Elastic Beanstalk vs Vercel Comparison

Every business needs a website today. While some need a dynamic website, some only need a static one.

Thus, developers have many more options for developing a web application. As developing a static or dynamic website from scratch is not the best choice and the most efficient move, several Platform as a Service options are available.

Elastic Beanstalk and Vercel are two of the best options you can choose, and here we will discuss which will be a better pick for you.

Elastic Beanstalk Overview

Elastic Beanstalk from AWS brings an easy and quick option to develop and deploy your web app on the AWS backend.

Starting with an application here does not require much effort as this PaaS offers you all the management services.

From resource planning to scalability, monitoring, and load balancing, Elastic Beanstalk takes care of everything.

So, as a developer, there is not a lot of work you need to do apart from uploading your application code. The best part about Elastic Beanstalk is that Amazon provides it, so integrating other resources, tools, and services from AWS with it is considerably easy.

Elastic Beanstalk Features

Elastic Beanstalk has features to power web apps that can serve millions of users. So, here is a list of some of the best features you can enjoy here.

Wide range of application platforms to select from with several deployment options

When deploying your website with Elastic Beanstalk, you can use code written in many different languages.

It also supports different frameworks; there is no need to change the code, or sometimes minimal changes will be required. With Elastic Beanstalk, you can deploy web apps written in PHP, Python, Ruby, Docket, Go, Java, Node.js, and .NET.


There will be no compliance issues with Elastic Beanstalk as it meets the compliance criteria for the following:

  • PCI
  • ISO
  • SOC 1, 2, and 3

Along with these, it also meets the HIPAA eligibility with data protection with PHI. So, deploying your website with Elastic Beanstalk will be a reliable option.

AWS Graviton support

Elastic Beanstalk is backed with an AWS Graviton processor based on arm-64 architecture. It provides top-notch performance regardless of the workload.

Thus, you can optimize everything according to your requirements. The performance here is much better in comparison with the x86-based processors.

Logging, Tracing, and Monitoring

Elastic Beanstalk is pretty easy to integrate with AWS X-Ray and CloudWatch from Amazon. When you integrate things, you can become efficient at monitoring and tracing the performance of your website.

Here you get all the performance stats, including CPU performance and latency of the system. With the CloudWatch alarms feature, things improve as you can set up notifications when the performance meets certain thresholds.

Elastic Beanstalk Pricing

Elastic Beanstalk is free to use and you only pay for the additional resources used. It is mentioned that Elastic Beanstalk comes as a free service when you buy AWS EC2 or AWS S3 Buckets.

So, buying one service from AWS and using other services will create a complete environment of tools and services all under one platform.

Vercel Overview

Vercel focuses on Static website hosting and development, but that’s not all it brings. First, it integrates with GitLab or GitHub, making deployment very easy, especially for collaboration requirements.

The web applications developed here can be made with serverless functions to match your requirements perfectly.

With automatic scaling and instant deploying, the developers and users will have an amazing experience from that website.

The best part about Vercel is that there is no need to manage or monitor your backend. It provides backend management services with no configuration requirements whatsoever.

Vercel Features

When it comes to the features, there are no compromises. Here are some of the best features you get with Vercel to excel in your deployment experience.

Flexible data fetching

Efficient data fetching is essential for a well-performing website. With Vercel, you can use flexible data fetching feature that lets you connect your website to different sources, including:

  • Any data source
  • API
  • Headless CMS

Thus, Vercel allows every developer to select the data environment of their choice for the best efficiency.

Push to deploy

With Vercel, you can import the repo with a single click and push it to deploy. The built-in CI/CD System at Vercel triggers every change you make in the code for seamless integration and quicker UI development.

Better collaboration

At Vercel, the whole team is integrated into the project, so nothing is a surprise for anyone. As the whole team iterates, collaboration becomes much better, especially in testing across different platforms. The integration with Bitbucket and GitHub helps in collaboration as well.

Edge on localhost for a faster and more reliable editing

Vercel comes with a fast refresh feature that provides a reliable experience for live editing. It makes editing UI components much better and quicker.

 Vercel also takes the edge from localhost, which effectively caches serverless functions. Here all cloud primitives and functions also perform perfectly, providing the team a much better experience.

Vercel Pricing

Vercel provides much more details when it comes to the pricing plans here.

To start with, there is a hobby project plan that is free, but it offers limited features. The most popular plan is the Pro, which costs $20 per user with dedicated feature specifications.

It also comes with a free trial. However, you can start with the enterprise plan if you want customized plans. Upon contacting the Vercel team, you can set all the specifications per your requirements.

Vercel vs Elastic Beanstalk Comparison

Elastic BeanstalkVercel
OverviewEasy-to-use platform for deploying and scaling web applications with multiple programming languages.Service for static sites and frontend frameworks, created to integrate with your headless content, database, or commerce.
Year launched20112015
Parent companyAmazonIndependent
Series D
Free tierYesYes
Pricing structureFree. The user pay for the underlying services like EC2, S3, etc.Hobby – Free
Pro – $20/user/mo
Enterprise – Custom
Core featuresScaling
AWS Graviton Support
Edge functions
Featured clientsPostman


While both of these offer top-notch services when it comes to web application deployment, you must look specifically for your requirements when selecting any of these.

The one that fulfills your requirements at a lesser price will always be a better pick for you. Remember that your budget must not be your deal maker or deal breaker.

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