Top 50 Open Source React Responsive Templates

Top 50 Open Source React Responsive Templates

React is a known open-source technology that helps businesses and development teams create advanced web apps and user interfaces. In this regard, this JS library takes less time and minimum scripting efforts to build interactive UIs. However, it is arduous to find open-source React templates.

For that reason, this guide is going to present one of the best open-source React templates. Moreover, this article will also explain distinct types of templates and what kind of applications could be created with React. 


What is React?

React.js, commonly known as React, is a client-side JS library. This open-source library was initially introduced by Meta in 2013. Properties like easy use of external plugins and virtual document object model (DOM) made it an appealing technology for businesses and developers. 

Also, DevOps teams like to use React because of its massive community support. Indeed, it has more than 203k repository stars and 42.1k forks on GitHub. Similarly, more than 11k companies claimed to use React for various tech stacks, according to StackShare. 

The dominating tech giants that benefit from React are Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, Uber and Shopify.

React Market Share

The market share of React has snowballed in the past few years because of its features to rapidly and efficiently develop user interfaces. According to a global survey by Statista, React is listed among the most used web frameworks by developers. Yes, 42.62% of programmers voted for React, and it got the second rank among the most utilized web frameworks.  

By the same token, if we compare React’s market share and usage with Angular and Vue.js, it has 4.0% shares. Yes, W3Techs reports that 4% of online websites that depend on JS libraries use React. But only 1.7% and 0.9% of such sites go with Angular and Vue.js, respectively. 

On the other hand, Enlyft claims that React owns 5.49% market shares among 15,000 leading software frameworks and technologies. Hereof, IT, retail, financial services, healthcare, computer software and marketing are the major industries that benefit from React. 

Types of Templates

Here are the valuable types of templates:

Admin Dashboards

Administration dashboards are user interfaces (UIs) that display the server-side or back office of your software applications. App users typically don’t have access to such backend dashboards, and the development team deals with such pages. 

In this regard, admin dashboard templates give businesses and developers tools and UI elements to analyze and modify data in real-time. You can also categorize admin dashboard templates into these three types:

Analytical: With the help of these admin dashboards, you can examine and compare the data in the form of charts, reports and graphs. 

Operational: These dashboards are used to approach operational data regarding the performance of an application spontaneously.  

Strategic: These types of dashboards are helpful for decision-making because they provide insights into how different strategies work. 


The pre-built layouts that enable the programming teams to manage and deploy content on web pages are known as website templates. These templates empower the developers with numerous drag-and-drop and media block elements to swiftly design websites. 

In simple words, website templates give businesses a chance to build and customize the online presence of their brand through a webpage. Designing a website through a template instead of creating it from scratch is inexpensive and less time-consuming. The availability of SEO tools, visual editors and eCommerce plugins are also advantages of website templates. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are conventionally built to get leads and increase conversion ratios. Businesses use these kinds of pages to enhance the desire of users towards an action. Hereof, companies need highly interactive landing templates to engage more users through various marketing campaigns. 

Online Portfolios

Online portfolio web pages are beneficial to display skills and services and get more customers. Although the creation of online portfolio websites sounds seamless, but in reality, it is a strenuous job. Especially when you try to build such web pages from scratch. 

However, with the help of pre-built templates, it is seamless to develop such web applications for businesses, startups, freelancers, and studio agencies.


It is another template that assists the blogging community in writing and presenting their text and media content efficiently. These types of templates don’t only focus on providing better templates to blog admins but also confer user-friendly interfaces to readers. 

Design Systems

A design system is a cluster of reusable and interlinked components and practices that could be utilized to assemble webpages and applications. With the help of these design systems, development teams can build better and highly scalable digital products within less period of time. 

Design languages, documentation, scripted elements, style models and libraries are the core components of design system templates. 

What Apps can you Build using React?

A variety of applications could be designed with the backing of React, but we are sharing the vital ones below:

Landing Pages

React is a sound JS library to develop communal user interfaces for web applications, and these interfaces are considered ideal for constructing landing pages. Indeed, React.js is a reliable approach to designing landing pages for eCommerce, marketing and eLearning platforms. 

With the help of React-based landing pages, businesses can snowball their user engagement, lead generation and conversion rate. In this regard, you don’t need to create a landing page from scratch because hundreds of React landing page templates are available on Dribbble, MUI and ThemeForest. 


React provides a robust ecosystem for developers to create websites. First of all, it is based on JavaScript, the most popular technology according to different surveys of Stack Overflow. By the same token, the spontaneous UI/UX architecture enables coders to build websites with features like virtual DOM seamlessly.

Airbnb, Cloudflare, Dropbox, Uber Eats and Facebook are the leading websites that use React.

eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites and applications have become an indispensable part of our lives, and luckily, React.js is a useful technology for developing such sites. React aids businesses in creating highly versatile and scalable eCommerce apps and websites in a short period of time. In this regard, it also needs minimal development charges.

Moreover, React is not only good at building interactive storefronts to display the products, but its support for payment gateways and shopping cart operations is also remarkable. Shopify and Amazon are examples of React eCommerce websites. 

News Websites

React.js is an ideal tech stack for building news websites and applications. The real-time updates of React are convenient for news feeds. Mainly, it becomes seamless to build news websites with the combination of news APIs, React, Node.js, App.js and other supporting technology. 

Numerous resources regarding building news websites through React are also available on platforms like GitHub. The renowned news sites that use React for their tech stacks are BBC and Welt News.   

Social Media Websites

Social media applications and websites are engaging a significant number of internet users nowadays, and their popularity is roaring. That is why businesses and startups emphasize creating such social media platforms, and no doubt, React is the favorite choice. 

In this regard, captivating UI designs, news feed options and powerful visual displays enable programmers to build social media websites with React smoothly. Instagram and Facebook are already using React. 


Whether you want to employ React to build an elementary content management system (CMS) or are willing to construct a thorough blog, this JS technology will not disappoint you. React empowers the development teams to create blogs with complete functionality. Indeed, it includes properties like editing, publishing, commenting, upvoting and much more.

Video Streaming Sites

React is also a valuable JS library for creating video streaming applications. As a startup, Netflix has benefited from the React library. Yes, this video streaming platform claims that React assisted it in improving modularity, runtime performance and speed. 

By the same token, React has successfully aided Netflix in delivering outstanding streaming interfaces for mediocre devices. Hereof, it replaced Document Object Model (DOM) with React-Gibbon.  

Other Projects

React is not only an applicable option for the mentioned applications, but you can also competently use this JS technology for the following projects:

  • Instant Messaging or Chat Applications
  • Productivity Sites & Apps
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Music & Entertainment Websites
  • Money Gateways 

How to Choose a React Template?

It takes work to choose a React template. That is why it is better to consider the following things while picking the right React template.

Open-Source Vs. Closed-Source 

Businesses and DevOps teams should figure out whether an open-source or closed-source template will best fit their project in the first place. Apparently, open-source templates are preferred because of their easy access and less expensive or free nature. Developers can’t only approach their source code but can also rapidly fix glitches. 

On the other hand, closed-source options are conventionally considered expensive and only founders can access and fix the code. However, closed-source templates are less likely to fail, and template providers take responsibility for any problem. In short, it totally depends on your requirements and budget when it comes to choosing an open or closed-source React template. 

Design Quality

Several factors decide the design quality of a React template. Likewise, does a template provide an advanced admin panel, and how easy is it to customize the design? Similarly, the page loading speed and compatibility with different desktop and smart devices matter here.

A few other factors that help you examine the design quality could be its icons, integration with different APIs, previews and customer support. You should also notice how frequently a founder company offers updates for a particular template. 


Price is another influential factor that can change your decision about a template. However, it is always advised to see the requirements of your application. For example, if you are a startup and quickly want to present your MVP, selecting a free template is not a bad idea. But if you are an enterprise or SME, you should prefer quality over price.

So, it is not always a good idea to adopt freemium templates. Yes, premium templates with reasonable price tags are beneficial when it comes to customization, functionalities, support, updates and security. Again, all premium React templates are not ideal themes. You should select them wisely. 


Giving a chance to a sought-after template rather than an unpopular theme is better. Undoubtedly, getting community support on famous programming forums like Stack Overflow and Dev Community for such React templates is robust. 

Correspondingly, a theme with more acceptance also facilities the users with more resources on platforms like GitHub. 


As we have already discussed, community support in the popularity point, so we will talk about customer support in this section. Indeed, it is vital to know how much template developers and their customer support teams help the users. 

You can simply visit the official web pages of these templates and check their response ratio. After-sale reviews would also help you in this regard. On the contrary, it would be great if a template provider runs a community forum to help its users. 

Top 50 Open Source React Templates

Here are one of the leading React.js templates with their core properties:

1. Open

Open is one of the most engaging open-source and free React templates that programming teams can use to create landing pages swiftly. With a sleek and dark theme, Open could be a perfect choice for startups and novice developers who want to build landing pages for email marketing, SaaS, digital products, subscription and present services. 

This template is available in Figma and React. In addition, Cruip is not only its founder but also takes responsibility for regularly maintaining this template.


Open-Source – This template is free and open-source. You can perform various customizations and quickly download them from GitHub.

Seamless to Use – It is fast to deploy this template and perform minifications, compilations and hot reloads. 

Advanced Design – Open has a modern theme with fast navigation. Resourceful libraries and metaphoric elements are also exciting features of this React template.

Download Link

2. React Material Admin Full

React Material Admin Full is a dominating template famous among developers because of its fully responsive design and appealing features. Flatlogic designed this template in 2019 with React framework, Node.js, Material UI 5, Webpack, Sass, HTML 5 and JavaScript. 

This premium theme is useful for creating dashboards for SaaS, content management systems (CMS) and eCommerce applications. 


Multicolor Themes – With a fully responsive layout, it comes in three different color themes.

Component Support – Developers are facilitated with a wide range of components in terms of UI elements, charts, forums, tables, maps and documents.

Lifetime Support – You can contact the customer support team of Flatlogic via email if you are facing an error or want an answer to any query. In addition, you can also ask a question on the official forum of Flatlogic. 

Complete Pack – RMA is considered a full package because of its server-side and frontend support. By the same token, this template could be deployed on any hosting platform seamlessly. 


RMA is a premium React template that offers two types of licensing:

Personal: With 40 unique pages, several components and color schemes, its personal licensing costs $99.

Developer: This template charges $499 if you are going to use it for commercial purposes. Lifetime support, integration aid and 6 months of updates are its core features. 

Download Link

3. BLK Design System

Black React Design System is another free and open-source template that Creative Tim is offering. This React theme could be an ideal choice for developers working on Reactstrap or Bootstrap 4 projects. 

Moreover, this template has 70 elements, 4 plugins, SASS files, complete documentation and 3 example pages support. 


Easy Modifications – Developers can easily change the color of elements, and SASS files surely back them in such transformations. 

Time Saving – With the availability of pre-built pages and additional features, it is very smooth and time-saving to proceed with the BLK Design System. Indeed, compared to typical templates, this design provides an entirely operative script.

Developer First – This template is a ‘developer first’ theme because it enables the programming teams to rapidly modify style, elements, color, hover and font sizes. 

Download Link

4. Atomize

With more than 60 setup colors and 15 pre-built components, Atomize React is another freemium open-source template in our list. This atomic design approach-based template could be optimal if you need a UI design to build fully responsive mobile applications and websites. 

Hereof, Atomize also empowers developers with amicable UIs and grants more control. In short, development teams can build React apps and sites with minimum effort when they use Atomize. 


Fully Responsive – Atomize comprises 12 grid columns, 8 spacing point grids and owns a vast color palette. These features make it the best React template for making highly responsive websites.

Robust Customization – It is convenient to customize your theme style, icon system, and other design elements with Atomize.

Environment Support – Atomize is compatible with all advanced browsers, including Edge, Electron, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Download Link

5. Sing App React

Sing App React is another paid template in our list that is provided by Flatlogic. It has an exceptionally custom-tailored dashboard. Correspondingly, if we talk about its usage, Sing App React is suitable for marketing apps, accounting software, CRMs, email and analytics campaigns. 

Indeed, businesses can use this React theme to track their statistical data and success scores perfectly. Exclusive components like icons, charts, buttons, tables and dashboards are advantages of using Sing App React.


Fast – Sing App is not only known because of its unique elements, but it also delivers the best speed to developers. This fully responsive framework is packed with Node.js backend and server-side rendition to fast the development pace.   

Java Support – The development teams needing a Java template can use Sing App because it also offers a Java-based version.

Advance Properties – eCommerce section, support for Bootstrap 5 & Reactstrap 9, 40+ pages and diverse color options make it an advanced choice among other templates.  


Sing App React presents two types of pricing programs:

Personal: With 3 months of free-of-cost updates and over 40 pages of support, you can purchase this template for $99. Make sure you only use it for personal needs. 

Developer: This plan is advisable for commercial use. Development companies and businesses can access this program for $499. 

Download Link

6. Paper

Paper is free to download the React template that is famous for its beautiful graphics, delicate colors and backing for Bootstrap 4. With 16 elements, 4 plugins and 7 example pages, Paper is an ideal option for web admins who want an easy-to-use but powerful admin dashboard. 


Support for Bootstrap 4 – This React template is crafted with Bootstrap 4. So, if you are already associated with a Bootstrap or Reactstrap project, you will find it straightforward. It is especially elementary to create a new project with Paper Dashboard React. 

Demo Pages – Paper kit comes with 7 demo pages. Therefore, it becomes easy for the development team to know the use and implementation of every single component. 

Beautiful Typography – This template is full of beautiful typography and UI material. 

Download Link 

7. Treact

Treat is a freemium studio of advanced and fully responsive React user interfaces. This quick-to-customize template comprises 7 pre-built landing pages, 52 unique components, and 8 inner pages. Additionally, Treact depends on TailwindCSS for the creation of client-side frameworks. 

Businesses and development teams can prefer using this React template for building highly scalable and personalized desktop and mobile applications. 


Modern Pre-Built Pages – Whether you need to design a landing or an inner page, you will find Treact very simple. You can choose any pre-built page and swiftly customize it according to your needs.

Component Block – It is another classy feature of Treack that enables the coders to benefit from 52 components and build 1000s of extraordinary pages. 

Visual Support – This template is full of engaging images and illustrations that can improve the looks of your web pages. 

Download Link

8. Light Blue React Template

If you need a transparent and lightweight template that utilizes NodeJS for server-side development, then consider using Light Blue React. With a deep background and an entirely documented codebase, it is an excellent pick to build customer relationship management systems, analytics panels, eCommerce and CMS applications. 


Components – This responsive template confers pro support when it comes to components. Yes, it grants users 8 chart libraries, 40 unique pages, 3 dashboards, and numerous UI elements and icons.

Customer Support – Development teams can quickly get customer support through email. Or even can get the answer to their queries through Flatlogic Forum. 

Fast Development – This template offers backend rendering and Node.js backend to enhance the development speed. 


This React template confers two types of licensing. The first is for developers, and it costs $99. Similarly, the second one is for commercial purposes, and it comes with a price tag of $499. 

Download Link

9. Material Kit 2

Material Kit 2 is an element-rich, and MUI-based React template. Developers can use this free theme to build highly extensible and glamorous websites. In addition, this template also comprises 40 elements, 5 plugins, 4 example pages and SASS files. 


Fully Scripted Elements – Material Kit 2 provides developers with a fully functional script for cards, navigation bars, buttons, notifications and inputs.

Time Saving – Users can save time with this MUI template because of ready-to-use blocks and abrupt API modifications. 

Example Pages – It is seamless to preview this template with example pages. Mainly, if you are a startup and need approval from investors, you can present example pages to them. 

Download Link

10. MatX Pro

MatX is an accessible template Ui Lib released in 2020, and MatX Pro is its premium version. Although the pro version has many edges over the free design, but the best things are its frequent updates and 250+ pages. Moreover, this fully documented React template is able to deal with databases, authentication and charts. You can also save 1k development hours while using this admin dashboard UI.

On the contrary, MatX Pro is the best fit to construct CRMs, admin panels, eCommerce apps, CMS and project administration systems. Businesses can benefit from these templates in developing backend mobile and web applications.


Material UI Elements – With various drag and drop and lazy load features, it also enables you to benefit from numerous Material UI components.

Authentication & Multiple Theme Color – It is easy to carry out Firebase, Auth0 and JSON Web Token authentications with MatX Pro. Correspondingly, this template doesn’t bind you to a single theme. Yes, you can choose between a light or dark design. 

Easy Frontend Development – Client-side developers can simply build the frontend with this React template because it adds customizable layouts, styled API, and complex components with UI kits. 


You can divide the pricing model of MatX Pro into the following 4 sections:

Single Use: With a pricing tag of $59, developers can use this plan for a single project.

Multiple Use: This pricing program could be used for limitless projects, and it costs you $129. However, you can’t charge the app users with this plan.

Extended Use: You can again only use this package for a single project but, luckily, can charge the end users. In this regard, you need to pay $299.

Multiple Use: This is the value pack that could be used for limitless projects. Hereof, it also enables you to charge the end users. If we talk about the pricing, it only costs you $559. 

Download Link

11. eCommerce React Template

eCommerce React is a relatively new template that was launched in 2021. Flatlogic constructed this design with React and Node.js, which you can use for client-side and backend development, respectively. Similarly, it offers Sequelize for Object Relational Mapping and PostgreSQL to gather data.

On the contrary, if we discuss its usage, this template could be a preferred option if you want to create an eCommerce store with modern and pre-built technologies.


Saves Money & Time – With several advanced and ready-made features, you can save 500 to 700 development hours. Additionally, its CMS, filters, listing and responsive layout reduce your research cost by up to $50k.

Unique Pages – This theme contains hundreds of exclusive elements and around 40 pages.

Easy Integration – eCommerce React grants more control over applications because the development team can approach the source code. By the same token, it is quick to integrate Stripe with this template. 


This paid template asks $119 for personal and $699 for developer licenses. 

Download Link

12. Now

Now is a free cross-platform UI kit. Its free version comprises fully coded documentation, SASS files, 50 components, and 4 plugins. Hereof, Now also facilitates its users with 3 examples to build user interfaces smoothly. 

This React UI kit could be ideal for new and mock-up projects.  


Diverse Support – Now doesn’t only support React but also backs React Hooks, Bootstrap 4 and Reactstrap.

Web Fonts – If you want to utilize top-quality web fonts with seamless editing, try Now.

Highly Scalable – Without any optimization, extending your project with the Now UI kit is quick.

Download Link

13. Holly

If you need a sleek landing page template compatible with all types of devices, consider Holly. This React theme works well for digital products and services, mainly for startups that need to collect email addresses for MVPs.  


Free & Open Source – Holly is entirely free to download, and you can get good resources on platforms like GitHub.

Engaging Elements – It provides attractive social media icons and a modern interface for the newsletter box. 

Best for HTML Developers – Holly is the best choice for developers with primary HTML scripting knowledge. 

Download Link

14. Zooki Landing Page Template

Zooki is another acknowledging landing page template in our list that depends on React.js and Bootstrap 5. It is appropriate for startups, modern applications and agencies to get a perfect landing page.  


Compatibility – This template enables the developers to pick different size options. This feature also makes it highly compatible with a variety of devices, including laptop screens, smartphones and tablets.

UI Components – Font icons, different font sizes and 8 homepages are some exciting features of Zooki.


You can get a regular license of Zooki for $19, but on some sites like ThemeForest, it is also available for $16 only.

Download Link

15. Notus

Notus is an open-source and entirely free React template by Creative Tim. This Tailwind CSS could be the best theme approach if you need a fresh-looking user interface with bright colors. CSS, JS and HTML components are also valuable features of this template.


CSS Components – Developers get an entirely scripted library of CSS elements, including menus, typography, labels, inputs and much more.

JS Elements – Notus confers different elements for Vue.js, Next.js, React and Angular. Modals, Dropdowns and dynamic alerts are some examples in this regard.

Delicate Pages – You will find good-looking UIs whether you need a beautiful login, landing or profile page.

Download Link

16. Ghost & Gatsby

Ghost & Gatsby is one of the most lightweight React templates for building superfast and responsive websites. This template is basically designed by Ghost with the help of Gatsby.js, so it is also popular with the name Gatsby Starter Ghost.

Yes, this template utilizes Gatsby.js for client-side coding. Development teams can seamlessly use Gatsby Starter Ghost for the creation of advanced news, blog and magazine sites. 


Visual Support – It allows developers to display full-width videos, graphs and images.

Future-Proof Publishing – Headless CMS, plugins and APIs enable extensive and flexible development.

Filters – It is quick to filter the posts through the author or post tags.

Download Link

17. GoGo React Admin Template

Projects requiring quality scripts and concentration on details should choose GoGo React. With a pleasant admin theme, this template is also super responsive. In addition, GoGo permits programmers to benefit from the same language for distinct layouts and application elements.


Smart Menu – This theme replaces the old menu functionality with 2 modern panels. You can only open the main or secondary menu and hide the rest of the options.

Easy Customization – Customization is effortless with this open-source React template. Significantly, the backing of Bootstrap makes the customization of components very smooth.

Expectational Charts – If you want to present charts on your admin panel, then superfine charts and further visual support of GoGo would amaze you. 


The regular license of GoGo is available for $16. 

Download Link

18. React Suite

With more than 7.4k repository stars on GitHub, React Suite is a credible open-source UI framework. Businesses and development teams can use it for enterprise-based digital products. 


Support for Development Environments – React Suite backs Electron, Typescript and React 16+.

Documentation – This fully documented group of UI libraries helps in rapid deployment, internationalization and theme customization.

Download Link

19. Star Admin

Star Admin is one of the favorite React templates that give life to an idea because of the versatility of its components. Furthermore, with this free admin dashboard template, you can visualize your data in one of the finest ways. 


Elegant UI – This template provides bright colors, beautiful design and appealing typography.

Components & Compatibility – Users will find modern components for buttons, sign-in pages, tables, icons, graphs and form elements. By the same token, this template has compatibility with advanced web browsers. 

Download Link

20. Exolot Landing Page Template

Companies that need a highly responsive landing page template to market their businesses should consider using Exolot. It is not only available in 3 distinct landing page styles, but you will find it superfast for websites based on Hebrew and Arabic languages. 

Moreover, Exolot is the prime option for building client-side web designs, SaaS apps, magazines, portfolios and e-books.


RTL Version – This feature supports the languages that are written from right to left. Hereof, it also provides adjusted buttons, scroll bars and indicators to back these languages. 

Advanced Elements – With high resolution, this template grants components like seamless animation, Google fonts, CSS, JS and Sass files. It is also retina ready.


Businesses and developers need to pay $17 to get a regular license of Exolot.

Download Link

21. ArchitectUI

If you need an admin dashboard design with convenient customization and multiple color scheme choices, consider using ArchitectUI. This open-source design is empowered with Bootstrap elements and responsive layouts. 

Although its free version looks attractive, but you can explore more features like 150+ components and 200+ color schemes through its premium version.


Scalable Architecture – This template divides the assets into local sources and NPM contents. So, it becomes seamless to modify looks and add or remove stylesheets through the SCSS file. 

Fully Responsive – The best thing about this template is its perfect functionality for all types of devices. Mainly, it works excellently for low-resolution smartphones.

Appealing Color Schemes – It enables the developers to select color schemes from numerous appealing options.

Download Link

22. Carolina Admin Dashboard

With the robust backing of Material UI, Carolina is another decent React template that was made public in 2020. Carolina comes in the category of free admin dashboard designs and is popular among users because of its simple code and completely scrollable structure.


Example Pages – The availability of 23 example pages empowers the development teams to commence a project quickly.

Icons & Fonts – Coders can seamlessly access Google fonts and more than 2500 icon designs when they use Carolina Admin Dashboard.

Modular Architecture – With other features like compatibility with any framework and the presence of SCSS Stylesheets, it is also rapid to include and exclude components because of logical structure.

Download Link

23. Agency: Creative Business Multipurpose ReactJS Template

Agency is a flawless React template to build company websites, landing pages and eCommerce sites with exclusive designs. In this regard, this theme empowers the developers with 7 homepage layouts, 50+ exciting elements, reCaptcha and significant animation effects.


Modern Design – This template is constructed with Bootstrap 4, React and CSS3. So, you will find it a pure React and a very advanced design system.

Layouts – Whether you want to adopt a wide, box or frame layout design, Agency provides rapid deployment hereof.

Elements Support – You can use different elements to build form, our team, portfolio and testimonial pages.


With 6 months of support, you need to pay $21 for the Agency’s regular license. 

Download Link

24. Datta Able

Datta Able is a fully responsive free template built with Redux framework, bootstrap 4 and React.js. Particularly, if you want vibrant colors for your admin dashboard, select Datta Able, which has been designed with more than 30 color blends. 


Highly Flexible – The script of Datta Able is highly flexible to use. With great loading speed properties, you can deploy it even after watching video tutorials.

Support – It is hard to find support for free React templates, but luckily, Datta Able provides live demos and customization support to its users.

Download Link

25. Tabler

The development teams that need a dashboard design for a server-side web app and don’t want to begin programming from scratch should consider using Tabler. Indeed, with 2.1k repository stars on GitHub, Tabler React could be a time-saving choice in this regard. 


Open-Source – It is easy to access the source code of this template from GitHub and many other resources. However, you must set up yarn and 8+ versions of Node.js before using this template.

Ready-Made Components – Tabler authorizes the development teams with pre-built maps, charts, buttons, responsive widgets, forms, and more.

Demos – Tablers is considered a time-saving theme because of free-to-access demos. 

Download Link

26. Simplefolio

Simplefolio is designed using custom SCSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap v4.3. DevOps teams and businesses conventionally use this React.js template to build portfolio websites. Moreover, this free template allows swift modifications.


Image Optimization – Image optimization offers many benefits to websites, and luckily, Simplefolio is robust when it comes to image optimization.

Modern UI – It is not only fully responsive and well-documented, but its user interface is very sleek, with seamless scrolling and a well-composed color scheme.

Clean Code – It is ideal for programmers who need a React portfolio template with clean code. 

Download Link

27. CoreUI

CoreUI is a credible free admin template that supports Bootstrap 5, React, Vue and Angular. If we talk about its usage, then you can utilize this template to design custom-tailored web applications at a fast pace. Yes, it reduces the development duration by up to 50%.


Enterprise-Level Support – The availability of enterprise-level support for an open-source React template is the most valuable feature of CoreUI.

Less Time to Market – It takes only seconds or minutes to commence a project with CoreUI. Therefore, it shortens the time to market and creates MVPs swiftly.

React Hooks – It is easy to work with hooks, and luckily, CoreUI is based on React hook components. 

No Expertise Required – Startups and novice developers can simply use this template because you don’t need specific skills.

Download Link

28. Nordic Giant Project

Nordic Giant Project is an excellent choice for building resume or portfolio websites and applications. In other words, you can call it a suitable React template to market your services or digital products. By the way, this free template is also famous as ‘React Nice Resume’.


Fixed Hero Section – The fixed hero categories of this template enable the development teams to showcase skills, about me and project details.

Smooth Scrolling – Convenient scrolling from one section to another is also a good feature of Nordic Giant.

Download Link

29. Jumbo 

With over 3.3k sales on ThemeForest, Jumbo is a well-documented Admin template by G-axon. Jumbo has 250+ reusable components, 7 dashboard designs and Material UI library support. Furthermore, its 360-degree customer support makes it an awesome template among rivals. 


Versatile Use – Jumbo is not only applicable to build dashboards or admin panels, but it is also suitable for content management systems, web portals, SaaS and office applications.

Authentication – You can proceed with or without authentication. It is also easy to integrate Jumbo with Firebase Authentication for further support.  


You will have to pay $24 for a regular license of Jumbo React.

Download Link 

30. Argon Design System

With 100 elements, 4 example pages and 3 plugins, Argon is an open-source and freemium design system that works for Bootstrap 4. React developers can simply use this template to design beautiful websites with various color combinations.


Ready-Made Examples – The presence of pre-built examples doesn’t give the designers a better idea about the theme, but you can also learn about the use of components from them.

Coded Components – All of the Argon components are entirely scripted. Icons, buttons, inputs, styles and hover are also included in them.

Download Link

31. Boss Lite

Boss Lite is a persuasive admin dashboard design system enabling development teams to create responsive web-based applications. This sleek and advanced theme utilizes Redux and React libraries in this regard. You will also find over 25 transformable React modules and elements with Boss Lite.


Fast Loading – Server-side rendering makes this template highly responsive and fast when it comes to page loading.

Smooth Administration – It is seamless to deal with this template because of its reusable elements and UI.

Download Link

32. Fuse 

If you don’t like light admin dashboards and want a dark React template, then employ Fuse. Fortunately, Fuse doesn’t bind you to a dark theme, but you can switch anytime from dark to light. Ready-made authentication, Redux toolset and more than 5 model apps are also a few of its properties.


Community Support – Fuse doesn’t only offer community support for React and Angular projects through GitHub, but you can also get help through Slack workspaces.

Tested Choice – Indeed, Fuse is a trusted and tested React template available in the market for the last 7 years. With 95% customer satisfaction, it owns 30K clients globally.

Reusable Components – Ready-to-use layouts, reusable elements, and widgets are leading features of Fuse.


You can get Fuse standard licensing for $29. 

Download Link

33. Chakra

With 31.6k repository stars on GitHub, 8.6k Discord members and 2 million monthly downloads, Chakra is one of the most famous React app templates. The majority of developers prefer to apply this template because of its efficiency and availability of both dark and light versions.


Customization – Programmers can customize any section of this template with great ease. In this regard, you don’t have to invest less time in scripting UI codes.

Community Support – Undoubtedly, active community support is a strong point of Chakra UI. So, if you are a newbie or startup and want community support and resources, adopt Chakra.

Download Link

34. Black Dashboard

Although this React template provides both black and light versions but you can employ this theme if you are enthusiastic about dark modes. Indeed, Black Dashboard is an excellent production-ready design to visualize data. It allows developers to create server-side or enterprise-level admin interfaces quickly.


Easy to Utilize – With 16 elements, 7 example pages, 3 plugins and SASS files, it is robust to use Black Dashboard.

Components – Black Dashboard grants over 100 icons, transformable charts, great typography and different notification styles.

RTL Support – The DevOps teams working on left-to-right language projects like Arabic or Hebrew can consider this admin React template. 

Download Link  

35. Sofia

Sofia, also known as Sofia React Full, is a powerful template based on Bootstrap 4.6. With more than 40 exclusive pages, Sofia is typically used to build eCommerce admin panels, SaaS apps or customer relation management type of web interfaces. 


Authentication – Whether it is login or registration, you will find great authentication support with Sofia.

Components – Users find excellent support in terms of typography, tables, map, React Hooks, chart libraries, and table components.


You can get a personal and developer license for Sofia for $69 and $499, respectively.

Download Link

36. Shards Dashboard

Shards Dashboard Lite React is a free admin interface with a modern design system. This template has the ability to showcase charts, graphs, discussions and blogs perfectly. You can use this dashboard template for digital products, startups, agency and mobile applications.


Performance – Shards is a well-optimized React template that surely improves page speed.

Icon Packs & Components – Shards has over 1500 Material and FontAwesome icon kits. Similarly, it provides several personalized components.

Contemporary Design – This design system focuses on details to provide a modern interface.

Download Link

37. Material Pro

Material Pro is a dashboard design system that comes with both free and paid versions. It could be a beneficial frontend choice for server-side projects alongside 7 theme pages, 4 UI components and a single dashboard. However, its pro version grants over 250 template pages, 3k fonts, 4 dashboards and 45 components.


Plugin Support – It provides users an easy to integrate plugin support. Especially its pro version has 35+ connected plugins.

Fully Responsive – This system design is not simple to customize but full of responsive widgets and layouts.


The cost of its pro version is $59.

Download Link

38. EasyDev

EasyDev is a Bootstrap 5 dashboard template powered by Aspirity. This well-documented design system is famous for its properties like React Hooks, 100+ example pages, 200+ UI components and lifetime updates. Correspondingly, developers and businesses can use this template for eCommerce sites, mobile apps, crypto wallets and sports-centric analytics. 


Unique Display – The visual support of EasyDev is extraordinary. You can easily understand the statistical data through its charts, maps, and graphs.

Clean Code – With the NFT gallery and Figma kit, you will also find its script very clean.


The regular license of EasyDev only costs $28. 

Download Link

39. Reduction

React Reduction is an open-source and free-to-download admin interface that owns highly operational elements, widgets, cards and graphs. In this regard, it is based on React and Bootstrap 4.


Simple Dashboard – If you need a simple dashboard design to present analytical data of your application, consider React Reduction.

Typography & Fonts – The typography and font size are also appealing features of this theme.

Download Link

40. Ant Design

Ant Design Landing is another modern React template that helps development teams build startup, agency or multipurpose websites quickly. Mainly, if you need an editable template for Chinese language projects, you should consider Landing.


Diverse Modules – This design provides stylist and customizable banners, contents, navigations, footing, pricing and further modules.

Easy Editing – It is seamless to edit the source code after downloading the template.

Download Link

41. Enlite Prime

This full-stack admin dashboard design system comprises Material UI, Redux and React Boilerplate. Diversified themes and language support also make it a fascinating choice to build quality React applications.


Multilanguage – This React template has the ability to translate application pages into 6 languages. These languages are Chinese, Arabic, English, German, Spanish and Indonesian.

Modules – Enlite Prime empowers websites and applications with over 30 reusable modules.

Advanced Technologies – This design is scripted in JS ES6 and utilizes modern technologies, including Firebase authentication, code preview and much more.


Enlite Prime is another affordable template, and it only charges $18 for its primary license. 

Download Link

42. Rebass

With 7.9k repository stars on GitHub, Rebass is another design system that offers persistent UI, Flexbox layout and a variety of components. However, the official website of this theme needs to be more responsive.   


Amazing Sandbox Support – The sandbox environment of Rebass is outstanding for testing React applications.

Easy to Use – This is an easy-to-use React template that you can utilize for your project within seconds. 

Download Link

43. Isomorphic

The projects that need an accessible and feasible admin dashboard interface to build the finest web applications can consider using Isomorphic. You can’t only use its components, color schemes and navigation support to create new apps but for existing admin interfaces. 


Pagination – If you use this blog template, you can split the blog posts into different pages with pagination. 

Package Directories – A variety of package directories come with this React design system.

Download Link

44. User Management 

Businesses that create user-based applications should choose the User Management React template. Mainly, if you are using PostgreSQL database and Node.js for your project, proceeding with authentication, assigning roles to users and conducting search queries will be straightforward.


Efficient – These kinds of ready-made templates have the ability to save development time up to 400 hours.

Control – User Management template grants complete authority through source code access.

Advanced Components – Quick email verification, profile editing and uploading avatars are also some exciting features hereof.


$119 is the fee for a personal license. You can elect a developer plan for $699 if you need a commercial license. 

Download Link

45. Crystal Dashboard

Crystal Dashboard is a simple dashboard template empowered with Bootstrap, Redux and React.js. With tons of pre-built components, you can quickly use this design system for health and enterprise applications. 


Open-Source – This is another open-source template designed by David Tran. You can easily access its code and useful sources from GitHub.

SCSS – Crystal Dashboard uses SCSS syntax to modify the stylesheets swiftly. 

Download Link

46. UIW

UIW is another advanced React library on our list. Developers can use this UI kit for React 16+. Mainly, its components like palette, colors, icons, buttons and dividers help in building excellent dashboard interfaces.


Community Support – The source code of this template is not only available on GitHub, but you can also get it from the Chinese platform Gitee.

Installation Guide – With the help of Gitpod, you can proceed with this React library by following easy installation guides.

Download Link

47. Volt

Volt is an open-source template with 10 well-crafted example pages and support for Bootstrap 5. This design system ends your search for a well-documented admin dashboard React template. 


Live Example – The provided live code examples empower the programming teams to explore more about playing with distinct toolkits and components.

Folder Structure – The quality of the folder structure is impressive. In this regard, it follows the create-react-app repository.

Download Link

48. React Director

With a smooth scrolling experience, React Director is one of the finest React dashboard interfaces. It is not only good at assigning roles but provides out-of-the-box visualization to display statistical data.


Example Pages – You can preview the template with the help of various example pages that could be stats, tab panels, alerts and general previews.

Free – This is an entirely free React admin template that you can access under MIT licensing. 

Download Link

49. Airframe

Airframe is a great freemium analytics dashboard template that works for Bootstrap 4 and React 16. It has 120+ exclusive pages and more than 10 layouts. If we discuss its usage, you can benefit from this template to design wide-ranging websites and applications.


Multiple Use – This template could be used for multiple projects, including CRM, admin panels and content management systems.

Customization – It is quick to transform theme colors and styles with Airframe. 

Download Link

50. Blueprint

Blueprint is a trendy React template with 19.7k repository stars on GitHub. This free-to-download template provides a complete UI kit and documentation to build complicated data-based web applications.


Sandbox Environment – The sandbox environment of Blueprint allows the developers to design data-dense applications swiftly. Notably, it is the best fit for desktop apps.

Packages – This template divides its package support into three sections. These are libraries, applications and building tools.

Quick Setup – The single-step deployment of themes is another appealing property of Blueprint.

Download Link

Open Source React Templates Overview

Name Short Description 
OpenA free landing page template to showcase digital products and services instantly. 
React Native Material Admin FullThis Premium dashboard design system is based on Material UI 5 and React 17 and is suitable for financial and project administration apps.
BLK Design SystemAn elegant React template to build blogs, agency websites and dashboards with highly functional scripts.
AtomizeA fully responsive and straightforward interface to create decent websites. 
Sing App ReactThis fast dashboard template is ideal for CMS and financial web-based apps.
PaperFreemium admin interface with exciting graphs and visual features.
TreactModern and highly flexible React interface to create agency websites, blogs and landing pages. 
Light Blue React TemplateA customizable dashboard template by Flatlogic to build frontends of CRM, CMS and e-commerce apps.
Material Kit 2This Material UI design system works to display online products and services and build blogs and business websites.
MatX ProIt provides premium admin dashboard interfaces with Material UI, React and Redux. 
eCommerce React TemplateWith a combination of React 18.2.0, Bootstrap 5, and Redux, this modern template is preferable for building e-commerce stores. 
NowA cross-platform UI kit to deal with client-side interfaces of startup projects and MVPs.
HollyA smart landing page template with great compatibility to run on multiple devices.
ZookiZooki is fully responsive but paid landing page template with various pre-built components.
NotusWith the backing of numerous JS elements, this fresh-looking template works for landing, portfolio and login pages.
Ghost & GatsbyThis lightweight template is an excellent choice for creating news, magazine and blogging sites. 
GoGo It is a highly responsive React admin design system famous for its color palette, layouts and sleek elements.
React SuitePowerful UI framework to support enterprise-grade projects. 
Star AdminFree to download admin dashboard template full of appealing visual components and vibrant color schemes.
ExolotAn affordable React landing page template helps to construct SaaS apps, magazines, portfolios and e-book websites.
ArchitectIt is free to download Bootstrap 5 dashboard design with great color schemes and layout options. 
Carolina Admin DashboardA free Material UI admin dashboard interface powered by SCSS stylesheets, distinct icons and modular architecture. 
AgencyQuickly build flawless business sites, e-commerce stores and landing pages with Agency. 
Datta AbleDatta Able is a flexible admin dashboard template that could be freely used to build single and multipage applications.
TablerThe best frontend dashboard template for server-side web applications.
SimplefolioA free and neat portfolio template consists of custom SCSS, React and Bootstrap 4.
Core UIIt is a UI framework and React admin dashboard template that also works for Angular and Vue.js. 
Nordic Giant ProjectA quick-to-deploy portfolio or resume React template with various pre-built components.
JumboJumbo is a paid Material UI admin interface that seamlessly creates web portals, CMS, office and SaaS applications. 
Argon Design SystemAn open-source React template with engaging color schemes and ready-made advanced modules. 
Boss LiteThis enticing freemium dashboard template could be for all types of web-oriented projects.  
Fuse1 in 1 framework with Redux toolkit, advanced components, light and dark versions, and community support. 
ChakraConsider this React template if you want to construct fast web applications with fewer coding requirements. 
Black DashboardThis production-ready admin dashboard design excellently works for enterprise-grade and backend applications.
SofiaA reasonable Flatlogic template to craft one of the best web-based admin dashboards. 
Shards DashboardYou can use this refreshing admin design system to deal with digital products, agency or startup websites. 
Material ProCreate one of the simplest user-friendly dashboard interfaces with this Material UI. 
Easy DevAnalytics-based React template that is best fit for crypto wallets, e-commerce stores and sports sites. . 
ReductionA highly functional dashboard template famous for its maps, charts and graphical components.  
Ant DesignAn easy-to-edit landing page template with good Chinese language support. 
Enlite PrimeBest dashboard interface for full-stack developers working on multilingual projects, including Arabic, Chinese, English, German and Spanish.
RebassWith primitives, it provides an incredible sandbox environment to test React applications smoothly. 
IsomorphicAnother admin design system to construct melodious web interfaces. 
User ManagementA perfect template to create user-centric applications, mainly if you use a Node.js backend environment and PostgreSQL as a database. 
Crystal DashboardA credible open-source template to deal with dashboards of enterprise and health applications. 
UIWUIW is a considerable UI kit for Chinese programmers, especially the ones who get source code from Gitee.
VoltA well-documented admin dashboard template with good folder structure and element support. 
React DirectorFine admin solution to showcase statistical data in graphs and charts.
AirframeIt is a free analytics design system based on React 16 and Bootstrap 4. 
BlueprintBlueprint is a popular React UI kit for creating eye-catching data-based web applications. 


This detailed article aims to aid startups, development teams, enterprises and SMEs find the most suitable React templates for their projects. In this guide, we shared paid, and freemium React templates with their functionalities. However, it is better to elect a design system according to your budget and the requirements of your project.

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