Firebase Cloud Messaging Alternatives

Whether you are developing an application that lets the users socialize or make some utility application that lets people connect and do their work, one thing that will be common in most of them will be messaging service.

Although adding this feature requires a lot of complex coding, solutions like Firebase Cloud Messaging make things easier for you. Here we will discuss some platforms that provide this service.

What is Firebase Cloud Messaging?

Most of Android applications these days require a communication feature, and the best way to do this is by adding messaging features.

Firebase Cloud Messaging is a messaging feature provided by Firebase that lets the users communicate via messages for free.Moreover, this is a cross-platform feature that lets the users of different devices communicate reliably and securely.

Although Firebase Cloud Messaging is a great service, it is still not ample for some. It is because some people require additional features in their applications.

So, selecting an alternative is the best thing that you can do. Here we will discuss some alternatives to Firebase Cloud Messaging that you can select.

The Best Five Alternatives to Firebase FCM

The following are the five best alternatives to Firebase Cloud Messaging.

1.    OneSignal

If we talk about the platforms that provide messaging services, one of the most popular platforms globally is OneSignal. It provides a lot of features that are necessary for most modern-day applications. Additionally, the services that you get here are very reliable.

It is one of the reasons why this platform serves over a million businesses, with over 8 billion messages handled daily. Some of its most prominent features are:

  • Mobile and web push notifications.
  • In-app messaging
  • Email
  • SMS

2.    Pusher

Suppose you are looking to add real-time functionality to your mobile applications or web applications. Then this is one of the most reliable platforms that you can go for. Although it uses different technologies to work on different platforms and operating systems, the performance you get here is still remarkable.

It is all because of the real-time layer between the servers and clients. Some of the features that bring value for the users are:

  • Event-based API
  • Presence channels
  • Queryable API feature.

3.    Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS or Amazon Simple Notification Service is a messaging service that can enable your application to handle application-to-application messages and application-to-person messages. Being a fully managed service makes it very easy to integrate these features into your application.

Not only this, but the services here come with a lot of features, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Mobile push notifications
  • SMS
  • Email

4.    Pushy

It is a service that provides a push notification gateway. Pushy can be used to send push notifications to the application users regardless of their location in the world. One of the best things about this platform is that it provides lightning-fast and very reliable services. Some of its features are:

  • Very affordable services
  • Cross-platform
  • Scalability

5.    Twilio

It is another messaging API that is used all over the globe for its remarkable services. The reason for its usage over a lot of applications is that it provides intelligent sending features. These intelligent features enable messages to reach users reliably.

Twilio is one of the platforms that can significantly help you if you are looking to expand your business with efficient message marketing services. Some features that you get with the services are listed below.

  • Programmable Voice
  • Programmable Video
  • IoT services

These were the best five alternatives to Firebase Cloud Messaging that you can use.

Final Thoughts

Adding the messaging feature to your application can take a lot of time and work. It is because this requires server and client connection to work seamlessly. However, platforms like Firebase make this very easy with their services like FCM.

Here we also discussed some of the alternatives to Firebase FCM that you can use if it does not meet your application’s requirements.


What is FCM?

FCM stands for Firebase Cloud Messaging.

What are FCM features?

– Push-Notifications
– Message Targeting
– Customized Notification Content

What are the best alternatives to FCM?

– One Signal
– Pusher
– Twilio
– Pushy

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