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Back4app’s website attracts more than 200,000+ visitors every month.

We are looking for some brilliant contributors to join our community. So, do you have any exceptional design or writing skills and want to share your expertise with a huge audience consists of developers, software development agencies, startups, and entrepreneurs? Then, we are here to hear from you.

For you any question regarding the type of content we want and our submission process, please review the information given below:

Target Audience

We target technology professionals.

We aim to write for technology audiences, mainly. Therefore, your article must speak to technology professionals such as cybersecurity, developers, and others.

However, if you want to write your content for stockbrokers or marketers, keep in mind that this is not a suitable platform.

Who we will work with?

We will only work with other startups, agencies, and business in general. It means that to publish on Back4App’s website we will require you to identify yourself and have a business e-mail to work with us.

We will not publish content from authors that only have Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc. Exceptions may apply as per our discretion.

We will publish the article under the writer’s name and require you to have a Gravatar ID to associate your name and picture with the article.

Is there a cost to publish?

There is no cost to publish with Back4App, but you need to strictly follow the guidelines and provide high-quality content to our target audience of developers.

Guidelines for a guest post

We understand that guest contributions are engaging, data-driven, and comprehensive posts meant to teach Back4app community something new about the mobile apps’ world regarding designing, tools, development, and more.

  • High quality content without plagiarism (we will test it on CopyScape)
  • Your article must have a minimum word count of 2000
  • One backlink per article
  • We will ask for a reciprocal guest post on your or your client’s website

Additionally, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Therefore, besides keeping technology professionals as your target audience, here are some of the most important things that you must focus on if you want us to publish your content here at back4app.
  • Content on Back4App is technical and provides technical advice to the visitors. Therefore, we prefer explanations and tips formatted as guides for technical professionals compared to the articles, which are promotional listicles.
  • Make sure to use an active and technical voice instead of a traditional bloggy tone.
  • Your article must be in English and free from any grammatical and syntax errors.
  • We Always prefer short paragraphs and sentences. Spaces in paragraphs are a must. Proceed with every list with a short introduction.
  • Keep your intros short and to the point. It must describe the article’s topic, the pain points you want to address, and who can benefit from your solution.
  • Write your article as a cohesive storyline. It must have the potential to pull readers in from beginning to conclusion. So, make sure to connect your articles’ sections logically.
  • Avoid forcing your anchor text in the article to link your site. Ensure that your anchor text is connected properly to the text that removing it out from the section won’t make any sense.
  • When mentioning technology in the text, make sure to introduce it in the beginning to make it easier for the reader to understand that.
  • Providing one image between intro and title is necessary. It must be from a stock site and contain a reference link to that site.

We won’t accept your text if it is anything

  1. Too promotional about your organization
  2. Inaccurate or offensive
  3. Hard for the audience to understand

Submit your post

Please send us an email at [email protected] with your complete post in Google Docs, MS Word file format. Keep images in a separate folder. Image width must be > 800px.

Also, provide us Gravatar ID, Short author bio, and email address via email.

If you have an article meeting our guidelines, send us today. We will review it and respond to you via email to let you know when it will be published.

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