Papertrail vs Datadog | Which is the best?

Log management is one of the most important things to consider for managing log events in the world via certain log management tools. These events mainly include log parsing, searching, log collection, and log archiving.

There are a huge variety of log management tools users can go for to manage log events around the world but the choice should be made depending on a few important factors – capabilities of the tool, pricing, features, use cases, organization size, and legal obligations.

Log management tools are also important in carrying out intrusion detection. Companies that are looking forward to adopting certain log management tools must ensure that outages are resolved quickly and have 0% downtime. Addressing incidents in such events are what these tools also look forward to.

The two most popular tools that are meant to provide benefits to companies through managing log events have been brought up for the betterment of the world of technology – Papertrail and Datadog.

A detailed comparison can be found in this article to help you understand both of them and accordingly, choose the right log management tool for your business. Keep reading to know more.

What is Papertrail?

Papertrail is simply referred to as a cloud logging and management service provider that consolidates logs at a certain destination, making it much easier for users to inspect or diagnose and resolve issues quickly.

Users also get the opportunity of backing up and archiving log data while managing international retention policies through the intuitive UI of Papertrail.

Papertrail also provides proper support for different kinds of log formats and automatically parses logs while helping businesses eliminate the need of AWK or grep for viewing, searching, or trailing events from a single UI in real time.

NGINX Logging, IIS Log Viewer, Linux Log Management, Windows Syslog Server, and JavaScript Logging are some of Papertrail’s featured languages.

Features of Papertrail

Papertrail has the most impressive features in the world that everyone should look forward to for the betterment of their business. Keep reading to know them in detail.

  • Powerful

Papertrail functions so efficiently that it can quickly fix customer problems, server errors in applications, error messages, and slow queries against DB. They maintain full visibility for and while fixing such problems.

  • Unexpected Simplicity

Papertrail is easy to use, implement, and understand. It helps you gain quick visibility across all systems in a very few minutes.

  • Affordable

The plans of Papertrail start at $7 per month which makes it a highly understandable service provider again. More importantly, its plans are always available to meet all your requirements.

  • Full Stack Monitoring

Papertrail is the most important part of SolarWinds Cloud which is the very next evolution of their SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) portfolio. This evolution has been carried out with the aim of monitoring cloud-native infrastructures and applications effectively.

Pricing of Papertrail

By now, thousands of companies in the world trust Papertrail for managing billions of log messages every single day. With this belief, read below to know about its pricing in detail.

  1. First Plan – $7 – 1GB per month, 1-week search, and 1-year archive.
  2. Second Plan – $18 – 2GB per month, 1-week search, and 1-year archive.
  3. Third Plan – $35 – 4GB per month, 2-weeks search, and 1-year archive.
  4. Fourth Plan – $75 – 8GB per month, 2-weeks search, and 1-year archive.
  5. Fifth Plan – $150 – 16GB per month, 2-weeks search, and 1-year archive.
  6. Sixth Plan – $230 – 25GB per month, 2-weeks search, and 1-year archive.
  7. Custom Plan – Pay for only what you need.

What is Datadog?

Datadog is simply an observability service for cloud-scale applications that lets users see across their systems, applications, and services with the help of turnkey aggregations.

This is a cloud monitoring-as-a-service provider that offers more than 400 built-in integrations. Datadog also effectively creates an interesting space for users where they can track performance with auto-generated views of services and an extraordinary, comfortable navigation facility across metrics, logs, and request traces.

Features of Datadog

The features of Datadog ideally help businesses understand how they work or perform. To know about them in detail, keep reading.

  • The Datadog Agent

Pipelines starting with a Datadog agent are specially configured to fetch from over 400 integration log options.

Having the key to master casting your agents, there will hardly be a node you cannot pull logs from. Further, make sure to try out different Agent implementations available if you are permitted with enough time in hand.

  • Tracing and Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

The feature of tracing offered by Datadog greatly introduces tags to a metric monitoring engine and an already-capable log.

You can achieve an end-to-end complete monitoring pipeline with the default tag option. On the other hand, the APM feature offered by Datadog breaks the barrier between just watching and managing functions. It allows you to stand and experience this with Datadog.

  • Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards by Datadog primarily allow you to focus on the metrics and logs that are essentially required by you in actuality.

Pricing of Datadog

Datadog mainly has multiple pricing plans that can be considered affordable for anyone. The company offers a free trial and further information is available on their pricing page.


Both, Datadog and Papertrail offer extensive log management feature and are great tools for this purpose. The choice will depend on your specific requirements and personal preferences.

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