Gabriela Molina

AI in Remote Tech Recruitment: Do’s and Don’ts

Finding the right tech candidate requires recruitment teams to evaluate and test skills more thoroughly. And HR teams are now changing their evaluation strategies by implementing AI technologies. This way, they can hire more efficiently, reduce time-consuming tasks, and shortlist candidates to those who could be a great fit. 

As remote work is taking a significant role in today’s corporate world, most companies all over the world have started to hire and manage a virtual workforce. Remote IT professionals are in high demand across several industries. 

However, the tech industry is one of the hardest to recruit talent from. An Indeed survey found that 9 in 10 HR professionals said that finding and hiring technical talent is challenging. 

The quantity of candidates applying for a job is not the problem; the quality is. And recruitment teams’ major challenge is screening candidates and identifying those qualified enough to fulfill a role.  

A talent acquisition survey revealed that while 46% of leaders struggle with attracting strong candidates, 52% believe that the most difficult aspect of the entire recruitment process is identifying suitable candidates from a large applicant pool.  

So, how can teams and HR professionals tackle this problem? By implementing artificial intelligence solutions on their remote tech recruitment processes.