IoT Backend as a Service

The idea of IoT has been here for a long time. However, the latest inventions like Backend as a service for IoT lead the idea to a new level. Let’s get to know more about this amazing technology below:

What is IoT?

When it comes to understanding IoT or the Internet of Things, you must know that IoT is a network of physical objects, i.e., things integrated or embedded in systems in the form of sensors, software, and various other technologies.

The purpose of these objects is to connect with other systems and devices to exchange data or information via the internet. Most amazingly, such devices are ranging from simple household objects like smart home appliances to sophisticated and giant industrial tools. 

As per experts, currently, approximately 10 billion connected IoT devices are working globally, and the numbers are expected to grow to 22 billion by the year 2025. The level of usage of such devices is certainly cleared from these statistics.

So, why not look at their importance in our lives? 

Why Is the Internet of Things (IoT) so important?

Over the years, the internet of things has become one of the most important yet amazing technologies of the present time. With IoT devices’ help, we can connect with our everyday objects ranging from cars, kitchen appliances, baby monitors to thermostats, and many more via embedded devices.

Through the internet, seamless communication has become possible between processes, people, and things. With the help of low-cost computing, big data, analytics, the cloud, and advanced mobile technologies, physical things can share and connect data via humans’ minimal intervention.

In the present hyperconnected world, these systems can monitor, adjust and record each interaction with connected things.

What is a Backend as a Service?

Backend as a Service, also known as BaaS, is a cloud-based service option that works as a middleware. BaaS platforms are providing developers simpler yet more effective and efficient ways to connect their mobile and web applications to cloud services with the help of APIs (Application Programming Interface) and SDKs (Software Development Kits).

Why Is BaaS so important?

  • Lower development cost

BaaS solutions more often come up with managed solutions like servers, app infrastructure, and more. All of this will help you save more on your resources and ultimately lower your development costs. 

  • Quicker time to market

With BaaS, IoT developers don’t need to worry about database administration, scalability, and other similar app development aspects.

Even when competitors are high on heels or deadlines are hot, you can enjoy the freedom of writing your app codes to improve the user experience with the apps.

  • No server management hassles

With BaaS solutions, you don’t have to grease your elbows with the management of servers. Instead, these services come up with their server infrastructure and setup, which will keep you from server hassles with ease.

Top 5 Backend as a Service for an IoT Application

Here are some of the best IoT Backend as a Service platform you can consider:

1.    Back4app

It is one of the best development platforms that can offer a more straightforward, quicker, and efficient way to develop web, IoT, and mobile apps for developers. It can help them in hosting and deploying feature-rich applications within no time.

Key features of Back4app are REST and GraphQL APIs, push notifications, auto scalability, and more. 

2.    Kuzzle

It is another BaaS solution that brings ready-to-utilize back-end features to integrate into your web, IoT, and mobile apps. It comes up with an incredible feature range to incorporate into your apps and make them more impressive for your users.

3.    Firebase

It is another BaaS solution that Google acquired. Firebase is offering rich technical documentation to make the development process more straightforward.

It can even eliminate the need to managing and maintaining hardware solutions and databases for your projects. You can even plug its incredible services like real-time databases, ML Kit, cloud functions, and more into your apps.

4.    Backendless

It is one of the most astonishing IoT backend solutions that can accelerate the entire development process. With its extensive built-in features range, you can easily integrate essential functionalities in your web, IoT, and mobile apps. Automatic API integration is making this platform a great solution to work with.

5.    Kinvey

It is a serverless backend development solution that offers innovative react-native-based solutions as well for development. It can help you develop robust applications for various channels and functions well through cloud backend and frontend SDKs. 


Overall, IoT devices are ruling the world of technology at present. And IoT Baas solutions are meant to make the IoT development process super easy, convenient, and faster. However, you can choose any of the above top BaaS solutions as per need to enjoy enhanced benefits.


What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things and it is a network of physical objects, i.e., things integrated or embedded in systems in the form of sensors, software, and various other technologies.

What is a BaaS?

BaaS stands for Backend as a Service and is a cloud-based service option that works as a middleware between the frontend and the backend.

What are the best BaaS for an IoT app?

– Back4app
– Kuzzle
– Firebase
– Backendless
– Kinvey

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