Kinvey Alternatives: Top 7 Competitors

Kinvey Alternatives: Top 7 Competitors

The Best Kinvey Alternatives

Kinvey (a Progress Company) is one of the best mbaas – mobile backend as service providers in the entire world. They have been working on this service for quite some time now, and have successfully matured into a brand that many developers and companies trust and make their applications based on. Kinvey offers cloud services, and so much more. If for any reason, you have to change your decision and rely on another MbaaS, here are the best alternatives to Kinvey:



Back4App would be the first option for any alternatives to Kinvey, as it has always proved to be a great backend option. Back4App is a very unique mobile backend as a service development company that is dedicated to providing a full jack-of-all-trades experience for all types of applications. Developers shouldn’t have any problems integrating other options onto this application, because Back4App is built on top of an open-source framework, most other applications & social media applications should be compatible with any application that supports Back4App. Developers can make both applications of all kinds, and online games through their platform without having to go through any issues or loops that are very difficult.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Scaling of Applications
  • GraphQL APIs
  • Expert Support
  • Affordable, and free model available
  • App Migration
  • Amazing Reliability
  • Backup and Recovery
  • 24*7 Monitoring and Alerting
  • Web-Based Management Tools
  • Enterprise contracts

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a worthy contender for Kinvey alternatives, and for good cause. AWS Amplify is a set of JavaScript scripts that are combined together under a single platform. Any developer can easily use these scripts to make a powerful backend for any type of application, whether that be a game or a social media applet, provided that they are able to provide full-fledged backend support. AWS Amplify is also able to support a list of strong cloud operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Local Testing
  • GraphiQL Editor
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Lambda Function triggers and resolvers.
  • Custom indexing
  • Support for AAS (Amazon Aurora Serverless)
  • Streamlined OAuth flow
  • Extremely powerful and volatile
  • Can help on the frontend too
  • Designed for a GitHub environment.


As the name suggests, the aim of this service is to ultimately remove the backend from the developer’s mind, so they can focus on the front-end of the application. By providing a real-time database, and analytics, as well as multiple other features for the application to run online, Backendless is a complete service that anyone, of any expertise level, can use easily. Backendless is ultimately designed to make all sort of applications for mobile phones, but can also be used to make online multiplayer games that combine the features of social media platforms with the addition of online games.

Features & Benefits

  • Caching support
  • Cloud coding & cloud infrastructure
  • Codeless development
  • Geolocation support
  • Real-time data
  • SMS/mail subscription development.
  • Custom login system

And so much more.


PubNub makes complete real-time applications based for the web, mobile, and even Internet of Things. PubNub also provides services for MbaaS, and you can use the code to develop an application from scratch. The built environment is safe, and your company shouldn’t run into any major issues because it gets updated on a regular basis. PubNub, in short, is just a full experience. PubNub can be used either way: build from scratch, or just use one of the formats given and build upon that.

Features & benefits

  • Real-time network support
  • Easily scale applications for the global market
  • Build real-time applications
  • Fast deployment
  • Add SMS and other advertisement support
  • Many add-ons
  • Completely open-source
  • Efficient code


Mendix is a very low-code and code-efficient platform that is used by businesses that are not into developing applications on a complex level but are still looking for applications that are able to do what they want. Using Mendix is extremely easy, and their platform is free to try. Businesses can then expand based on what they want from the Kinvey alternative.

Features & benefits

  • A single place governance
  • Drag-n-drop code building
  • Multiple devices at a time
  • Unique own app store
  • Able to export to Play Store and App Store.
  • Extremely popular
  • Growing at a fast pace


Appian is pretty similar to Mendix, in the sense that coders are able to make low-code applications without having to do much effort for businesses. Appian has userbase of more than a million, and has more than 1200 employees. It is a complete cloud computing solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage application in real-time
  • Work on the application through social collaboration
  • Integration with most applications, without any effort
  • Instant deployment, no wait
  • Mobile enterprise tools
  • Interface design based on forms

Kony Quantum

Kony Quantun seems like one of those worthy Kinvey competitors that you were looking for. Kony Quantun is also a low-code developer company, that is able to allow developers to develop applications faster with the help of visual editing tools and streamlined deployment. Kony Quantum has quickly made our list, and the features it has are amazing.

It is both fast, and efficient and the modern UI is just amazing.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time visual development
  • Big library of microapps
  • Make designs through Photoshop
  • Integration with most applications
  • Beautiful UI
  • Amazing UX
  • Very user-friendly
  • Develop hybrid applications
  • AI-based DevKit


These are all the worthy alternatives to Kinvey, that we thought that you should know about. We did include some low-code alternatives too because Kinvey is also heading there.

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