Integrating Stripe with Back4App

Integrating Stripe with Back4App
Video Guide | Integrating Stripe With Back4app

The integration between platforms is fundamental when discussing and evaluating a backend solution to build your App in. Developers can take advantage of multiple platforms by using services that work together seamlessly and reliably.

With that in mind, back4app created Stripe Integration Week to help you sell to and charge your end users in a secure, fast, and reliable way. This series of videos is dedicated to guiding our users on integrating Stripe with back4app and making everything work seamlessly.

With a total of 5 videos, Alex “The Architect” will guide you through everything you need to know to so you can accept payments from your users and obtain important payment information directly from your back4app hosted App!

Stripe Integration | Video I

  • Installing the Stripe SDK locally
  • Creating a Customer
  • Listing all Customers
  • Retrieving a specific Customer

Stripe Integration | Video II

  • Understanding Payment Intents
  • Creating Payment Intents
  • Editing Payment Intents
  • Canceling Payment Intents

Stripe Integration | Video III

  • Confirming a Payment Intent

Stripe Integration | Video IV

  •  Creating an Invoice
  • Adding Invoice Line Items
  • Editing an Invoice
  • Paying an Invoice
  • Deleting an Invoice

Stripe Integration | Video V

  • Integrating with Back4App

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