What is Firebase Crashlytics?

This article will explain Firebase Crashlytics, its advantages, core features, and pricing model.

One of the most frustrating and challenging things that any developer can face is the crash and bugs. These are encountered when the application is live, and it isn’t easy to deal with them.

Firebase Crashlytics makes things very easy for the developers providing all the necessary help and features. So, here we will discuss the essential things about Firebase Crashlytics that you need to know.

What is Firebase Crashlytics?

Crashlytics is a Firebase feature to support developers to diagnose and fix problems in an application.

As it is complicated for the developers to find and manage the crashes in the system, Firebase Crashlytics is a platform that provides its services for the analysis, collection, organization, and management of crashes and crash reports.

This platform from Google supports apps running on both iOS and Android platforms, making it easier for the developers of both platforms to deal with crashes easily.

Let’s figure out some of the advantages of Firebase Crashlytics.

Firebase Crashlytics Advantages

Firebase Crashlytics comes with many advantages for the users here; we will discuss some of them in detail.

1.    Less time to debug the crashes

The main root of the crash can take a lot of time to be found. In an application, there are a lot of interconnected things, and this interconnection makes things tricky when it comes to debugging. The crash reports from Firebase Crashlytics get easy and straightforward to debug the crash’s root.

The dashboard of the Firebase Crashlytics system can provide reports about crashes. These visual analytics can lead you towards the main source of the issue.

2.    Custom keys and logs provide better insights

One of the most frustrating things for a developer is to manage the crashes at their end. The things get oversaturating when the crash is happening at the user’s end but not at your end. It not only makes it very difficult to deal with the crash, but it also makes things very complex.

The custom logs and keys, on the other hand, make things easier for the developers. It is because these take a snapshot of the moment when the issue occurred. In this way, the information about that specific variable is provided, and this makes it easier not only to trace but also to deal with the issue.

3.    Breadcrumbs feature helps in faster reproduction of the crashes.

Breadcrumb is a feature that automatically collects all the information of the event when the crash occurs. This includes everything that the user is interacting with. It makes things significantly easier for the developers when the information is combined from the custom keys and logs.

4.    Real-time crash report notifications are a great benefit

There can be a case when you have dealt with one crash issue, but there is more than one that you may have missed. In this case, the real-time notifications about the crash reports make things speedy and easy to deal with. The best part about these notifications is that you can make them customized according to the crash’s time and priority.

5.    Visualize the crash data with Data Studio after segmenting it with BigQuery

The dashboard of the Firebase Crashlytics is a great place to get visual information about the crash that just happened. It provides the latest results and helps keep track of the previous events, and it also provides a comparison of the crash trends.

Firebase Crashlytics Features

Here are some of the most prominent features of Firebase Crashlytics.

Get curated crash reports

Crash reports are not only enough because they can be misleading sometimes. So, this feature of the Firebase Crashlytics makes these crash reports in a manageable list. With the help of these manageable lists, you can not only get to know about the crash cause, but you can also traverse towards the root of the crash in a concise time.

Several common crashes occur in most of the applications. It is because of the common mistakes that the developers make. Firebase Crashlytics makes things easier in this case by providing cures for common crashes. This feature provides the resources for crashes that make it easier to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Firebase Crashlytics can capture the crash that occurs in your application in the analytics feature. It helps in knowing the relation of different events that lead to the crash in the application.

Real-time alerts about all events happening

A crash can be of many types. So, with Firebase Crashlytics, you get real-time notifications about the issues of all types like the following.

  • Growing issues
  • Regressed issues
  • New issues

These notifications feature from Firebase Crashlytics helps in the immediate treatment of the issue.

Firebase Crashlytics Pricing

One of the best things about Firebase Crashlytics is that it is free and available on the Spark and Blaze plans.

It means that whether you are working on a project personally or you want to take it to the next level by professionally marketing the project. So, you can use all the features and services of Firebase Crashlytics without the need of having to pay even a single penny.


This article covered Firebase Crashlytics, its advantages, core features, and pricing model. Dealing with crashes before or after the application is live is very difficult. At the same time, it is vital because this maintains a good profile of your application.

Firebase Crashlytics makes it very easy for the developers to deal with these situations because it automates all the analytics and management of crashes.So, developers will save time as they only have to check the issue and work on it.


What is Firebase Crashlytics?

Crashlytics is a Firebase feature to support developers to diagnose and fix problems in an application.

What are the benefits of Crashlytics?

– It’s free
– Reduced debugging time
– Realtime reports

What are the core features of Crashlytics?

– Crash Reports
– Real time alerts
– Analytics integration

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