Top 5 Cloud Providers in the Middle East

With the trends changing in the world, the Middle East is also moving towards online business and e-commerce. Many people are taking their physical businesses to the online world, and if you are also looking for this, you will need some hosting services. The best way to do this is by getting the cloud services from a credible cloud services provider.

The wide array of options may make things confusing for you, so here we will discuss the best 5 cloud service providers you can select in the Middle East.

Top 5 Cloud Providers to know about  in the Middle East 

Selecting the right cloud service provider is the first and the most crucial step because it will affect the performance of your application. So, here are the best 5 options that you can select in the Middle East.

1.    Alibaba Cloud

The first and the best option you can go for in the Middle East is the Alibaba cloud. It is the subsidiary of the Alibaba group. The amazing thing is that the Alibaba group utilizes this for all of their cloud needs. Well, this makes sure that there will not be any issues regarding the performance and reliability.

Another reason for this is the location of their data centers that provide their services in the Middle East in the best quality.

2.    AWS

AWS is the cloud services platform provided by Amazon with all the features that a well-performing website needs. Not only are these services very inexpensive, but you can join for free. Additionally, their pricing policy makes it an even better option because you only have to pay for what you use.

Apart from the amazing pricing options, things like reliability and scalability in their services make them the best option for users in the Middle East.

3.    Azure

Microsoft Azure is the cloud service platform that is known all over the world for its amazing services and features. With its PaaS(Platform as a Service), you can easily develop and deploy your cloud-based applications.

While the services are exceptional, the features like scalability make them even better. On top of everything, the affordable rates make it the best platform to select in the Middle East.

4.    Khazna

With its data centers present in the Middle East countries, this is one of the best options to go for. Apart from all the features and benefits that you get from their services, the best one is that you get hybrid cloud services. It not only makes them perform very well but the costs are also controlled. It makes it a more suitable option.

5.    Ehdf Data Center

It is one of the best local cloud service providers that has been serving since 2001 with its exceptional services. Not only does the location of datacenters make the latency very low, but it also increases the security and reliability, making it the best choice for dedicated web hosting requirements.


If you do not select the right cloud service provider in the Middle East, then you will not get as much success as you are looking for. So, here we were discussing the best cloud services providers you can select in the Middle East.

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