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Firebase vs Google Cloud

Are you looking better to understand the differences between Firebase vs Google Cloud? Here is an in-depth analysis of these two cloud providers comparing features and the pricing structure.

With continuous evolving technology, users expect more and more in their applications. They want to get more features and technology in the applications they use. Because of the increasing demand for feature-rich innovative applications, it was difficult for app developers to meet their users’ expectations.

However, the easier access to leading app development platforms has brought ease to developers’ lives. Most importantly, developers now can develop highly innovative, feature-rich and modern applications on the go. 

Firebase and Google Cloud are two of the leading development solutions available. Let’s indulge in their details to see which one is better for you. 

DigitalOcean vs Linode vs Vultr

Are you looking to know more about DigitalOcean vs Linode vs Vultr? Here is an in-depth analysis of these three cloud providers, including the core features, SLAs, data center location, and pricing structure.

The use of cloud computing is expeditiously enlarging among startups, big companies and SMEs because of its cost-efficient and scalable solutions.

It is known for providing computing resources ‘as a service’, and its significant models are PaaS, IaaS, BaaS and SaaS.

Although numerous vendors are conferring cloud computing services to businesses but Vultr, DigitalOcean and Linode are some prominent names here.

So, this article initiates to present a thorough comparison to explain everything about these platforms. Indeed, this guide gives all answers regarding DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Linode.

Firebase Self Hosted Alternatives

Do you love Firebase but would prefer a Firebase alternative self-hosted solution? In this article, we shall review some alternative platforms that you can install and run from your server. 

Server solutions can either be open-source or closed-source, and each category has its distinct benefits and drawbacks. Open-source solutions widely used in modern computing, Statista estimates that the industry will be worth $32.95 bi in 2022. This forecast shows a 24% increase in just one year.

Self-hosted solutions are widely used in sectors like cybersecurity, financial services, engineering, healthcare, and government agencies.

Firebase vs Airtable

Firebase vs Airtable
Firebase vs Airtable

This article will explore the differences and similarities between Firebase vs Airtable. It will provide an overview of each platform and cover the main functionalities and pricing structure.

Every application has different features, whether we discuss its Backend or Frontend. One of those features includes keeping a record of data and managing it according to user requirements.

So, using a database or a spreadsheet is the basic idea as a solution. While there are different options available for this, Firebase and Airtable are among the most preferred options that people mostly use.

As both are good at their services, it can be a little tricky for you to decide which one you are going with. So, here we will discuss which one of these you should go with.

Top 10 Open Source No Code Platforms

Top 10 Open Source No Code Platforms
Open Source No Code Platforms

Building new applications have become hassle-free with the invention of No-code platforms. At present, people can build even complex applications without spending a lot of time and money on them.

Moreover, you also don’t need to employ a full-fledged application development team, thanks to the availability of No-code platforms. 

We all understand the importance of applications at present for both personal and professional use. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert programmer to create your application.

Modern-day No-code platforms allow you to write no code and still develop amazing applications that articulate innovation and drive your business. 

Strapi vs Firebase

This article will explore the similarities and differences between Strapi vs Firebase. It will provide an overview of each platform, core features, and pricing structure.

These days, APIs bring many benefits to the web development and app development industry. APIs allow developers to connect the back end of their application to the front end for a better user experience and better backend functionality. Doing so increases productivity and performance while having significant cost-saving benefits.

Due to these reasons, many platforms today provide API development and usage services. Strapi and Firebase are among the best ones, and here we will be having a comparison review of both of them.

Top 10 Open Source Low-Code Platforms

Are you looking for an open-source Low-Code platform? Here is an in-depth comparison of ten of the best low-code solutions.

Developing applications from scratch is not efficient because most of the features and functionalities of applications are usually repeated.

Similarly, it is not efficient for small and medium businesses to hire a team of developers and IT specialists to develop and manage their applications.

These days, there are Low-Code platforms that allow easy development.

Such platforms come with many features and benefits to ease the development process. So, here we will be discussing what Low-code development is and all the leading platforms that provide these services.