Hosted GraphQL Service Providers

Hosted GraphQL Service Providers

All developer takes the quality of their application seriously. After all, the success of their program ultimately depends on its quality. This article shows you easy to follow ways to create and host a GraphQL database without hassles. Although I have used REST extensively in my previous projects, its shortfalls compelled me to search for better alternatives. The complexity, cost of data transfer, and over-fetching requests are a few factors that made me drop REST for GraphQL.

Finding a hosting provider for your GraphQL is not complicated. Besides the globally renowned Back4App, there are several other cloud service providers that provide quality and affordable GraphQL hosting services. This discourse shall also review a couple of excellent cloud hosting solutions for GraphQL Apis. Some solution providers we shall recommend are relatively new, but they are providing outstanding service to developers

The Benefits of GraphQL

Below are the unique advantages of using GraphQL technology for your development projects:

  • Lower data transfer /costs resulting from fewer API calls.
  • It helps you use the mobile-first design concept easily.
  • Fetching is no longer required.
  • It works perfectly with complicated Schema.
  • Enhances microservices orchestration solutions.
  • It is contact-oriented by default.
  • Its similarity to SOAP makes it excellent for enterprise-level usage.
  • Implements modern trends for connecting backend applications.

Uses of GraphQL

The GraphQL API is useful for creating programs that perform tasks such as:

  • Broadcast of data.
  • Chating.
  • IoT.
  • Offline data synchronization.

 In practical terms, GraphQL has bee used to create the following applications:

  • Facebook data fetching
  • Github APIs
  • Page Speed at Artsy

GraphQL  Hosting Options

The number of specialized cloud hosting solutions for GraphQL is increasing by the day. We have streamlined some of the best options in this review.


Back4app has a reputation as the leading Parse GraphQL framework hosting on earth today. It offers a fully managed backend service that offers with GraphQL provisioning and also scales your app seamlessly.

The list of available services include:

  • Takes backup every 24 hours.
  • It can restore data when the needs arise.
  • Boasts of 24/7/365 support.
  • It offers many other professional services.

The Benefits

Since Back4app provides cloud hosting for Parse, the advantages are quite the same in addition to other excellent add-ons such as

  • A multitenant dashboard,
  • GDPR security standards,
  • global content distribution,
  • detailed documentation,
  • and many more

Some of the features of Back4app are:

  • Database as a service
  • GraphQL APIs for handling queries, mutations, and subscriptions
  • Extensive SDK covering iOS, Android, Javascript, PHP, Arduino,.NET + Xamarin, Unity, and Embedded C
  • Multitenant dashboard
  • Live query updates
  • Push notifications
  • Authentication via third-party
  • Email validation and password reset
  • Cloud-based Code
  • Transfer App
  • Cone App
  • REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Import and export of data
  • Version management
  • GDPR privacy management settings.

The Cost

Projects that are currently in development are entitled to a free plan.

The shared hosting option for GraphQL starts at $5/month.

The dedicated hosting (GraphQL Private Cloud)  option starts at $250/month.

Enterprise contracts are available on demand.

Hosting Options

The available hosting options are

  • Back4app cloud.
  • Back4app private hosting.
  • On-premisses or own-cloud deployment.


Parse, which Facebook has been using for its in-house development, was made open-source in 2016. This framework has been tested extensively and proved to be reliable. Moreover, it has the support of a healthy developer community. One of the unique advantages of Parse is that it is open-source, so you are not at risk of being locked-in by a vendor. With an active developer community, you can be sure that Parse is not just a flyby technology, it is here to stay.

Some of the features of Parse include:

Database as a service

  • GraphQL APIs for handling queries, mutations, and subscriptions.
  • Extensive SDK covering iOS, Android, Javascript, PHP, Arduino,.NET + Xamarin, Unity, and Embedded C.
  • Live query updates.
  • Push notifications.
  • Authentication via third-party.
  • Email validation and password reset.
  • Cloud-based Code.
  • REST APIs.
  • Import and export of data
  • Adapters including Mailgun, S3, file storage system, SQS.

The Cost

The parse framework is open-source and completely free. You are only required to pay for hosting your application.

Hosting Options

  • You can self-host your app with any of the leading cloud service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba, Azure, Digital Ocean, etc
  • You can use a specialized hosting such as Back4App.
  • You can also deploy your app locally.

To know more about the differences between Parse and Back4app, please read here.


Important update! GraphCool will retire in July 2020 and will no longer provide hosting services. 

Graphcool is another open-source framework for the creation and deployment of serverless GaphQL backends. This framework offers opinionated backend service, which includes subscription, authorization, GraphQL database mapping system.

The features of Graphcool include:

  • Import and export of data.
  • Schema.
  • CLI.
  • Authentication.
  • Backup and restore service.
  • Serverless GraphQL database.

The Cost

A free plan is available

Premium plans start at $35 per month.

Hosting Options

Developers are free to choose between

  • Graphcool Cloud
  • Self-deployment of Own-Cloud.

AWS App Sync

The AWS App Sync simplifies the procedure of creating an app. The developer can use this platform to create decent GraphQL APIs. It is also robust enough for creating real-time web/mobile applications that are scalable.

  • The features of AWS App Sync include:
  • Simplified methods of data access and querying.
  • Data access and updates in real-time.
  • Data querying, filtering, and search functions.
  • Synchronization of offline data.

The Cost

The price is variable according to usage.

Hosting Options

AWS cloud


This is a software development company  that specializes in aking developer tools and products including PaaS, BaaS, open-source tools


  • Queries and Mutations
  • Event triggers
  • Dynamic access control and authentication
  • Real-time with subscriptions


  • There is an option for a free plan.
  • Premium support starts at $99/month

Hosting Options

Available option for hosting include: Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, and Google Cloud

What are the benefits of GraphQL?

– Makes less API calls resulting in lower data transfer costs.
– It helps you use the mobile-first design concept easily.
– Fetching is no longer required.
– Enhances microservices orchestration solutions.

What are some common use cases of GraphQL?

– Broadcast of data.
– Chatting.
– IoT.
– Offline data synchronization.

What are the best GraphQL hosting services?

– Back4app
– Parse
– AWS App Sync
– GraphCool (retires in July, 2020)
– Hasura

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