The Top 10 React Native Famous Apps

With the increasing number of tasks that we can do on our mobile phones, things are getting complicated for the developers. Not only tasks but also different platforms like iOS and Android are also making it difficult and time-consuming for developers to make great applications.

However, React Native is making things easier for the developers. Here we will discuss how React Native is making things easier for the developers and some of the world-famous applications that use React Native.

React Native Overview

As there is an increasing need for having the same applications work on different platforms, many platforms help the developers make cross-framework mobile applications. However, all of them are not great in terms of features and services.

React Native, in this case, is one of the best platforms because of its excellent features and services. Facebook maintains it, and it comes with great benefits for the developers, and its features also help developers easily develop all the necessary applications.

Apart from these, it uses JavaScript with a huge base of developers, so React Native automatically has a huge user base. It is one of the most important things for developers because it helps them with errors and stuff. Not only this, but React Native is an open-source platform meaning everyone can use it.

Features and Benefits of React Native

React Native comes with some of the best features and benefits. Here are some of them.

  • The modular architecture of React Native makes the development process very easy.
  • It takes very little time to develop feature-rich applications.
  • If your applications have similar features, you can use most of the code, making a less need to code for every application.
  • Reusing code means that you are saving both time and workforce. Ultimately it means that you are saving on your development cost.
  • The applications not only feel like native applications but also perform extremely well.
  • Pre-loaded elements made development time very less.
  • The hot-reload feature is great for saving the testing time while developing.
  • Third-party feature and plugin integration mean that you can add any future to your apps that you like.

Top 10 Famous Apps Using React Native

Because of the great features and benefits of using React Native, most of the world’s famous platforms have switched their mobile applications from native to React Native. Here we will have a detailed discussion about some of them.

1.    Facebook

Facebook first used to be a website, and it was used as a social media platform, but as the technology of computers advanced, it developed its application. Not only did it emerge from one type of computer to another type, but it has also covered the world with a lot of its amazing features.

  • A platform that used to be a social media platform is now working as a marketplace for many people worldwide where people can make deals by sitting at their homes. 
  • Not only this, but Facebook has managed to provide a live streaming platform for gamers as well.

Facebook gaming is something that gamers worldwide are using to stream their games instead of streaming on other platforms. And above all this, Facebook is using its own React Native platform for making cross-platform apps. One of its biggest examples is the Facebook ads manager.

2.    Instagram

Instagram is an application that does not have a lot of complex features and things going on. It makes it very easy for their developers to manage things over all the platforms easily.

However, to make things further simpleton upgrade and manage in the future, Instagram has switched to using React Native for making its applications. It has made it very quick and easy for the developers to upgrade and add new features to the app while keeping the UI and features the same overall the platforms.

3.    Bloomberg

Being a platform that provides business-related news to all the users, it gained many users, but this was very difficult for the developers. It is because managing two different apps for different platforms took a lot of time. 

  • It is one of the reasons why Bloomberg shifted towards React Native for making their mobile application.
  • However, this came with many benefits for the developers and users as well. It was because all the features became standard for the users.

 It was also easier for developers to manage one application that worked on different platforms. However, this was adopted after thorough testing on the prototype.

4.    Artsy

There were many online marketplaces in the world, but there was not one specifically for artists. Additionally, the already available marketplaces were not suitable for artists. It is because artworks are sold mostly by bidding, and Artsy was the platform that provided an opportunity to more than 100,000 artists.

  • However, as the number of users increased, it got difficult for the team to update and upgrade two different applications for different platforms. 
  • So, the Artsy team decided to adapt to React Native for their application. It was one of the biggest turning points for the application.

5.    Coinbase Pro

This app provides the trading interface to the users, but it was difficult for the team to keep its flagship interface and feature standard maintained for different platforms. It is the reason why they switched from native to React Native applications. It helped in easier management and new features that were not there before.

6.    Airbnb

It was another great application because of an innovative idea. It brought innovation to the market, many people loved their application, and their user base grew quickly.

However, things were not easier for a team of developers. Thus, they switched their application from native apps for different platforms to the React Native applications. According to their team, now a very less workforce is required to save a lot of development time and money for the team of developers.

7.    Tesla

It is one of the biggest names when it comes to electric cars. One of the reasons is that their cars are very energy efficient and they are very feature-rich for the users. 

  • The most innovative thing about Tesla cars is that the user can control and check many features of their car from their phones.
  • It made the cars and users somewhat dependent on mobile applications, and it was also very problematic for the developers with every new feature and bug. 

That is why now Tesla uses React Native for its mobile application as their cars become very feature-rich with the well-functioning applications

8.    SoundCloud Pulse

This application lets the music creators manage their accounts and let the fans enjoy the music. Here the first set of applications that came into existence was native. It means that the developers developed two different applications for iOS and Android.

However, things were never easy for developers when designing the second set of native applications. It is the main reason for switching to React Native because native apps come with many difficulties for the developers. So, the team decided to switch towards a React Native application, and it turned out to be very beneficial for the developers.

9.    UberEATS

It is a food delivery application that started as web application. Although web applications were standard for all the users, sometimes some features were lacking. 

  • Not only this, but not using an application felt like staying in the past for the team.
  • It is one reason UberEATS switched from web application to its mobile application, and it developed a mobile application to React Native. 

It was effortless to manage all the features and users’ data, including the security of payment options from the customers.

Not only this, but it also helped the developers to deal with complex things easily.

10. Shopify

It is an application that helps people in starting and promoting their businesses. It makes things extremely easy for people looking to promote their business, but at the same time, things are difficult for the developers because of creating different Native apps.

They opted to use React Native to integrate features and manage updates easier for the developers. It also helped in reducing the development cost and increasing the total profits.

Final Thoughts

Being a great platform for application development, React Native is under use of the world-famous brands. It not only reduces the development costs for them, but it also makes the application standard the same over all the platforms. It is surely a great platform to develop your apps on. 


What is React Native?

Cross-Platform mobile framework created by Facebook.

What are the benefits of React Native?

– Cross-platform development
– Saves time
– Lower development cost

What are the most famous apps using React Native?

– Facebook
– Instagram
– Bloomberg
– Artsy
– Coinbase
– Airbnb
– Tesla
– SoundCloud
– Uber Eats
– Shopify

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