Elastic Beanstalk vs Render Comparison

Every business needs a website, and every website needs hosting services to go online. Regarding hosting service providers, there are many options, with some platforms providing much more services than just hosting.

Elastic Beanstalk and Render are two such platforms that make deployment and hosting of your application simple with their Platform as a Service.

If you are planning to select one of them, then you can compare these by the features and overview below. Make sure to consider pricing, but the price must not be the dealbreaker or the deal maker for you.

Elastic Beanstalk Overview

Elastic Beanstalk is provided by Amazon’s AWS as a PaaS, providing an easy and quick way to deploy and host your website.

This platform makes deployment extremely easy as you only have to upload your code, and there will be no other requirements to fulfill.

It supports several frameworks and languages in uploading code, including Python, PHP, .NET, Node.js, GO, Ruby, Java, Go, etc.

So, when you host your website with Elastic Beanstalk, it automatically takes care of scalability, resource provisioning, load balancing, and performance monitoring. 

Additionally, Elastic Beanstalk is very simple to integrate with other services and tools from AWS. With all these things and the least effort from your end, Elastic Beanstalk makes a great platform to host and support websites to deal with millions of users.

Elastic Beanstalk Features

Here are some features that Elastic Beanstalk provides to offer you a top-notch experience with its PaaS.

  • AWS Graviton Support

It comes with an AWS Graviton processor that works on arm-64 architecture instead of traditional x86 processors.

In this way, the performance here is more than the traditional hardware. It also allows you to optimize everything according to your requirements.

  • Efficient monitoring in all phases

Monitoring is as easy as it gets with Elastic Beanstalk because you can integrate CloudWatch and X-ray within the same interface and get all the insights and stats in one place. Thus, monitoring everything about your hosting services will become easier.

  • Customizability

When using Elastic Beanstalk, you have complete control over the different features of your application, and you can easily manage all of these. It even allows you to customize the integrations for a better user experience.

  • Automatic Scaling

One of the best things about Elastic Beanstalk is that it automatically scales the resources according to the requirements of your website. It happens with available resources, so you never compromise on the performance.

Elastic Beanstalk Pricing

Elastic Beanstalk follows the Pay-as-You-Go pricing model meaning that you will pay for the resources you utilize. With that said, the is no additional cost to use Elastic Beanstalk.

Elastic Beanstalk does not come with any commitments about its services or minimum fee requirements that you need to meet.

So, you can utilize any resources for as long or as short as you want. The website only mentions that Elastic Beanstalk comes as a free service when you pay for AWS EC2 or AWS S3 services.


Render is a unified cloud platform which is great for developing and running websites with private networks, Global CDN, and auto deploys from Git, TLS Certificates, and much more.

Render brings the fastest way to host your applications and websites instantly. It is a much better option than other static site hosting platforms as it manages everything and keeps your databases up to date.

Render has amazing server support where it easily handles the scaling and running of your server regardless of which backend you are using.

Additionally, it supports a long list of backends from PHP to Node. If there is something that Render lacks, then it is not serverless yet.

Render Features

Here are some of the best features you get from Render.

  • Security and Reliability

Render is a cloud-hosting platform that provides security, reliability, and flexibility in using its services. So, your website could have millions of users, and it will still be reliable and secure.

  • Maintenance free experience

When hosting it on Render, there is no need to manage a management and maintenance team for your website. It has managed services, so all your maintenance requirements are well taken care of here.

  • Run all services from one platform

Render is your cloud-hosting platform that supports running all services from one platform, including web services, static sites, Cron jobs, Docker files, private services, and much more.

  • Instant deployment and updating

The deploying and updating experience here is almost instant. You only have to select the service and deploy the website within a few seconds. Updating things through Git Push provides a similar experience.

Render Pricing

The pricing at Render is kept very simple and transparent. So, anyone using its services can easily predict the pricing for their resources and services.

There are different plans and packages for different services, and here are the details of all of them:

  1. Static Sites: The static site hosting services are free with Render
  2. Web Services: Web services have a free version, but there are limits. The paid plans start at $7 per month.
  3. Private services: Private services start at $7 per month at Render.
  4. Background Workers: The background workers services start at $7 per month
  5. Postgre SQL: There is a free version available with limits, and the paid plan starts at $7 per month
  6. Redis: It has a free version available with limits, and the paid plan starts at $7 per month
  7. Cron Jobs: Cron Jobs start at $1 per month

Getting started with Render is free, and you will not need any credit card. You can contact their sales team for all of these plans to get a custom services package to meet all your requirements.

Render vs Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic BeanstalkRender
OverviewOrchestration service for AWS resourcesDeveloper-centric cloud service for application hosting.
Parent companyAmazonIndependent
(Series A)
Date launched20112018
Free tierYesYes
PricingService is free. The user pay for the added resources like EC2 and S3.Starts at $7/month for webservices and $1/month for Cron jobs.
Featured customersEchelon
99 Designs
Indie Hackers


Whether we consider Render or Elastic Beanstalk for the hosting services and all other PaaS services these provide, the experience is always maintained to be top-notch.

To shortlist one of these, the best way is to keep your list of requirements in front and consider which one meets all your requirements in the best way.

At the same time, you need to consider the price for those services. That’s how you can select one from Render and Elastic Beanstalk.


What is Elastic Beanstalk?

Orchestration service for AWS resources

What is Render?

Developer-centric cloud service for application hosting.

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