Top 5 Cloud Providers in the Netherlands

You may need servers and hosting and a team of developers when you go taking your business to the online heights. However, an efficient way of doing this is by selecting a cloud services provider who will deal with everything and get the services. 

One thing very important to consider is that you need that service provider to be good enough for your work. So, if you are looking for the best cloud providers in the Netherlands here, we will discuss some of the best options you can go for.

Top 5 Cloud Providers in the Netherlands

So, if you are looking for the best cloud service providers with every feature and reliability, then the following could be the best options you can go for.

1.    Vultr

While you are searching for the best cloud services providers, the best choice will be Vultr because of its amazing backend hardware and the features that come along. In terms of hardware, they provide everything in the best manner to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

It is because of Intel’s high-performing CPUs and their combination with the storage based only on SSDs. At the same time, the full automation of their services means that there will be no virtualization layer. It, along with the scalability option, makes it the best choice in the Netherlands.

2.    DigitalOcean

Whether you are looking to host your mobile application or a web application in the Netherlands, DigitalOcean is a platform that will provide you with some amazing features. Not only do you get a scalability option here, but the easier development and deployment nature of these cloud services also make them an amazing choice.

3.    Google Cloud

Google Cloud can also be the best choice for your cloud services requirement in the Netherlands. While the services come with the reliability and security of Google, no features are lacking as well.

One of the best things about the cloud services from Google Cloud is that they offer free development, builds, and testing for your applications and features like scalability to make the application development easier and better.

4.    Kamatera

Whether you are starting some new online business or going to take your existing physical business to the online world, there will always be a need for great backend services. Kamatera is the cloud services provider that can meet all your needs with its SaaS.

Not only does this make the development and maintenance very convenient and quick. But the features like flexibility in services and the reliability of performance make it an amazing option for the Netherlands.

5.    Cloudscene

With multiple data centers worldwide, you can imagine the performance and reliability that you can get here. However, this is not the only thing you will get here because, with Cloudscene, you can add a lot of features to your application, making it feature-rich. Another amazing thing is that you get the scalability option to achieve all your long-term business goals.


Selecting the right cloud services provider is very important for every scale business because this will define the performance. It will also be responsible for the experience your traffic gets on your website. So, if you were looking for cloud services in the Netherlands, you can consider the platforms we discussed here.

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