Firebase Dynamic Links

This article will explain Firebase Dynamic Links, its features, advantages and pricing.

At present, people use deep links in various things, from executing paid campaigns on Facebook to driving users to the product pages, from communicating important deals and offers in the application to routing users to an app store from email or web, and many more. Still, various people are not familiar with this approach.

If you are the one who doesn’t understand it like many others, don’t worry. Here we will discuss its basics and how firebase dynamic links can help us in this regard as well. So that crucial understanding aspects of dynamic or deep links can become more comfortable for you. 

So, here we go:

What are deep links?

Deep links are a type of connection meant to send users to an application directly rather than a store or a website. These links are under use to send users to a specific in-app location straight.

It will let the users save their plenty of time and effort required to search a particular element or reach a specific page on an application.

Deep linking can do this by specifying a custom URL scheme or an internal URL to open the application if it is installed already. 

These can also come under use to direct application users to a specific page or event by tying into campaigns you plan to run. 

Why are deep links important?

Various things make deep linking necessary in your applications. However, here we have enlisted some of the most important ones to let you have a better idea of why these are so important.

So, let’s have a look at the reasons mentioned below to know more:

  • Deep links can help you create a seamless user journey that will increase an install’s probability while reducing churn. 
  • These can help you create sophisticated campaigns while ensuring a better user experience and bringing users onto your applications via a single click only. 
  • Even more, these can also help the easier incentivization opportunity. It will also make it easier and simple for you to encourage people to have a new experience when a potential offeror prize is sent to them through a retargeting campaign. 
  • More amazingly, in-app deep linking can increase your retention rate and conversion rate significantly. 
  • Moreover, deep linking campaigns are also easier to track and can offer you extra data points regarding how your campaign is performing. 

What is Firebase Dynamic Links?

So, Firebase Dynamic Links are the links that will work like you want them to. You can let them work on different platforms and whether or not the application is installed already. You can use Firebase Dynamic Links to offer the best app experience from any platform they are opening your link. 

If a user is opening the dynamic link on Android or iOS, it will take them to the linked content directly in your native application. More amazingly, by opening the same dynamic link in their browsers, it will redirect them to the website’s equivalent content. 

Even more, Firebase Dynamic Links can also work across application installs as well. It means if potential users are opening your app’s dynamic link on an android or iOS device but don’t have the app installed on their mobile phones, the user then will be prompted to install your application. Once the installation process completes, the application will be starting, and the user can access the link.

Even more, these links can work. 

Firebase Dynamic Links Advantages

Do you want to know what makes Firebase Dynamic Links a fantastic service for app builders and marketers? Let’s have a look at the advantages of firebase dynamic links given below to learn more:

  • You can direct your web users to a specific part of your application with Firebase Dynamic Links. 
  • It can also help you to create a more effective, simple, and engaging social and email campaign in a more effective way. 
  • Email marketing is still an essential marketing tactic, and more amazingly, Firebase Dynamic Links can help you run successful and personalize email marketing campaigns with ease. 
  • Deep links via Firebase Dynamic links can also help you enable the user to share your application to increase your user base. 
  • Firebase Dynamic links can let you use short URLs for affiliate marketing as well. 

Firebase Dynamic Links Features

Here are some key features of Firebase Dynamic links that you must know:

  • Survive app install process

Dynamic links are just like smart URLs that will help you to retarget your existing users to any of your preferred locations. These links can survive the process of application install which will let users see their desired content. More amazingly, these are free to use at any level and scale. 

  • Add user to user sharing 

When a user is going to share content from your application, the final objective of this must be to convert his or her friends into active application users. The best way to achieve this is by presenting personalized content via deep linking through Firebase Dynamic Links.

  • Drive more installs 

You can add deep links to your promotional campaigns on every platform. It will let you enhance installs via effective social media, SMS, and email marketing campaigns. 

  • Turn more users to mobile app 

Firebase Dynamic Links can let you help in migrating your desktop users to mobile applications. By this, you can give your users an easier way to send deep links on a mobile app. 

Firebase Dynamic Links Pricing

Firebase Dynamic Links are Free to use.

Developers and marketers can enjoy all the benefits and unique features of Firebase Dynamic Links without paying anything.

So, this is high time to enjoy the great functionality of Firebase Dynamic in your application and enhance your applications’ user experience in the best possible way. 


Overall, dynamic links are of great importance. These can help you to enhance the overall user-experience with your platforms in the best possible way. Firebase Dynamic Links can let you use these links in your applications to reap all of their benefits more amazingly. 


What are deep links?

Deep links are a type of connection meant to send users to an application directly rather than a store or a website. These links are under use to send users to a specific in-app location straight.

What is Firebase Dynamic Links?

Firebase Dynamic Links are intelligent URLs that enable you to send current and potential users to any place inside your iOS or Android app.

What are the advantages of dynamic links?

– Direct web users to a specific part of your application
– Create effective, simple, and engaging social and email campaign in a more effective way. 
– Survive app install process

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