Top 5 IaaS providers in the Netherlands

It is the era of cloud services, and nobody these days has to manage their resources for themselves. It is because the cloud service providers manage everything by themselves.

However, there is one issue, and that is selecting the right cloud service provider. So, if you are in the Netherlands and looking for the right IaaS provider here, we will be elaborating on the top 5 options you can go for.

IaaS Overview

When we talk about cloud services, there are a lot of different options. These are the options for hosting, backend, platform, software, or even storage. However, there is one complete option, and that is IaaS. The Infrastructure as a Service includes everything like storage, virtual machines for taking the workload of the software, and hosting services.

Top 5 IaaS providers in the Netherlands

The following are the best IaaS providers in the Netherlands.

1.    Vultr

Vultr is a platform that has experience of more than 20 years for serving customers with the best quality services. Likewise, their services and quality of the services are exceptional in the Netherlands. With more than 7 years of successfully providing IaaS at very competitive prices, they have gained a huge customer base.

Due to their strategic placement of the data centers, their performance is very reliable in the Netherlands. It also comes with a high uptime guarantee that makes it the best option for growing businesses.

2.    DigitalOcean

While most IaaS providers only focus on making the quality of their services better, DigitalOcean is the platform that makes things easier for the customers. As this is simultaneously happening, it becomes one of the best choices for you.

DigitalOcean provides you the option to select any operating system for the virtual machine to run your infrastructure in terms of making things easier. It makes you very efficient for your business when you select the OS you know.  

3.    Google Cloud

Google knows that when people manage their resources and hardware for their business, the efficiency is not the best. So, Google Cloud provides its IaaS services. These services make sure that the customer gets the best performance and price regardless of the scale of their business. It makes it easy for small businesses to run high-quality software with high computation requirements.

4.    Kamatera

Whether you are running a physical business and want to take it to the online world, or you are looking to start an E-commerce company. The IaaS from Kamatera will be your best choice in the Netherlands. It is because here, the services are enterprise-grade, no matter how many resources you get. It means you will still get the best performance, reliability, and security even if you get the cheapest services.

5.    Cloudscene

Cloudscene is another effective platform for IaaS because of its multiple data centers spread across the world. It makes them provide the best services. Whether it is low latency networking or a robust performing software platform, their services are exceptional in every case.


Selecting the IaaS provider that provides the best services according to your requirements is a step in the right direction. So, if you are looking for the best IaaS provider in the Netherlands, selecting one of the above will be the best choice.

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