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Deploying a Flask app on Heroku

During the last years Python became one of the most used programming languages. Its applications cover many fields like artificial intelligence, web services, data science, and many more. Particularly, in here, we are interested in developing a RESTful API. In order to do this, we use Flask, a python framework that makes easy to develop any kind of web service based on the HTTP protocol.

Elastic Beanstalk vs CapRover Comparison

Elastic Beanstalk and CapRover are two examples of PaaS platforms. Using PaaS, developers may rent not just the necessary hardware and software but also the underlying infrastructure.

The Platform as a Service model (PaaS), IaaS, and SaaS are the three service models in cloud computing.

PaaS makes it much easier to create web apps because it takes care of all the technical details of running the servers in the background. 

Elastic Beanstalk vs Dokku Comparison

Dokku and Elastic Beanstalk are Platform as a Service (PaaS) applications. The PaaS allows app developers to lease all the resources they need to create an app, including the underlying infrastructure, programming tools, and OS.

PaaS dramatically reduces the complexity of creating web applications by handling behind-the-scenes server maintenance.

Postgres Database on Heroku

Postgres Heroku is a product of Heroku that comes under its ‘Heroku Data Services’ category. It is a fully managed SQL Database as a Service (DBaaS) that has helped developers run and administer their Postgres databases in the cloud for over a decade.

Indeed, Postgres Heroku is offering this DBaaS service with free-tier right now. But things will change on 28th November 2022 because this PaaS platform is shutting down all of its freemium product plans, database services and dynos. Unfortunately, from this date, the monthly charges of Postgres Heroku will commence from $9, and there will be no free service.  

Therefore, this article will deeply overview this scenario and the benefits of using fully managed SQL databases. Also, we will analyze PostgreSQL and Heroku separately.  

Google App Engine vs CapRover

A PaaS resolves a lot of backend, deployment, development, and hosting needs for small and medium businesses.

It helps easily meet IT infrastructure needs with all the technical features and benefits. However, the only issue is selecting the right PaaS, as many options are available in the market.

Google App Engine and CapRover are among the leasing PaaS providers, and here we will compare these to see which makes a better choice for you.

Google App Engine vs Netlify

Cloud computing for hosting and developing brings several benefits to modern-day applications. However, managing such technical things is inefficient, especially for small and medium businesses.

That’s where cloud computing platforms come in, as they provide all the services while minimizing your efforts.

Google App Engine and Netlify are two of the world’s leading cloud computing platforms, and here we will help you select one of them.

Google App Engine vs Engine Yard

This article will compare two of the best PaaS platforms, Google App Engine and Engine Yard. Choosing the best PaaS provider can provide simple solutions to develop and manage top-notch applications.

Having the right PaaS solution means not worrying about cloud storage or computing power limitations. It is because everything here will be managed through one platform. These solutions can also make analysis, analytics, and reporting easier. 

Parse Server 5 – Closed Beta on Back4app

Parse Platform is an open-source backend tool kit developed and maintained by a community of experts that when combined with Back4App, allows you to access a scalable backend and launch mobile or web applications in just minutes, without having to worry about server infrastructure and management.

The tool kit, offers users the most popular backend features, including easy access to databases, REST API, GraphQL API, cloud functions, authentication, notifications, and cron jobs, which can all be deployed on any infrastructure running NodeJS.

In 2022, Parse Server 5 (a core component of the Parse Platform) was released, bringing several improvements to the popular backend tool kit.

Since its launch, Back4App has been working tirelessly with the open-source community to make this, the best version ever released!

Given its popularity, Parse is constantly being updated by the open-source community with the latest security patches, performance improvements, and new features, all covered in this article.

Elastic Beanstalk vs Kubernetes

Automatic software development and deployment is one of the most important things we need today. Developing and deploying the whole system manually from scrap takes a very long time, and it is not very efficient.

So, it also makes things inefficient for small and medium businesses as they cannot manage the hardware and team to develop/deploy their online system.

PaaS(Platform as a Service) is the best solution to all these problems. A good platform will always bring automatic development and deployment services.

 Two platforms that we will be discussing here are Elastic Beanstalk and Kubernetes. So, if you are also looking to choose one of them, this comparison will be vital in helping you select a platform.