Top 5 Cloud Providers in Singapore

Selecting the right cloud provider means a lot when you are looking for professional usage. It is because the right cloud service provider will never make you do any compromise on things like performance experience and reliability.

These three being the necessary items for a successful online business, are very important to be there in the cloud service provider you will choose. So, here we will discuss the best 5 options in Singapore that you can select without hesitation.

Top 5 Cloud Providers in Singapore you should check

If you want to make no compromises on your cloud service providers’ performance, reliability, and features in Singapore, then the following are the best 5 options for you.

1.    AWS

When we talk about the cloud service providers, AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the best options globally, and this also makes it the best in Singapore. Its multiple data centers are spread worldwide, making it perform extremely well in Singapore, and the rest is done with its benefits. The benefits like free joining and paying only for the resources you use make it an amazing choice.

2.    Google Cloud

Like all the products from Google, this product comes with amazing quality in terms of reliability, experience, and performance. Not only this, but Google Cloud is the platform that makes selection very easy because of its affordable pricing policies making it an even better choice for small businesses.

3.    Azure

Whatever is the genre of your physical business, if you are looking to take your business to the online world and want some cloud services, Azure will be the best choice. Microsoft Azure provides PaaS or Platform as a Service which makes things easier and quick at many different levels. Its virtual computing features make it suitable for those who are looking for those features.

4.    DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is another cloud provider with its data centers spread worldwide, making it perform very well in several parts of the world. However, apart from the performance, it comes with the features that help in easier development and deployment of the applications making things easier and quicker for the developers.

5.    Linode

Linode provides its Virtual Private Server-based hosting for the customers with an amazing performance and all other resources. However, one of the main highlights is that the platform makes cloud computing simple for the developers because of Git compatibility.

While it is an American company, its data centers are present globally, which makes it one of the best options to go for in Singapore.


When you are looking to take your physical business to the online world, there is no room for compromise because of the high competition. So, the first and most important step is to select the best backend cloud service, providers.

It is because this will be the basis of the success of your online business. So, here we discussed the top 5 cloud service providers that you can select in Singapore.

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