Top 5 Datacenter Providers in Germany

In a world full of business, trading, and computing, there is a lot of data to store and save. In companies that are established on a huge platform have many files and important data to store. For this purpose, there are data center providers. Datacenter providers are useful in storing and keeping a record of data.

A data center provider is not restricted to only one country or place. Instead, they are present all around the world, like Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Australia. Today, we will talk about the top 5 Datacenter providers in Germany and how they are used to store data.

Top 5 Datacenter providers in Germany 

There are several types of data center providers in Germany. Some of the most famous ones are specified below.

1.    Digital Ocean 

Among the top 5 data center providers present in Germany is Digital Ocean. Digital ocean is a famous service provider which allows users with many basic features. There are many reasons why people choose Digital Ocean.

The Digital Ocean consists of a cloud firewall. While choosing a data center, you might think about the security checks. The Digital Ocean hence includes a cloud firewall that protects confidential files and information.

Usually, the data center providers that do not have good security checks are more prone to cyber-attacks. To prevent cyber-attacking and hacking, the Digital Ocean provides the best security services.

The Digital Ocean also provides services like monitoring and alerting the users. This feature helps the users to keep a check on their information and stored data.

2.    Linode

Another famous data center in Germany is the Linode data center provider. The Linode data center helps the users to get affordable data managing services. It is a good company that provides good services to its users. 

It is fast and very reliable. It assures to store and hide users’ private information and companies that seem to be very important. It also allows the users to back up their servers on a daily or monthly basis.

The Linode data center provider helps the users to multi-task. It means the users can manage various server instances with the help of a single system.

3.    Google Cloud

The Google cloud data center provider is ideal for professionals. It is suitable for those users and companies that are aware of cloud computing and other facilities. The Google cloud is among the best data center providers in Germany due to its features. 

  • It provides enough data storing capacity that can help fulfill efficient necessities. 
  • The Google cloud also provides full security services and also allows OS-level security. 

It is fast and dependable. If you are looking out for a reliable data center provider in Germany, Google Cloud is one of them.

4.    AWS

Yet another well-known data center provider in Germany is known as AWS. AWS is famous for its amazing and reliable data center services. These services include affordability rates, fast, secure computing capacity, and managed database services.

The AWS is available for 12 months free period. By which you can learn if you can adopt AWS as a data center provider. It also offers free trial periods, which activate from the day you activate your account. 

5.    Azure

Azure is a Microsoft-based data center provider. It is one of the topmost data center providers in Germany. It provides 12 months of free amazing services and offers up to 25 services for free. 

Azure helps the users with creating personalized platforms. It also uses Al and machine learning. It is safe and reliable, which offers fast and secure software or data with end-to-end DevOps solutions.

The above-specified points are the top 5 data center providers in Germany. You need to understand the basics about them and use them for your needs.

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