The Top 5 cloud Providers in Japan

If you are looking to take your physical business in Japan to the online world, you will need a proper setup. While managing a server, hosting, system, and developers can be very difficult for your business, getting some cloud services may be the best thing you can go for. So, here we will be discussing the best cloud providers that you can select in Japan.

The Top 5 cloud Providers in Japan you need to know about

When you select the right cloud service provider for your business, you are getting many things done in the right way. So, if you are looking for the best cloud services provider in Japan, here we have our top 5 options for you.

1.    Google Cloud

It is a cloud services platform provided by Google that is very well performing in Japan, but it is known for its exceptionally good services worldwide. With the services from this platform, you cannot store data and compute it, but you can also build, deploy, and test the applications.

The best part is that managing this cloud service is very easy because users can use the file system to store their files.

2.    Vultr

If you are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use cloud platform in Japan, Vultr may be your best choice. It is because it comes with a powerful control panel that is very easy to use. Additionally, team management, APIs, and all other features make it a preferable option for everyone.

3.    AWS

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that Amazon provides for all customers looking for affordable and reliable services. Not only this, but Aws puts a lot of attention on things like security of the users’ systems and data encryption along with their virtual private clouds. All of this makes it a very attractive option for businesses in Japan.

4.    Azure

Like some other huge organizations, Microsoft also has its cloud platforms provided as a service to the customers. The quality that makes it a perfect choice for Japanese people is that it has good capacity moment capabilities for the best performance. Additionally, the trust of Microsoft and data security techniques make it a very reliable platform for all cloud services.

5.    Linode

Although it is an American company, its services are remarkable, just like its performance worldwide. Linode helps the developing process by making it simple and easy to develop and scale the system. But the things like storage, servers, security, and most importantly, its reliable performance make an amazing choice for Japan. It works to make things easy to understand.


It is not only the good experience that comes with a good service provider, but it is the peace of mind that brings the most value. So, if you want both of these along with the amazing features and benefits, you must only select the best service provider. Here we shared the best 5 cloud providers that you can select while you are in Japan.

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