How Two4Tea scaled its Game Application to 55 Million users with Back4App

How Two4Tea scaled its Game Application to 55 Million users with Back4App

There are a variety of different businesses that have made great use of Back4App’s services and flexible backend to launch and improve their applications. This particular partnership, with game-maker Two4Tea, is notable because Back4App was able to help provide support on all phases for a popular app, from building to launch to scaling to optimizing.  Here’s a closer look at how our platform helped this client refine and scale their operations.

GraphQL Hosting

GraphQL Hosting

It’s no mystery that every developer wants to make high-quality applications, and if you’re one of them, we are here to assist you in finding a straightforward way to implement and host a GraphQL database. In the past, I’ve been an assiduous REST user, but my concerns about its complexity, over fetching requests and data transfer costs have led me to explore other alternatives.

In addition to some first-tier GraphQL hosting providers such as Back4App, there’s a frequently expanding list of cloud service providers that allow affordable GraphQL hosting.

In this tutorial, I’ll also describe some of the best cloud options to host GraphQL APIs; some providers that are less established but still useful to developers. The tutorial will cover the following hosting options:

  • Parse
  • Back4App
  • Graphcool
  • AWS App Sync
  • Hasura

GraphQL BaaS – Backend as a Service

GraphQL BaaS – Backend as a Service

Creating the next big mobile app is an expensive and time-consuming process. Taking your idea to life demands time and energy, and, financial resources. I will explore how new technologies like GraphQL will reduce your time to market and speed up your app development process.

This article will explain the benefits of using GraphQL together with Backend as a Service platform, and here is a summary of what you will learn:

  • GraphQL overview
  • What is GraphQL?
  • GraphQL Schema
  • GraphQL versus REST
  • Why use GraphQL?
  • Benefits/Downsides of GraphQL
  • When using GraphQL?
  • BaaS and GraphQL working together
  • GraphQL BaaS providers

Parse Self Hosted vs Back4App

Parse Self Hosted vs Back4App

Parse versus Back4App

Did you know that Parse and Back4app are two very different platforms? Often beginners confuse the two, which leads them to choose the wrong platform. We’re frequently asked by our users, what are the differences between Parse vs. Back4App. To help answer that, we have created the most comprehensive comparison of Back4App vs. Parse (self-hosted version).

How to Make a Hotel App Like

How to Make a Hotel App Like

The travel and tourism industry is prospering continually and is showing a steady year-over-year growth around the globe. Today, the online travel industry is the main reason for the boom in tourism. The Internet has made life easier for many by bringing services to people’s living rooms. The ability to book hotel rooms, vacation itineraries, flights, and other services online has made travel preparations so much simpler than in the earlier days. is one of the leading travel fare aggregators in the world. It is constantly developing due to effective management and useful features. Therefore, app developers are trying to duplicate the success of all the time. This article details how to make a hotel app like

Steps involved in creating a hotel app like

To simplify the app development process, take a look at the steps mentioned below. Following this procedure not only produces an application such as but does so in a budget-friendly manner.

  1. Do not begin coding the app at first
  2. Understand your high-level objectives
  3. Enumerate the features in your application
  4. Choose the perfect OS for the app
  5. Application design
  6. Backend coding
  7. Frontend coding
  8. Landing page creation
  9. Creating an analysis system
  10. App publication

Before you can understand how to make a hotel app similar to, you need to know more about this service.

How to make an app like Facebook?

How to make an app like Facebook?

Social networks have been hot over the last decade. Perhaps you want to create the next globally-acclaimed social network? Then,  you should be thinking about creating a Facebook clone. After all, the most successful social network on earth today is Facebook.

So, how do you go about creating a Facebook clone?

In this article, I will reveal the ten vital lessons that I acquired from a decade of experience in managing a company that develops mobile apps. I will show you the crucial details you need to bring your app idea to a reality. You don’t have to pay a dime, just dedicate about 10 minutes to read this article. The tips that I provide here can save you a fortune.

Como criar um aplicativo igual ao Uber?

Como criar um aplicativo igual ao Uber?

Você quer fazer algo ótimo, algo grande, algo único? Apresenta essa idéia incrível para criar o próximo aplicativode táxi …

Como criar um aplicativo como o Uber?

Este artigo fornecerá lições práticas sobre como criar um aplicativo semelhante ao Uber. Leia todos os aspectos cuidadosamente, pois eles economizarão milhares de dólares em horas de engenharia.

O Uber foi uma das primeiras empresas a criar um aplicativo para reservas e viagens de táxi. Essa nova idéia da organização levou muitos outros a desenvolver serviços semelhantes. O principal segredo do sucesso da Uber é sua aplicação conveniente, simples e funcional. Se você quer saber como criar um aplicativo como o Uber, este artigo pode indicar a direção certa. Além disso, lista como outros serviços digitais podem obter com o modelo de negócios da Uber, especificamente a economia compartilhada. Listadas abaixo estão algumas das agendas do artigo.

  • Mantenha-o simples e comece com um MVP.
  • Não comece a se desenvolver imediatamente.
  • Comece com um protótipo funcional primeiro.
  • Estratégias a serem seguidas ao criar um aplicativo como o Uber.
  • Aspectos exclusivos e pilhas de tecnologia necessárias para a criação do aplicativo
  • Painel de administração, aplicativo de driver e funcionalidade de aplicativo de passageiro para aplicativos semelhantes ao Uber.
  • Como desenvolver um aplicativo como o Uber e manter o orçamento alocado.
  • Fluxos de receita estabelecidos para essas aplicações de táxi.

Lembre-se de que seu objetivo não deve ser criar um aplicativo que corresponda ao aplicativo da Uber em todos os aspectos.Em vez disso, você deve apresentar recursos exclusivos e idéias úteis, ausentes no produto da Uber.

How to make an app like Uber?

How to make an app like Uber?

Do you want to do something great, something big, something unique? Have this amazing idea to create the next billion-dollar taxi pick-up app, but…

How to make an app like Uber? 

This article will provide practical lessons on how to create an Uber-like app. All the lessons mastered running a software development company for more than 10 years. Read all the aspects carefully because they will save you thousands of dollars in engineering hours.

Uber was one of the first companies to create an app for taxi booking and rides. This novel idea from the organization drove many others to develop similar services. The primary secret to Uber’s success is its convenient, simple, and functional application. If you wonder how to make an app like Uber, this article can point you in the right direction. Moreover, it enlists how other digital services can gain from Uber’s model of business, specifically the sharing economy.  Listed below are some of the agendas for the article.

  • Keep it simple and start with an MVP.
  • Don’t begin developing right away.
  • Start with a functional prototype first.
  • Strategies to follow when creating an app like Uber.
  • Unique aspects and tech stacks required for the app creation
  • Admin panel, driver app, and passenger app functionality for Uber-like apps.
  • How to develop an app like Uber and stick to the allotted budget.
  • Established revenue streams for such taxi-hailing applications.

Remember that your aim should not be to create an app that matches Uber’s application in all aspects. Instead, you must introduce unique features and useful ideas, lacking in Uber’s product.

GraphQL Best Practices

GraphQL Best Practices

GraphQL is an open-source manipulation and data query language useful to APIs. It is a runtime that aids in fulfilling the queries of all existing data. Developed by Facebook in 2012, the language was released officially in 2015. When using this language, developers often wonder about GraphQL best practices. The following article takes a brief look at this concern. Listed below are some of the best practices when utilizing this language. Here are the best practices you will learn reading this article:

  • HTTP
  • JSON
  • Versioning
  • Nullability
  • Pagination
  • Server-Side Caching and Batching

Ready to know more?

How to Create an App Like Instagram?

How to Create an App Like Instagram?

Do you want to do something great? Something big? Something unique? Have this amazing idea for the next photo-sharing app, but…

How to create an app like Instagram?

If you want to know how to make an app like Instagram, listed below are a few pointers commonly associated with the development of a photo-sharing app. We will share practical lessons that will save you thousands of dollars in development costs. Mobile application development requires considerable forethought and planning. To ensure smooth development, you should focus on the work that lies ahead.

  1. Research the market to determine your target audience.
  2. Start with an MVP.
  3. Finalize the concept of your unique application and focus on how it differs from Instagram.
  4. Study the competing photo-sharing apps.
  5. Define factors, such as the scope, budget, goals, and technologies for the application.
  6. Come up with an eye-catching advertising and promotional strategy early on in the app development cycle.
  7. Establish a channel to communicate with app users so that you can receive feedback from them.
  8. Pick a reputed and responsible app development agency to create an Instagram-like photo-sharing application.
  9. Keep in mind that the development procedure involves designing, creating, testing, and launching the program in question.
  10. Monitor the competitors and evolve your application accordingly with bug fixes, updates, and functionalities.

 Want to know more? Move on reading…

DigitalOcean vs Heroku | Which is better?

DigitalOcean vs Heroku | Which is better?

As technologies improve, cloud hosting has become almost essential for developers. This facility simplifies the deployment procedure for apps and programs, offering greater scalability and scope. Digital Ocean and Heroku are two of the most popular cloud hosting service providers in the world today. If you are having trouble picking one, the following comparison may help you make the best choice. Before getting down to DigitalOcean vs Heroku, you must first understand what these two are.

Locaweb Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Locaweb Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Web hosting is an excessively useful service, without which companies fail to make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web. Locaweb is a popular web hosting service provider that offers its products to thousands of IT businesses.

What is Locaweb?

Locaweb is a Brazilan-owned and operated brand. It provides IT services to consumers, mid and small level companies, and even corporate enterprises. With thousands of active clients, it is considered one of the most important web hosting service providers in the world.

If you need quality web hosting services, Locaweb offers a dependable solution for your brand. However, other than the web hosting opportunity, Locaweb also provides other services, such as domain registration, cloud computing resources, and virtual call center services.

Locaweb Services

To know more about the types of services offered by Locaweb, take a look below.

  • Web hosting – This is the primary operation of the company. Web hosting from Locaweb includes the hosting service, domain registration, and all other related services.
  • Outsourcing services – It also offers Datacenter infrastructure services, which include dedicated servers and cloud computing.
  • Communication – Locaweb provides virtual call center services alongside virtual PABX for companies that need the same.

However, Locaweb is not the only web hosting service provider on the planet. Many companies are searching for Locaweb alternatives. Listed below are some options open to you:

How to Create a WhatsApp Clone App?

How to Create a WhatsApp Clone App?

You got it! Do you want to make something great? Have a unique idea for the next billion-dollar messaging app?

How to Create a Messaging App Like WhatsApp?

Almost every smart device user today is using one type of messaging app or another. Many new ones are coming up here and there, as well. Well, you can cash in on the instant messaging app craze and make your own messaging app like the popular WhatsApp. In this article, we shall walk you through the procedure of creating a chat application like WhatsApp and also try to analyze what it takes to get the app up and running. We will provide a WhatsApp similar application template so you can better understand how the app works.

Data from SimilarWeb, web analytics, and market intelligence company, shows that apps in the messaging category have the highest number of downloads in over 150 countries. Statista Statistics website reported that there are 2 billion instant messaging app users in the world. The statistics authority website also forecasts that this number will increase to 2.5 billion by 2021. This means that a third of the global population will be using IM apps by then.  Although there are myriads of messaging platforms that compete in the market, WhatsApp is the dominant IM app with more than 1.3 billion users.

Want to know how to make an app like WhatsApp? Continue reading to know more.

Netlify Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

Netlify Alternatives: Top 5 Providers

With numerous websites being created every day, the demand for efficient hosting is always greater. Netlify is one of the most popular solutions for websites offering both serverless backend and hosting options to website developers.

Netlify: Features, benefits, and pricing

As mentioned previously, Netlify is a web hosting site, equipped to handle modern tooling and production sites. Listed below are some features of the service.


  • Connect to your repository, add your build settings, and deploy your website.
  • Netlify allows clients to choose between three products, namely, Netlify Build, Netlify Dev, and Netlify Edge.
  • Netlify allows fast builds, ranging up to 3 builds in just a minute.
  • You can rollback updates with a single click
  • Form handling
  • Custom redirects and rewrites
  • Prerendering


  • Netlify build allows developers to use any integration while building websites. If changes to the site are necessary, you are free to create innumerable branches for these updates.
  • The Netlify portal has in-built SSL and DNS management certificates, which simplifies the launch procedure for your website.


Netlify offers a free trial for limited use. After the trial period ends, it charges $45 per month. More impressive plans are available as well at greater prices.

Want to find alternatives to Netlify? Please continue reading.