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Mastering Web API authentication with Parse – Javascript SDK and GraphQL flavours

Many applications, especially websites, need to restrict access to their content, and having user accounts that show only information relevant to that user in a secure way is the most popular way to accomplish that.

Today we will learn how to implement the Login functionality to an already existing HTML page, writing very little code and having Parse doing all the heavy lifting for you, and in order to do that, I chose the Login Form template which you can download for free.

We will be using two distinct technologies that you can choose from: the Javascript SDK and GraphQL through Javascript.

GraphQL is our brand new shiny technology that was just released and my goal is to compare both ways to do the same thing, so you can pick the one you like best.
SPOILER ALERT!! I am sure you will like GraphQL better…

That already has all the necessary files for visually display the file but lacks functionality, which we will be adding.


Setting up coding standards tools for Javascript projects

Setting up coding standards tools for Javascript projects

Have you ever wasted a lot of time merging endless files just because someone committed a file with a different code style and refused to fix it?

Have you ever had problems with your code editor because it was formatting your code on save leaving it with some weird line breaks, or using tabs instead of spaces?

Have you ever pushed a commit to fix a typo, trying to reference _MyVar instead of _myVar?

If your answer is Yes to any of the questions above, or you just don’t want to find yourself in any of these situations, stick with me.

Instant GraphQL API on Back4App

Instant GraphQL API on Back4App

After a lot of coffee and code, we are excited to announce the GraphQL support on Back4App!

Since version 3.5, Parse Server automatically provides a GraphQL API in addition to the REST API. Version 3.6 is already available as a beta at Back4App, and you can now enjoy a powerful, also instantly, generated GraphQL API, for your new or existing apps.

How to make a ToDo List App with React Native, Expo and Back4App

React Native is one of the most popular frameworks used in mobile development. It was created by Facebook based on Javascript. It can be used to build apps to iOS or Android with native platform capabilities.

Expo is a tool that helps you speed up development time and testing.

This article explains how you can integrate a React Native app with Back4App. After completing this step-by-step tutorial, you will have built a project to manipulate a To-Do List.

Is it your first time using Back4App? If so, you need to do the Sign-Up.

How to create an app and make money?

How to create an app and make money?

You got it! Do you want to do something big? Have an excellent idea for the next billion-dollar app?

How to create an app and make money?

This article will detail the lessons learned during my 13-year entrepreneur journey running a software development company and creating hundreds of mobile apps.

I will reveal the hidden secrets of how to bring your ideas to life. We will provide practical steps based on our own experience making mobile apps and share some tips that worked well for me.

Costs to self-host a Parse App on AWS

Costs to self-host a Parse App on AWS
Self host Parse App

Price to self-host a Parse app on AWS

Would you like to know how much it costs to run your Parse app directly at AWS? So, you are in the right place and we will provide the prices for hosting a Parse app at AWS. We will calculate the costs based on two different scenarios. The first scenario will cover a small application and will not provide a redundant infrastructure. So, if any of the instances fail, the app will face downtime. The second scenario will cover a more robust structure with redundant application instances and a replica set to run the databases.

Build, deploy and scale your app with Back4App Containers

Build, deploy and scale your app with Back4App Containers. Start today!