What is Firebase Analytics?

There are various types of analytics tools available in the industry, but selecting the best one can be tough. Firebase Analytics is one of the best analytics tools that will provide you with a complete analysis.

What is Firebase Analytics?

As clear from its name, Firebase Analytics is a tool that will help you know about your app’s performance. It will provide complete information regarding how the iOS and Android users are engaging with the given application.

As soon as you set up the app, it will automatically start tracking, depending on the given events. It means that users can know about the performance of their app from the very beginning.

The base of Firebase is Google Analytics, which is an unlimited and free analytics solution. Across all the Firebase features, analytics will integrate to provide its users with unlimited reports for 500 events defined by users on Firebase SDK.

It will help you understand the audience’s behavior that will help developers make the right decisions about the application’s performance and marketing.

Firebase Analytics vs. Google Analytics

Most people think that Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics are the same. However, it is essential to understand the few differences that both platforms have. Here we have a few significant differences that you need to know about.

Commonly Firebase Analytics is also called Google Analytics because the base of Firebase is Google Analytics. It is great for all types of mobile applications.

Google Analytics has complete support available for the web apps. However, you should not confuse it for the Google Analytics developed for the web.

The purpose of both platforms is different. Firebase is mobile-focused, and Google Analytics is an analytics specific platform. Google Analytics works for mobile apps, but it’s harnessed towards the web, monitoring, and advertisement.

Firebase Analytics Advantages

When there are various types of analytics tools available, people are interested in knowing why they should be using Firebase Analytics. There are various amazing benefits of the platform that you will not find in other tools. Here we have mentioned a few that you need to know.

1.    Get complete reports

It is important to provide a personalized experience to the customers with the mobile app. To make it possible, it is essential for app developers to know about the behavior and the customers’ usage patterns. The Firebase will help the app developers get complete reports about the users’ engagement and performance.

In this way, it will help the developers to make required improvements and upgrades to assure that customers will have the best user experience while using the application. You will be in command of everything. It will also give you a chance to evaluate things in a better way.

2.    Integration with Google Analytics

Firebase integrates with Google Analytics, which is one of the biggest advantages that this platform can provide. It gives the core solutions integrated with Google that allow developers to develop their views about what the customers require depending on their engagement level.

It will give the freedom to monitor app users’ entire behavior and know about their journey while using the apps you have developed. It will create more personalized and customize experiences for the users.

3.    Improved loyalty

Knowing about user engagement is very important in app development. Firebase will provide complete information about the customers’ engagement so that you will be able to develop the capabilities and features that the users are looking for in the app that you have developed. It will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In this way, developers will be able to provide the content that the audience needs at the right time so that all needs of customers will be professionally met from the app which has been developed.

4.    Maintain sustainable growth.

It will not be wrong to say that Firebase Analytics will be an amazing and beneficial feature for the app developers because it will help develop the business’s sustainable growth and manage the customers’ interests and feedback. It is a reliable platform for the growth of app development channels.

Firebase Analytics Features

Firebase Analytics comes with a lot of amazing features for the developers. Here are some of them.

  • Firebase Analytics makes analytics for the mobile applications reimagined. It is because you can customize all properties and events according to your application.
  • The insights of Firebase Analytics according to the users ‘behavior on tour applications can help make better decisions for improved marketing strategies.
  • Firebase Analytics’ dashboard is one of the best features because it does all the segmentation, optimization, and testing on one platform.
  • The real-time analysis feature is a great way of knowing about different things required for the analysis dashboard.
  • Seamless integration with AdMob helps in the better analysis of your users’ value and your application’s performance. It also helps in better application advertising strategies.

Firebase Analytics Pricing

There are various analysis tools available, but most of them are highly expensive, and the free ones will not provide the features you need. However, with Firebase Analytics, you will not have to deal with such problems. It is free of cost platform that will allow you to enjoy all the analysis and reporting features free so that you can focus on the development of high-quality apps.


Firebase Analytics is a fantastic platform to analyze the performance of a mobile application. Its advantages include out of the box integration to Firebase SDKs, ready to use reports, and real-time analyses. Pricing could not be better, and it’s completely free and available under the Spark and Blaze plans.


What is Firebase Analytics?

It’s Firebase’s app performance monitoring tool.

What are the advantages of Firebase Analytics?

Firebase Analytics is a fantastic platform to analyze the performance of a mobile application. Its advantages include out of the box integration to Firebase SDKs, ready to use reports, and real-time analyses.

Is Firebase Analytics free?

Pricing could not be better, and it’s completely free and available under the Spark and Blaze plans.

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