Firebase Databases: Firestore or Real Time Database?

Firebase is an integral component of the GCP – Google Cloud Platform that offers NoSQL databases, among other cloud services. The databases use the document archetype and can synchronize data in realtime and scale horizontally. Firebase is useful for creating multi-user apps, serverless apps, offline apps, and lots more. 

The features of Firebase are not restricted to the NoSQL database.  Other services on the platform include messaging, crash reporting, authentication, monitoring, analytics, and much more. Firebase supports C++, Unity and, it allows developers to leverage APIs and SDKs for app development. The platform integrates seamlessly with other services and tools such as containers deployments, ML, BigQuery, Slack, JIRA, and Data Studio.

React Native vs. Flutter | Which is better?

Many developers prefer cross-platform application development technologies to build modern apps because of the many advantages. For instance, Flutter and React Native, which are two of the world’s leading cross-platform frameworks today, offer numerous features that enhance development outcomes. This article takes an overview of React Native vs. Flutter development frameworks.  Hopefully, this comparison would help you make an informed decision while choosing a framework for your next app project.

Below is the overview of the content of this article:

  • What is a cross-platform mobile framework?
  • Why Choose Cross-Platform Development?
  • Everything you should know about React Native
  • Everything you should know about Flutter
  • React Native vs. Flutter | Comparison
  • Conclusion

Firebase Databases: Which one you should go with?

Firebase Databases: Which one you should go with?
Firebase Database

Did you know that Firebase has more than one database option? This article will guide you over the two database options available at Firebase and explain the differences between the Real-Time Database and Cloud Firestore.

Here you will get to know about:

  • Available options for Firebase database
  • A comparison between real-time database and Firebase Firestore 

In-House Vs. Outsourcing Software Development – Pros & Cons

In-House Vs. Outsourcing Software Development – Pros & Cons
in house vs outsourcing development-2

In recent times, when the competition in software development is increasing each passing day, every company wants to give its best to the clients. To serve the customers with the best software for their businesses, every software development company needs to align the best team of developers, be it, in-house developers or outsourcing developers.

Both in-house and outsource software development has its advantages & disadvantages. Here we will have a brief look at both the methods of software development and find out which needs to be used in a particular situation.

Google Firebase Pricing for Dummies

Google Firebase Pricing for Dummies
Firebase pricing

How Much Does Google Firebase Cost?

Firebase is a platform for building web and mobile applications. It was originally developed by Firebase Inc., and purchased by Google in 2018.

Firebase has two main pricing plans:

  • Spark Plan (free) is a basic plan offering 1 GB total storage, 20K writes/day, 50K reads/day, and 20K deleted/day
  • Blaze Plan (paid) is a pay as you go plan charging $0.18/GB for database storage, $0.026/GB for application storage, and additional charges for database operations, data transfer, etc.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How Much Does Google Firebase Cost?
  • Firebase Always-Free Services
  • Firebase Pricing for Paid Services
  • Cloud Firestore Database
  • Real-Time Databases
  • Hosting
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Functions
  • Firebase ML
  • Test Lab
  • Firebase: Estimating Your Costs

What is Parse

Hello everyone and welcome I’m Alex I’m the main architect for and today I’m here to talk a little bit about Parse.

For those of you who don’t know Parse yet, Parse is a backend as a service platform and it was created back in 2011. In 2013 it was bought by Facebook but in mid-2017 Facebook decided to open source the solutions which the community embraced and took it to the product that we have today.

Flutter vs. React Native | Secrets Unlocked

Flutter vs. React Native | Secrets Unlocked

Cross-platform mobile frameworks help application developers achieve enhanced development outcomes. An increasing number of developers are now opting for cross-platform technologies and preferring them over native ones. React Native and Flutter are two of the most popular cross-platform frameworks today. Both of these platforms offer various powerful features and advantages. Outweighing the perks of Flutter vs. React Native is necessary for selecting the most suitable option. Read on to know more about each. 

Here is a summary of what you will learn reading this article:

  • Overview of cross-platform mobile framework
  • Flutter
    • Overview
    • Best use cases for using Flutter
    • When not to use Flutter?
    • Most famous Flutter apps
    • Flutter Advantages
    • Flutter Disadvantages
    • Flutter Overview
  • React Native
    • Overview
    • Best use cases for using React-Native
    • When not to use React-Native?
    • Most famous React-Native apps
    • React-Native Advantages
    • React-Native Disadvantages
  • Flutter vs. React Native Comparison
    • Similarities
    • Comparison Table
    • Notoriety
    • Programming Language
    • Productivity
    • Performance
    • Learning Curve
    • User Interface
    • Continuous Integration and Delivery
    • Publishing on Google Play and App Store

Mastering Parse Live Queries

Because I’ve seen some developers in the Back4App and Parse communities sometimes struggling to understand how Parse Live Query works, I wrote this article to explain all different events that Parse Live Query can fire and how to maintain a collection of Parse objects real-time updated on the client-side. So let’s get started! First of all, I created a Parse App at Back4App and a very simple class to illustrate the many different events that Parse Live Query can fire. The name of my class is Todo and I added two columns:

Xamarin Backend | Top 5 Providers

Xamarin is a leading open-source, cross-platform application platform for the development of high-performance mobile apps. Cross-platform Android and iOS applications developed with this platform are used by businesses across industries today. 

Finding the right Xamarin backend is crucial for any development team. There are many options available in the market and read on to discover the top 5 Xamarin backends available today.