Top 10 Backend Coding Languages

Top 10 Backend Coding Languages
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Most of the tasks we used to do with our hands-on paper were not done on computers and other smart devices. Not only does it make things very convenient and quick, but the results, productivity, and efficiency are also great. Speaking of great results, all of it is possible only because of the powerful Backend development for the applications used on computers and mobile phones.

The productivity of these applications depends on how the backend of these applications is being developed. One of the factors responsible for this is the programming language used.

So, are you looking to know about the backend of an application and the languages to use to develop the backend of the application? Here we will be discussing everything you need to know.

What is Backend?

As the name suggests, the backend is something that lies at the back. When we speak of computer software and applications, the backend is the part of the software used to design all the logic to implement all the functionalities of the application.

It is connected with the frontend of the software that helps the users easily understand the software’s usage without having to understand the complex backend things. Other than the backend logic, the backend is also responsible for managing things like the

  • Backend processes
  • Data storage operations
  • Dealing with users’ inputs
  • Handling sessions and a lot more

Top 10 Backend Coding Languages

When we talk about application development, there are 2 main things. One is developing the application’s front end that can be easily done using the templates and other easy-to-use coding languages. On the other hand, there is backend development. It is the part that needs you to be a little careful from the beginning.

One of the things that you do in the beginning is selecting the development language, and it affects the whole future of the application. So, if you are looking to develop software, here are the best backend coding languages that you can use.

1.    JavaScript

Development is done in several fields, and one of the most popular types of development these days is a web application and mobile application development. Speaking of these types of development, one of the most popular languages to code the backend is JavaScript.

Not that it comes with many amazing features, but the fact that it can be used for both the frontend and the backend of the applications makes it somewhat special. In this way, the users do not have to deal with a different language, and the learning curve becomes short.

Some of the most amazing features that it provides include dynamic typing, object-oriented programming, lightweight scripting, client-side validation of the application, and many more. On top of everything, the community of developers here is huge, which makes it an amazing backend coding language to start with.

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2.    Ruby

The second on our list for the best backend coding languages are Ruby, as it is a programming language that supports many different paradigms. It means that no matter what type of solution your problem requires, you can use it for developing a feature-rich backend for your application.

It supports object-oriented programming, functional programming, and procedural programming, making it widely applicable for different types of programming issues. Not only this, but it is a language that is relatively easier to learn, making it a great choice for beginners.

Another amazing fact about Ruby as a backend development language is that it can be used to develop the backend for almost every operating system, making it even more widely applicable for all types of application development.

Ruby is a unique and fast programming language. Please read the article Top 10 Backend Frameworks to learn more about the frameworks associated with this back-end language.

3.    NodeJS

Most of the applications these days work on the client-server architecture, and it is not that simple to implement if you select the wrong development language for the backend coding. NodeJS is the ideal option as it comes with a wide range of options that you can use for the backend development of software that deals with real-life business issues. It works by executing JavaScript on the server-side.

4.    Python

One of the most famous languages of the era yet is Python. It makes the development process very easy and simple, with fewer code lines and fewer rules to care for than other languages. It is so popular as a backend development technology that it is suitable for integrating the latest technologies like IoT and ML in your applications.

So, if your application development needs any of these things, then Python will be the best choice to go for. One of the best things about Python as a backend language is that you can use an extensive list of amazing libraries for the development process, making the development time short and the process easier than ever.

Python can also be used for different frameworks and platforms as a backend development language.

5.    PHP

Web development is getting popular day by day with the growing needs of amazing performing websites for business and personal needs. One of the languages that you can use for developing the backend here is PHP. IT is a server-side scripting language that does not need a compiler to run, making it work on almost every operating system.

Being open-source also attracts a lot of programmers. As a Backend development language, it packs many features related to your development experience and application performance. Some of those features include easy usage, cross-platform nature, and a huge developer community working on it.

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6.    C#

C# is one of the most popular languages for developers as most of the developers start their professional development experience using it. The reason here is that it is a general-purpose language that can be used for amazing backend development for different frameworks and platforms. It is a relatively lower-level language as compared to python and some other easy-to-use languages. However, being lower level opens doors for a lot of possibilities here.

An example of this phenomenon is that C# is the language that is used widely for developing the backend of games. What makes it easy to use for most of the tasks is that it comes with a huge list of libraries that you can easily use for different functionalities. So, if you search for a general-purpose language, the answer to all your questions is C#.

7.    Java

Whenever there is a need for enterprise-grade software, one language is always considered, and that is Java. It is an application used for developing applications for android, desktop systems, and some other applications. One of the best things about using Java is that it works by writing once and running everywhere. It makes Java compatible with a lot of platforms while you compile it on one.

Suppose we dig deeper into the details here. In that case, the multithreading that Java allows and the bytecode feature make it a good choice for those looking to use the hardware resources in an optimized manner carefully.

8.    Perl

Perl is another application that you can use to develop the frontend and the backend of the applications. It is a traditional language used for the development of client-side applications. So, when it comes to web development, you can write the front end of the coolant side or backend of the server-side, and all of it can be done using Perl.

9.    Visual Basic

Visual basic is not the most popular backend coding language these days, but when you are looking to use Gi to develop software, it is the best choice you can go for. It works with a straightforward syntax, and it is easy to use as well,

10. Rust

Rust is a relatively new language that has not been there for more than 10 years, but it brings the most value when you use it for backend development. It follows the same syntax that C++ uses. However, it is more focused on the safety and performance features when you use it for backend development.

Using a syntax that most people already know and adding the necessary features of this era, it is a language that has been consistently gaining popularity as an amazing backend development language.

Final Remarks

Selecting the right coding language is very important as the features and possibilities of adding functionalities are sometimes limited by the coding language. So, when you know your exact requirements from the applications, you get the best experience developing the application. In this way, you also do not face any difficulty setting up a feature in the application.

So, if you are looking to develop an application, the process of selecting the backend coding language can be a little tricky. Here we discussed everything you needed to know about the backend of the application and the coding technologies you can use to develop the backend.

One thing you need to make sure of before making the selection is to know your exact requirements, as in this way, you will be selecting the best backend coding language.

Would you be interested to learn about frontend languages? If so, please read The best ten frontend coding languages.

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What is a backend?

When we speak of computer software and applications, the backend is the part of the software used to design all the logic to implement all the functionalities of the application.

What is the backend responsible for?

– Business logic
– Backend processes
– Data storage operations
– Dealing with users’ inputs
– Handling sessions and a lot more

What are the best backend coding languages?

– Javascript
– Ruby
– NodeJS
– Python
– C#
– Java
– Perl
– Visual Basic
– Rust

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