Sashido Alternatives: Top 8 Competitors

Sashido Alternatives: Top 8 Competitors

Top 8 Alternatives to Sashido

Sashido can help the developers to create serverless applications quicker with scalable JSON Rest, GraphQL API, Node JS. Even more, it comes with an easy to use object and file storage, CMS. It will never let the developers start their APIs from scratch. No coding is required to manage the services of applications. It offers flexible opportunities to develop cloud functions, , NPM modules, Node JS and other Cloud Jobs in a more effective way. This can let the developers manage their backend services like a professional and can provide an easier way to customize applications to the users.

However, when it comes to the best backend providers then there are various names that can take place as Alternatives to Sashido. To know which are the best Sashido competitors, you must have a look at the following information.

Top 8 Sashido Alternatives

Do you want to know some of the best Sashido Competitors for more benefits? Well, here are some of the best options for you which you must consider.


This is one of the most effective, best and simpler application development platforms that can let you optimize backend components in the best possible way. It can help you to manage your backend resources including databases, server infrastructure and APIs in the best possible way. Even more, it can also provide you better opportunities to host your applications in a more effective way.


  • Data management dashboard
  • Real-time database
  • GraphQL API
  • Geo Queries
  • Email marketing
  • Cross-Platform SDKs

To see more features, please access Back4App Features.


  • Smoother migration
  • Optimized storage
  • Round the clock support
  • Scalability and flexibility

Self-Hosted Parse

Parse is a well-known open-source NodeJS framework that can let you manage your application backend in a more efficient and effective manner. It can let you accelerate your application development process and will keep you from the stress of managing backend. Even more, the developer’s community which is working is highly dedicated. You can easily manage your APIs without reinventing them.


  • Data modeling
  • Real-time notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Social integrations
  • PUSH notifications


  • Easy to download
  • Comprehensive app stack to make tools efficient
  • Reduced cost of software development
  • Focus more on high-value activities

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is the most effective and simpler open-source library which is being offered by Amazon. It can help the developers to integrate backend functionality more effectively. More importantly, its amazing feature range is providing a broader vision to the developers. Even more, it also has an amazing range of cloud-powered solutions. It can also provide you better opportunities to create innovative web-based tools.


  • APIs
  • Real-time database
  • Email marketing
  • Geofencing
  • Push notifications


  • Easy to scale solution
  • High-level flexibility
  • Easier to manage the interface
  • Smoother integration
  • Handles cloud operation effectively


Kinvey is offering an amazing range of ready to use backend services which can let you build more innovative solutions. It can offer amazing rapid to market opportunities and has the ability to help the developers to manage things in a more effective way. With Kinvey you can write once for native applications across multiple platforms.


  • Drag and drop UI builder
  • Easily publish apps to the web, Android and iOS
  • Full access to complete source code
  • Code sharing between mobile and web
  • Data-connected templates


  • Easy to build a serverless backend
  • Auto-scale to the highest levels,
  • Flexibility to support frequent modifications
  • Easy integration into the system


One Signal is a complete platform for all companies which are looking for better opportunities to send push-notifications. It describes itself as the #1 Push Service in the world.


  • Mobile Push-Notifications
  • Web Push-Notifications
  • In-App Messages
  • Email Templates


  • A large number of integrations
  • Easier to use platform
  • 15 minutes setup


NodeChef is an amazing solution that is meant to provide effective, efficient and managed Node.JS hosting solutions in a more effective way. It is specialized in Meteor Hosting and parses server hosting. It is a highly affordable solution which you can consider for your applications.


  • Optimized storage
  • Database memory
  • Notification Scheduling
  • Managed Node.js hosting


  • Easier to scale
  • Simpler to manage
  • Efficient
  • Reliable


It is a powerful application performance management tool to provide ease to the application developers. This platform can provide comprehensive multi-tenant and white label solutions to empower the developers and organizations to develop applications faster. Even more, it can also help them to maximize the return when the applications will go live. It offers a rich feature set which is making this platform ideal for busy organizations and developers in a more amazing way.


  • Crash reporting
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Push notification services
  • Client portal


  • A cutting-edge platform for agencies of mobile applications
  • Industry-leading mobile backend tool
  • Innovative solutions
  • Handles server-side tasks more effectively.


Heroku is the best service provider who knows how to give more value, ease, and convenience to the users. It can offer powerful runtime services along with effective integrated data services. Even more, Heroku can provide an abstract computing environment for app development.


  • Managed runtime environment
  • app-centric delivery approach
  • extend their applications with add-ons


  • 3rd-party services integration
  • Effective control
  • Dedicated instances
  • Easier to use platform


These are some of the best and most amazing alternatives to Sashido which come with an amazing range of features and benefits. All of these are good to serve in certain ways. So, you can easily go with the option which you think can be more effective for you on the basis of features and functionality. So, choose the one which can be more flexible and advantageous for you as per your project requirements.

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