Top 10 Advantages of Firebase

Top 10 Advantages of Firebase
Top 10 Advantages of Firebase

The use of Firebase in building mobile and web applications is common nowadays. According to StackShare, around 2216 companies are using this backend as a service (BaaS) platform. Undoubtedly, developers rely on this platform because of extensive tools, fast development, and real-time databases to make interactive apps.

Crash reporting, Google Analytics, secure hosting and authentication are also benefits of using Firebase that you would like to know. That’s why we are sharing an overview and top advantages of Firebase in this article thoroughly.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is basically a Google-backed app development platform which was initially developed by James Tamplin and Andrew Lee in 2011. It was officially launched in 2012, and right after the two years of launch, Google acquired this platform. In the beginning, Firebase was only designed as a Realtime database but after its acquisition by Google, it started giving more services.

In simple words, Firebase is a software development platform that helps in building web and mobile applications with its 18 services. These 18 services of this BaaS solution also include purposeful APIs and four beta products. In addition, it is compatible to integrate with Android, web, iOS, and Unity setups.

Tech and commerce giants which are using the cloud and BaaS services of Firebase are Alibaba Travels, Stack, Twitch and Instacart.

Top 10 Advantages of Firebase

Are you thinking of using Firebase for your business app development? Or want to build a robust web app as a newbie? Then must read these advantages of Firebase to make the right decision about using this BaaS platform.

1. Reliable & Extensive Databases

Firebase works under the flag of Google, and that’s why it provides powerful databases for web and mobile application development. We are going to discuss major Firebase databases with their advantages below:

Realtime Database

No doubt, Realtime database was the first product that didn’t lose its charm till now. Firebase Realtime database allows applications to approach cross-platform data within realtime after joining NoSQL cloud-storage. This Realtime database also enables you to work without internet connectivity. Even data is still being cached in the memory of your device when you are offline and start synchronizing after the internet connectivity.

Besides, the integration of Firebase Authentication feature also deals with the data security concerns of users. Yes, when you use a Realtime database, you can set the data permissions, which is another great advantage of using Firebase.

Cloud Firestore

Another advantage of Firebase is its Cloud Firestore. This NoSQL database makes it easy for programmers to transfer and store data for front and backend development. This cloud database is also known for its Realtime updates, flexible data models, offline support, and quick data inquiries.

By the same token, Cloud Firestore also provides smooth integration with Google Cloud and other Firebase products. With these products, you can access extensive data for your app development projects. Withal, to overcome the security-related concerns of programmers, Cloud Firestore is using Identity and Access Management (IAM) and strict data protection rules.

To know more about the differences between Firebase databases, please read RTDB or Firestore.

2. Fast & Safe Hosting

Another appealing advantage of Firebase is its secure & fast hosting services. Firebase hosting supports all content types, including web applications, dynamic and static content. Moreover, either you want to host your Express.js microservices, HTML, CSS, or APIs, the hosting support of Firebase is always there. It means Firebase hosts a diverse variety of content.

Similarly, zero-configuration SSL enhances the security of content delivery. To keep your custom domain safe from external threats, the use of free SSL certification of Firebase is also beneficial. Also, Firebase CLI assists programmers to make their app live and run within seconds. SSD and CDN backed hosting make the content delivery very fast when you use Firebase.

The preview of content and URLs is also another great benefit of using Firebase hosting. Though these URLs last only a short while but you still get the chance to share it with teammates to get their views before going live.

3. Provides A Free Start to Newbies

If you are a newbie programmer and willing to know the core advantage of Firebase, then you consider its ‘free start’ feature. Yes, Firebase allows coders to develop their applications without investing a single penny. With the free services of Firebase, it is convenient for beginners to understand how their app works in a real environment.

There are also several free testing features linked with Firebase where you can test and preview your project free of cost. Withal, after the certain limit of use of services or database memory consumption, you would have to pick a paid plan for Firebase.

However, paid packages of Firebase are also user-friendly, and you can even use a pricing calculator to estimate the cost of your project. Please read Firebase Pricing for Dummies for more information.

4. Google Analytics

Although Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google but its integration becomes seamless when you work with Firebase. Google Analytics is compatible with iOS, Android, Web, C++ and Unity setups. This free analytic solution reports the developers how users are behaving towards their mobile and web applications. Firebase Analytics is also beneficial to improve retention and engagement rates of users for your application.

Moreover, Google Analytics for Firebase also permits to track and accommodate metrics with its 52 partners. Google Ads, AdMob, Liftoff, and AdActive are the core advertising technology allies among these 52 platforms.

5. Firebase Cloud Messaging for Cross-Platform

Are you looking for a cross-platform messaging solution to send your notifications and messages at no cost? If yes, then Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) is the smartest solution for you. The key capabilities of FCM consist of sending simple notification messages, sending notifications from client apps, and versatile message targeting.

Because of the following three message sharing options, versatile message targeting is very popular among the users:

  • Allows single device message distribution
  • Permits message distribution to a group of devices
  • Sends messages to particular devices which subscribe to the related topics

Furthermore, it also permits the programmers to send custom alerts according to the local time zone of the user. Nonetheless, if you think you would need complex coding for its integration, then you are wrong. It comes with Google Analytics. You can also use the A/B testing tool from the beta section to examine the compatibility of different versions with your project.

6. Free Multi-Platform Firebase Authentication

User identity has vital in maintaining the security of applications. In this challenging online security environment, Google-backed Firebase Authentication is one of the most appealing advantages of this platform. It caters easy-to-integrate SDKs, UI libraries and server-side services to verify users before using a particular Firebase application.

Firebase Authentication doesn’t only use emails, passwords and phone numbers to conduct this process but also supports federated identity providers. Indeed, users can sign-in into their applications with the help of Google, Twitter, GitHub Facebook etc.

Firebase SDK Authentication which includes the following identity verifications supports iOS, C++, Android, Web and Unity setups:

  • Email address & password-based authentication
  • Phone number identity verification
  • Verify users with federal identity provider integration
  • Temporary Anonymous Account Authentication
  • Custom Auth

On the other hand, FirebaseUI Auth to identify users only works for Android, iOS, and web setups. But, it is still an easy and recommended way to complete the sign-in system and improve the user experience of your application.

Withal, Firebase Authentication uses OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 sign-in verification procedures when it comes to server-side identifications. This auth feature also merges with other services of Firebase to improve sign-in and data access.

7. Firebase Testing Services to Improve App Quality

Testing services is another Firebase benefit due to which developers prefer to use this software development platform. Firebase doesn’t only offer its users a single testing service but offers a range of testing services. We are also going to discuss a few core testing services of Firebase here:

Firebase Crashlytics

Whether your app rating is dropping because of version, operation system or device-related bug issues, Crashlytics will fix them at a fast pace. Firebase Crashlytics assists in fixing, tracking scalability problems which corrodes the app value. With this real-time troubleshooting product, it is easy to avoid and revamp crashes as well.

Firebase Test Lab

If you want to test an application in real-environment with physical and virtual device connection, then use this testing tool. It is seamless to conduct this test with Test Lab integration into any browser testing tool or Android Studio. Firebase also claims that the Test Lab tool has 50% decreased the testing expenditures of American Express.

You also get the opportunity to spot and fix bugs and crashes without using codes. The Test Lab reports appear in the form of videos, screenshots and make you able to conduct quick actions.

Firebase App Distribution

This testing service of Firebase comes under the banner of its beta tools. With this testing tool’s help, developers can share the pre-released version of their applications with credible testers. The centralized dashboard is the best part of using this beta program. This dashboard provides complete insights of your software before its release. Howbeit, it is better to use an App Distribution tool with Crashlytics.

Firebase Performance Monitoring

Without knowing the user’s behavior and point of view, it is hard to be familiar with your app’s performance. To deal with this issue, Firebase introduced its Performance Monitoring tool. It provides web, Android, and iOS app insights and keeps you aware where improvements could be made. As compared to other performance monitoring platforms, it doesn’t slow your application.

It also allows you to track HTTP or HTTPS requests, payload sizes, network behavior, response times, and success rates. Provision of customized reports based on geological, OS levels, devices, and app versions is another advantage of Firebase Performance Monitoring tool.

8. Increment in Revenues with App Indexing API

Though Firebase is allied with Google, that’s why it is easy to promote your business on top search engines. Yes, it’s been seen that apps which are associated with Firebase easily improve your online rankings. Here you should also not underestimate the role of Firebase App Indexing API.

Firebase App Indexing tool improves the search rankings of application links and assists in providing desired content to users. It places the install button after the homepage button of your application due to which users install it quickly to view the content. This improved search engine ranking leads to the increment in revenues as well. On the contrary, if you are monetizing your app with AdMob, then the use of Firebase App Indexing is beneficial.

9. Free Use of Firebase Dynamic Links

Dynamic Links are basically smart URLs that you can wield according to the demands and interests of your viewers. Converting web users into application users is the primary benefit of this Firebase tool.

Likewise, Sarah watches a video on Shazam site, and because of high engagement, she decides to download its app version. After app installation, the song would resume where she left it. Yes, such deep links provide an outstanding user experience.

Firebase Dynamic Links also plays a very significant role in your digital marketing campaigns. No doubt, with social media, email marketing, and SMS campaigns, it is quick to drive more installs for your app. It provides short URLs for social media and affiliate marketing campaigns as well.

Furthermore, another advantage of Firebase smart URLs is its user-to-user sharing. You can also go with reward referral programs to enhance user-to-user sharing of application installs. Yes, Firebase Dynamic Links support this activity.

10. Machine Learning Capabilities

It is also a magical advantage of Firebase and is known as Firebase Machine Learning or ML Kit. With dedicated APIs, you can use ML Kit for barcode scanning, recognizing text, labeling images, and face detection etc.

Firebase ML provides prepared cloud-based APIs which works with the power of Google Cloud’s ML technology. This Google Cloud’s Machine Learning technology also ensures perfection.

eBay Motors has adopted this Firebase ML Kit to improve user experience to localized searches and classify images.


Firebase is a popular cloud-service and backend development platform, which is popular because of its advantages. Around 19,217 developers have mentioned at StackShare that they are using Firebase. Hopefully, our listed advantages of Firebase would also assist you in exploring them in detail.


What is Firebase?

Firebase is basically a Google-backed app development platform which was initially developed by James Tamplin and Andrew Lee in 2011.

What are Firebase core features?

– Build
– Release & Monitor
– Engage

What are the advantages of Firebase?

– Free to start
– Reliable databases
– All-in-one platform
– End-to-end development
– Scalability

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