Dmytro Zaichenko

What is Ruby on Rails and Should I Learn It?

From the standpoint of today’s variety of opportunities for app development, Ruby is still arguably the most elegant programming language. 

According to its creator Yukihiro Matsumoto, its main goal is to make Web developers happy. Intuitiveness, great syntax possibilities, code transparency are just some of the most evident advantages of this technology.

Although it was launched in 2004, it is safe to say that it is already a mature and self-sufficient solution. However, with the constant flood of new modern solutions and striving for more and more efficiency of web applications, is there still a place for them?

A similar question often arises among young padawans of programming and for the representatives of Ruby themselves, it has become some kind of a meme. It’s hard to hide that in the era of Python, React, and fast-paced architectures, Ruby on Rails strives to remain a competitive tool. Nevertheless, still many new devs use it to start their adventure in the IT world and like their comrades-predecessors, they are expanding the community of grateful admirers.