Top 10 Startups using Dart on their tech stack

This article will explore ten of the best startups using Dart on their tech stack.

Google’s Dart has had quite a topsy-turvy journey since its inception in 2011. It was launched as a programming language specifically optimized for mobile operating systems and became insanely popular as a competitor to JavaScript, with Google heavily backing it up for its upcoming Fuchsia OS. However, circa 2018, the popularity of Dart started to dwindle as there were not enough opportunities in the market.

Dart is now on another uptrend since Google launched the Flutter SDK in 2017, which is used to develop cross-platform applications from a single codebase. The kit has been one of the top frameworks in use for a couple of years now, which has contributed to the increasing popularity of Dart among developers in enterprise-level organizations.

In this article, we take a brief look at the basics of Dart and then study some of the top organizations around the world using Dart in their tech stack. If you are a new developer wondering about using Dart for your next project, the following list should provide you with an idea of the various features that can be implemented using the language.

Dart Overview

Dart is an object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected programming language for client-side development. While it is primarily used to develop iOS, Android, and web apps, it can also be used to build desktop and server applications with a few tweaks.

Syntactically, it is very similar to C and can compile to either native code or JavaScript depending on the framework in use. As a result, it is very easy to learn and developers experienced with Java and other .NET languages can start their Dart journey pretty quickly.

Dart is also supported by a rather active community that shares packages using a public package repository. While it is slightly short on learning resources, the community can provide a wide range of introductory tutorials along with code examples to learn the language quickly.

Top 10 Startups using Dart

According to StackShare, here are ten of the best startups using Dart.

  • Cred

Cred is one of the leading Indian fintech companies that primarily offers a reward-based credit card bill payments system. The rewards, called “Cred Coins”, can be earned on every bill payment, and can then be used for discounts and vouchers on the “Cred Store” and other parts of the app.

Cred also lets users make house rent payments and withdraw money from a short-term credit line called “Cred Cash”. 

  • Mews

Mews is an innovative property management system and hospitality management cloud founded in 2012. The platform essentially empowers hoteliers with the tools and services required to improve operations, maximize ROI, and provide remarkable guest experiences.

The ecosystem of apps and APIs are used by over 2000 hotels in over 70 countries to provide a more meaningful experience to their customers.

  • Insider

Insider is an all-in-one platform for enterprise marketers to create individualized, cross-channel experiences for their customers. The suite of apps and tools can be used by marketers to connect valuable consumer data from various channels, which can be fed to the AI intent engine to predict customer behavior and orchestrate a more individualized experience.

Insider is used by over 800 businesses all over the world, including the likes of Toyota, Ikea, Samsung, Singapore Airlines, Dominos, and CNN.

  • Modanisa

Modanisa is an online fashion retailer for women’s Islamic clothing based in Turkey, which is one of the biggest conservative fashion markets in the world today. Available through a website, Modanisa offers a wide selection of Islamic clothing, dresses, and accessories for women of all ages and also ships and delivers globally.

Along with fashion retailing, the website also displays the latest trends in Islamic clothing and posts fashion tips.

  • Sword Health

Sword Health is a unique digital musculoskeletal therapy provider based in the UK that essentially connects its members with licensed physical therapists in America.

The partner Doctor of Physical Therapy can use the data from the platform to design at-home exercise programs, providing people access to preventative, chronic, and post-surgical musculoskeletal care.

  • Agora

Agora is primarily an interactive live-streaming platform with video and voice support that enables developers to deliver rich in-app experiences to their users.

This is done with the help of easy to use, widely compatible, customizable SDKs and APIs for various functions like embedded video and voice chat, interactive live-streaming, cloud recording, real-time messaging, interactive whiteboard, etc.

  • Ninja Van

Founded in 2014, Ninja Van is a widely popular logistics company based in Singapore that primarily deals with last-mile logistics and package deliveries.

The company works with various popular e-commerce firms like Lazada, Lovet, Zalora, Tokopedia, and Shopee, with sorting warehouses in various ASEAN countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.

  • ufirst

ufirst is a popular software-as-a-service platform that primarily offers virtual queue management and remote app management services for organizations, enabling them to deliver better customer service by integrating their internal systems with the platform. It essentially digitizes the entry processes in various institutions like hospitals, universities, public offices, etc.

  • Doozer

Doozer is one of the most popular online platforms to contact craftsmen and real-estate renovation companies based in Germany. The tools can be used by both clients and companies to digitally map each and every step of the renovation process, allowing them to create, place, and monitor orders from a single window. 

  • Diffbot

Diffbot is a leading developer of machine learning and computer vision algorithms used to create a knowledge base from the data extracted from web pages on the internet. It is primarily aimed at software developers, who can use the tools to analyze various websites of an organization and extract the important elements on the page.

It is used by several popular names like Adobe, DuckDuckGo, Microsoft, Springpad, eBay, etc.


Dart has a relatively clean and type-safe syntax and allows developers to customize the variable names and visual structure of the code. The compilers are quick and reliable and can automatically compile code into a machine-readable format, allowing apps to execute binary files natively.

For more information on how to utilize the language to its full potential, consider getting in touch with the experts at one of the leading app hosting companies, who can help you get deeper insights on the topic.


What is Dart?

Object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected programming language for client-side development.

What are the advantages of Dart?

– Static Typing
– Supported by Google
– Easy to learn

What are ten of the best startups using Dart?

– Cred
– Mews
– Insider
– Modanisa
– Sword Health
– Agora
– Ninja Van
– ufirst
– Doozer
– Diffbot

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