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Flutter vs Angular – Which is better?

Most app developers face an annoying dilemma: which app development framework should they choose to accomplish their app development project?

For ages, the Angular framework was a preferred choice for app developers. But Flutter is the latest development that has occupied the technological space by storm.

This article states the features and advantages of Flutter and Angular to make the selection process easier for app developers. Read on to know them.

Key Takeaways

  • Flutter is a cross-platform SDK ideal to build Android / iOS apps
  • Angular is a framework for building scalable web applications
  • Flutter and Angular are free to use and open-source

Flutter vs Kotlin – Which is better?

The future is definitely in the hands of mobile applications! Amidst the crisis, organizations are trying their best to reduce cost, increase their online presence, and speed up the time to market through applications.

Therefore, organizations must develop apps that stand out in the market if they want to survive in a competitive ecosystem. But while developing an app the entrepreneur faces a choice. Which app development technology to choose for building an application?

Here are the two of the most used app development frameworks by the modern era developers- Flutter and Kotlin. Read through the features and advantages of both the frameworks and choose the one that fulfils your requirement. 

Key Takeaways

  • Flutter and Kotlin support Android and iOS development
  • Both technologies are open-source and free to use
  • Kotlin is a programming language that is Java interoperable
  • Flutter is a framework based on the Dart programming language

Keep reading to know more.

Swift vs Flutter

Swift and Flutter are among the leading frameworks for developing apps in the world today. They are widely used by businesses and developers worldwide for building mobile apps.  

If you are considering selecting one of these frameworks for your development project, this Swift vs Flutter review would help you make an informed decision. Our goal is to help you select the most suitable framework for your development project. 

Best Android Backend Development Companies

If we look at the number of smartphones used today, we will see that a huge part of users from around the world uses Android Smartphones. So, if you are looking to develop an application for any cause, trying Android as your target platform will be a great choice as here you will get a better user base.

Here we will be discussing everything about Android and some of the best backend companies that you can select for Android development.

What is Apache Usergrid?

Developing an application is very important in this era of digitalization and technology. However, it is not that easy for everyone to develop an application as it requires some skill set to develop a well-functioning application.

While the application development process has many requirements, Backend as a Service makes things easier for everyone. So, if you are looking to develop a mobile app or a web app, you can design the front end and connect it with BaaS.

Apache Usergrid is one of the BaaS providers that provides amazing services, and here we will be elaborating on how it brings the most value for you.

Which Programming Languages are used for developing Native iOS Applications?

Although Android holds a huge market share when it comes to the smartphones being used in the world. iOS is also one of the biggest platforms for smartphones, with a huge user base in the whole world. It has many reasons that make it better in several cases, like the amazing performance optimizations and user experience.

These qualities of iOS make a lot of developers and users around the world love iOS. When it comes to developing amazing iOS applications, there are 2 programming languages, and they are very different when it comes to features and other qualities.

So, here we will elaborate on everything you need to know about these programming languages.

Flutter vs Xamarin

You must be working or investing in the IT industry to be interested in the Flutter vs Xamarin comparison. A person like you would want to be on par with the latest development technologies. If you are a mobile developer, you should pay extra attention to this article. 

The two common development techniques are native and cross-platform development. While native development requires building Android and iOS apps separately, cross-platform development can deploy the same code on both platforms, expediting development tasks and reducing maintenance costs. 

Cross-platform development depends on SDKs and frameworks to build apps. Flutter and Xamarin are two popular frameworks used in cross-platform development assignments. 

This discourse shall be evaluating the two frameworks, focusing on the features and benefits of each one. At the end of this article, a developer can determine the most suitable framework for various app development scenarios. 

Quick Facts

  • Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned open-source app development platform.
  • Flutter is a Google-owned open-source framework for developing cross-platform apps. 
  • The main differences between Flutter and Xamarin are the programming language used, the popularity of the platform, and level of code reusability,
  • The fact that both platforms are open source and available for free and are main similarities. 

Top 5 Backend APIs for Mobile Apps

With technologies evolving with every passing day, most smaller devices are getting more powerful with every passing day. People these days can deal with most of their problems on their mobile phones right in the palms of their hands. So, it is getting more important to develop mobile applications because of the increasing user needs.

While the need to develop an application is increasing, there is no way to easily learn the programming languages. While it makes developing applications difficult for everyone as they do not know how to program, backend APIs make things easier for everyone looking to develop apps. So, what are the backend APIs, and what are the 5 best options you can go for?

Top 10 Programming Languages to Make Android Apps

In this era of the internet and technology, everyone is connected to the digital world. Different people use different devices; however, the priority for most users is to select portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. As the user base for these devices increases, the need to develop amazing and functional applications for these devices is also increasing.

If we look at the number of users of different mobile phones globally, the users using Android take more than 70% of the total. It means that there is a huge need for developing Android apps as these are used on phones, tablets, and some other devices.

So, here we will be discussing the Top 10 Programming Languages to Make Android Apps that you can use right now.

Top 10 Backend Coding Languages

Most of the tasks we used to do with our hands-on paper were not done on computers and other smart devices. Not only does it make things very convenient and quick, but the results, productivity, and efficiency are also great. Speaking of great results, all of it is possible only because of the powerful Backend development for the applications used on computers and mobile phones.

The productivity of these applications depends on how the backend of these applications is being developed. One of the factors responsible for this is the programming language used.

So, are you looking to know about the backend of an application and the languages to use to develop the backend of the application? Here we will be discussing everything you need to know.