Best Backend Services for GraphQL

The managed backend services have made the application process very easy and time-efficient compared to the way it used to be before. However, selecting the right type of backend services providers for your application requires some research.

The needs and requirements from all types of applications are different, which is why you must only select the backend for your application accordingly. When an application is designed using GraphQL, the main requirement is better fetching of data on the client-side of the application from the server-side.

So, here we will discuss in detail everything that you need to know and some of the suitable backend services as well.

What is a Backend?

When we take a deeper look at the computer software and applications, they are made in 2 main parts. One is the frontend, while the other is the backend.

  • The frontend lets the users interact with the application.
  • On the other hand, the backend is the part of the software where all the features are running, and it also manages things like server management and connections.

It is the reason the backend of the software is also known as the data access layer of software.

What is an API?

Writing the code or program for your application from the beginning when you can use the already written code is not the best way to develop any software.

In easy words, an API or an Application Programming Interface makes it easier for the developer to use the code just by writing a few command lines of the connection. It saves a lot of time and effort on the developer’s side.

What is GraphQL?

One of the many functionalities of an application requires the software to extract the server’s data and present it on the client-side. There are many ways for this, and one of the best ways to make development here is by using APIs. However, the usage of APIs makes the process of data fetching a little bit slower.

GraphQL is the query language that makes the software perform well by providing only the required or requested data. It not only makes the APIs faster, but it also makes them very developer-friendly and flexible.

GraphQL works in a way where the client-side of the application specifies the required data, and the queries of the GraphQL syntax make it easier to aggregate the required data from one or multiple sources.

Top 3 Backend Services for GraphQL

Selecting the correct backend for your application is very important because it will decide your application’s performance. When you are looking to use GraphQL syntax, one of your primary concerns is the flexibility of the application and the ease of development.

Here are the best three backend service providers that you can use if you are looking to develop an application using GraphQL.

1.    Back4App

When you search for the managed backend services, Back4App is the name you will come across. It is a platform that is one of the most used platforms for the managed backend services in the world. Its low code backend development mode makes things efficient for the developers.

Additionally, the GraphQL support here makes it very easy to use the APIs flexibly. Back4App comes with some great features as well some of which are listed below.

  • Scalability
  • Push notifications
  • User management and the list continue.

2.    Hasura

Hasura is the platform that provides its managed backend services for developers who are looking to develop well-performing applications.

The great thing here is that the only thing that you will have to maintain here is the frontend, as the provider will ultimately manage the backend. Its GraphQL API support also makes it very developer-friendly.

3.    8Base

It is another serverless backend service that you can get to implement GraphQL syntax in your applications. Here you can develop professional-grade web apps and mobile apps as well. Some of the features that you get here are listed below.

  • Custom role-based access controls over the application.
  • User management
  • Managed MySQL relational data builder
  • 8Base provides some other features as well.


One of the most important things for developing applications using managed backend is the backend service provider you choose. It has a significant effect on the performance and the features of your application.

Here we shared the best three backend service providers to go for if you are looking to use GraphQL. We also elaborated on some of the relevant and essential terms that you must know about.


What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is the query language that makes the software perform well by providing only the required or requested data. It not only makes the APIs faster, but it also makes them very developer-friendly and flexible.

What are the advantages of GraphQL?

– Fetch data with a single API call
– Good for microservices
– Code sharing

What are the best backends for GraphQL?

– Back4app
– Hasura
– 8Base

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