Top 5 Cloud Providers in Australia

Like all the other parts of the world, Australia has also seen a huge rise in eCommerce stores and the trend of online shopping. Well, this means that this may be the right time for you to start your online business for expanding your physical business to the online and international markets.

However, for this, there is a need for things like hosting services and server management. While managing all of these resources by yourself is not the most efficient solution, getting cloud services is the best thing a business of any scale can get. So, if you are looking for cloud service providers in Australia, we will discuss the top 5 options you can go for.

Top 5 Cloud Providers in Australia to know about

Selecting the cloud services means that you are removing the need for hosting and server management and managing a team of developers. Along with this amazing benefit, there are many of them when you select the right service provider. So, here we will be discussing the best 5 options.

1.    AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing service provided by Amazon, so we can say that it comes with the performance and reliability of Amazon. At the same time, it provides inexpensive cloud services costing you only for the resources you use, making it amazing for the business of any scale.

2.    Azure

Azure from Microsoft is a Platform as a Service, making things extremely easy for the customers. While it provides the best reliability and security options, things like scalability add a lot of value for the users making it one of the best choices.

3.    Google Cloud

Speaking of the cheap, reliable, and secure services, Google cloud is one of the best options that users in Australia can opt for. Not only this, but the ability to deploy, build, and test apps for free makes it an even favorable option.

4.    Vultr

Vultr is a cloud services platform that comes with a lot of features for its users. Things start from the amazing performance that users get here. It is because of the SSD VPS Servers that are provided. This performance is complemented by the amazing control panel that makes it easy to maintain and manage but also helps in increasing the security of services.

5.    Linode

This is another platform that can be called one of the best 5 cloud service providers in Australia. It is because of its hosting solutions and the features that come along. Things like scalability, quick development and deployment, and easy management apart from reliability and performance make it a great choice.


When we talk about online businesses, it is the experience that can help you make loyal customers and maintain their loyalty. It is because of the high competition in the world of online business. So, the only way to get ahead in this competition is by providing the best experience.

Selecting the right cloud service provider is the best way to get ahead in the competition because it will provide the best experience to your traffic.

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