, with the advent of Parse, the complicated coding is no longer required. This article introduces Parse to newcomers and explains the various benefits of using Parse backend for app development.

How to Make an App in React Native?

You have a big idea, and you are waiting to implement it for creating an app on both Android and iOS. What can be a better option than React Native, the mobile app framework that disrupted the mobile app development world for good?

How to Build a React Native App?

This article delineates the lessons mastered during a 13-year journey, running a software development firm and building several mobile apps. This article is about to disclose the unknown secrets of realizing your dreams and using React Native as the favored framework for creating a mobile app. It will discuss practical measures as per our own experience in developing mobile apps and tell you about tips that worked for us.

This is what this article delves into.

  1. What is React Native?
  2. The Advantages of Using React Native for a Mobile App
  3. The 13 Steps to Create a React Native Mobile App
    • Write Down Your High-level Idea
    • Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype Your App
    • Obtain Feedback from Customers 
    • Create Your App Backend
    • Code Your App Frontend
    • Coding Your React Native App
    • Create Your App Landing Page
    • Implement Your App Analytics Dashboard
    • Beta Test Your App with Real Users
    • Optimize Your App for SEO
    • Launch Your App
    • Promote Your App to Reach the Right Users
    • Improve Your App with Customer Feedback

The most accessible devices in the world, mobile phones are seeing a constant rise in use. It might not sound credible when we say that there are more mobile phones than people, but that is the reality. Though the number of mobile phones is increasing, developing a mobile app is neither inexpensive nor easy. This blog post brings forth simple steps to expedite setting an app and saving your money through this tutorial.

Top 10 Backend Solutions to Create Your Next Application

Consistent innovation in mobile and web application development has changed how enterprises offer value to their customers. While companies are investing time and money for creating intuitive interfaces on the front-end, as a developer, you will know that the back-end drives the app to perform.

Frameworks are code structures that let engineers get past most of the work quickly. They are judged by the languages, programming tools, and interfaces they offer. Additionally, developers favor frameworks that provide templates and pre-configured tools to conduct several development tasks quickly. An advanced backend should not be restrained to offering methodology or a structure only; it should let developers build interoperable platforms that can handle the large volumes of workload. This article delves into the top picks for backend frameworks.

Here are the ten best backend solutions for your web or mobile applications

Angular Backend | Top 5 Providers

Angular Backend | Top 5 Providers
angular backend

If you are engaged in software development, you have undoubtedly heard about Angular. One of the most well-known frameworks of JavaScript, developers make use of it to create dynamic websites. This article delves into the AngularJS, its advantages, and 5 Angular backend providers.