Top 10 Companies Using React Native

A mobile application framework is the most vital prerequisite for creating and delivering flawless and hassle-free experiences to users. The choice of a backend directly influences the features and functionality an application can offer. While there are many viable framework options available today, React Native from Facebook is widely preferred. It offers a great number of features and is used by many global-level companies. Read on to discover the top 10 companies that rely on it.

What is React Native?

React Native is a compelling and widely-used mobile application framework with a diverse collection of features. It is a popular choice for companies around the world. React Native has been proven to show the highest level of performance compared to other cross-platform frameworks. This cutting-edge framework enables developers to create applications having native appearances and behaviors. It is considered better than many similar platforms for reasons beyond its features. 

React Native has an easy learning curve and ensures optimal performance along with an interface similar to native applications. Many technology professionals regard React Native applications as the future of hybrid mobile applications. It facilitates fast and efficient development and helps businesses achieve benchmark customer satisfaction at a low cost. 

React Native enables the use of a single codebase that functions on both iOS and Android platform applications. It enables the compilation of code to Swift and Java to make development projects easier. React Native acts as a connection between web UI and Java/Swift components. The single codebase is a feature that can accelerate your software development project. React Native reduces the requirement for having two teams for the iOS and Android platforms. Development speed is fast as one does not need to synchronize layouts and features. 

Developing React Native applications does not require programmers to have any specific knowledge. Anyone who is proficient in JavaScript and ReactJS development can easily start working with this framework. JavaScript developers are more easily available and can easily take advantage of React Native’s features. 

Top Ten Companies Using React Native

1. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world and the originator of the React Native framework. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his associates, the company has a strong user base on both the iOS and Android platforms. Facebook is one of the top five companies in the US alongside Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Apple. The company’s social networking service on mobile platforms is powered by React Native, the framework that was developed by its team. 

The Facebook Ads Manager, which is an advertising management application for businesses and individuals on the platform, has been created entirely using React Native. The framework is cross-platform but capable of handling UI differences with precision for formats. React Native enables uniformity of user interface transitions and animations regardless of the platform. 

2. Walmart

Walmart is one of the top companies relying on the React Native application development framework. This megastore is present in most of the states in the US and stocks products across a wide variety of categories. Adopting React Native helped the company share most of their codebase between the iOS and Android platforms. The framework has enabled the company to rely on a single JS developer team for cross-platform development. 

3. Instagram

Instagram, the mostly visual-oriented social network, is another popular platform that relies on the versatile React Native framework. The photo-sharing social platform was acquired by social giant Facebook in 2014. This followed a reconstruction of the company’s mobile applications and the subsequent use of the React Native framework. Instagram was open to incorporating React Native into their native applications in 2016, with the Push Notification feature being the first one to be upgraded. Other components of the application were also rewritten using React Native. The framework has enabled Instagram to introduce new features across the Android and iOS platforms a lot faster. There is a remarkably high amount of code sharing across both platforms for Instagram applications. 

4. Artsy

Artsy is an online artwork platform and one of the other standout platforms using React Native. The company has more than 1 million artworks featured on its website and has working partnerships with numerous prestigious museums, galleries, and art fairs across the globe. It is a popular platform for art enthusiasts to explore and purchase artwork without any geographical restrictions, and a partner of leading auction houses. Artsy’s mobile application utilizes React Native to facilitate fluid experiences for its global user base. The company caters to more than 2 million monthly unique visitors and is one of the top art marketplaces in the world. 

5. Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is a leading crypto currency trading platform with mobile applications across different platforms. It is considered to be one of the most reliable and fast cryptocurrency trading options for worldwide users. Coinbase Pro relies on the React Native framework to provide agile experiences to mobile platform users. It facilitates advanced trading and powerful features to buy and sell with ease. Some standout features provided by Coinbase Pro include order book, real-time candles, advanced order form, depth chart, portfolio overview, and more. It is a prominent example of the capabilities of React Native as a cutting-edge and high-performance development platform. 

6. Airbnb

Airbnb, a widely popular US-based online rental marketplace that utilizes the React Native framework for its mobile offerings. It features a marketplace that can be accessed through the application or website for browsing and booking properties. Airbnb lets users offer properties for rent, as tourism options or homestays, at very affordable rates to consumers. This platform is used as a viable and inexpensive alternative to hotels. Airbnb lets individuals list their homes on its platform for specific time periods and its users can avail them at affordable rates. Many developers have relied on the React Native framework to add features and functionality to the Airbnb mobile application. Code reusability is a major feature that makes developers choose the framework.

7. Tesla

The mobile application of Tesla has been developed with the React Native framework. It is an integral part of how the company caters its services to users. Tesla has preferred to continue development with React Native as it is the most viable and feature-rich frameworks available today. The framework finds use in Tesla products such as the company’s vehicles and Powerwall. The Tesla application offers uniform functionality across Apple and Android devices. React Native makes it possible to have a similar experience when it comes to lights, locks, chargers, roofs, and horns.

8. Discord

Discord is a community application that utilizes the React Native framework for its mobile applications. It is primarily a Voice over Internet Protocol offering that facilitates online communication between users. Discord enables friends and community members to enable users to interact with each other through text, video, or voice. The application is offered free-of-cost to users and is a top choice for gamers worldwide. Discord users are able to enjoy almost identical experiences on both Apple and Android devices, due to there being a 98% code-sharing.

9. UberEats

UberEats is the food delivery service of Uber, one of the most popular app cab service providers in the world. It is also a service that relies on the speed and functionality of the React Native mobile application development framework. UberEats customers can have a similar food ordering and payment experience regardless of what device they are using. UberEats, similar to a service like DoorDash, is a good delivery service that offers hassle-free experiences to users. The Uber Eats application’s dashboard has been created using React Native. The framework has also offered several tools for creating a sleek user interface that contributes to the user experience. The application dashboard makes finding and ordering food a breeze for users. 

10. Shopify

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform that lets users make feature-rich online shopping websites that have products, shopping carts, order processing, payment, and social features. It uses the React Native framework to facilitate advanced functionality for users. Shopify has an elegant design, a friendly UI, and is quite easy to use. It currently has more than a million users. Shopify was established by Tobias Lutke, Scott Luke, and Daniel Weinand in 2006, initially as a snowboarding website. Since then, it has grown into becoming one of the most widely relied upon e-commerce platforms. Shopify has also changed considerably in terms of the user experience and the available features. 

Founder Tobias decided to form Spotify as he was not satisfied with the available e-commerce options. Compared to other shopping website platforms like OpenCart and Magento, Shopify has been created for individuals who are completely new to e-commerce and website creation. This is one of the key reasons for it being a preferred choice among many online sellers. 


The companies mentioned above all utilize the React Native mobile application framework for delivering optimal usability to users. The framework is now considered to be one of the best choices for businesses that want to create uniform user experiences across both Android and iOS application ecosystems. 


What is React Native?

React Native is a powerful and widely-used mobile application framework with a varied set of features. It is a popular choice for companies around the world. React Native has been proven to show the highest level of performance compared to other cross-platform frameworks.

Why use React Native?

– It’s cross-platform;
– Lower development costs;
– It reduces the time to market for a software project;

What are the top 10 companies using React Native?

– Facebook
– Walmart
– Instagram
– Artsy
– Coinbase Pro
– Airbnb
– Tesla
– Discord
– Uber Eats
– Shopify

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