Top 10 Startups using Django

Web development seems like a small domain with not many complexities in it. However, things are pretty different when you try to go a little deeper. There are a lot of frameworks and technologies available that developers can utilize to develop their web applications.

Django is one of them. The interesting thing about Django is that many different startups have used it as their development technology, and some of them have gained a lot of success in no time. So, here is our list of top 10 startups using Django.

What is Django?

It is a Python-based framework that is used for the development of web applications.

It is the best choice for an experienced developer because you can do everything, including features and functionalities, without starting everything from the basics.

The best part about using Django is that it comes with several benefits when developing your web applications. Some of those benefits are:

  1. It helps in developing scalable apps
  2. The websites developed using Django are maintainable
  3. Django takes a very short time for developing the applications
  4. Django itself takes care of most of the basic things

Along with these benefits, several others are why some startups select Django as their main framework.

Top 10 Startups using Django

Here are ten startups that use Django.


Spotify is an application that gained popularity in a very short time. It brought a new concept of streaming music to the fans and listeners where the creator gets paid according to a special algorithm. It provided a platform to some of the rising content creators.

However, the thing about it is that it was based on Django as a startup. Now Spotify is an app available for all devices and has millions of users streaming millions of soundtracks.


Disqus is a platform that came with a pretty interesting concept of bringing the commenting feature to platforms that did not have this feature before. It was an American startup that was based on Django.

While its features and functionalities were kept simple initially, things are pretty advanced, bringing features like spam monitoring, social integration, notifications, mobile usage, and a lot more.


It was a startup from 2009 that was based on Django. The main idea here is to provide video communication and visual communication.

It allows corporations and companies worldwide to work together without any issues like physical distances. It has brought more than 100 million users to the platform who have done more than 400 million presentations here.


Most of the users think of Dropbox as nothing more than a cloud file storage service.

However, its scope is way beyond that. Dropbox is a Django-based startup that not only provides cloud file storage but provides personal file synchronization as well as personal cloud services.


Pinterest is an application that may look nothing more than an online art gallery, but its main idea is way beyond that.

It brings the idea of finding visual ideas with the help of an application. It provides you with artwork right according to your interests. The best thing about Pinterest is that it was also a startup based on Django.


Whenever there is an event, the management needs to sell the tickets only to join the authenticated people.

While there is no platform for this requirement, Eventbrite is the startup based on Django that removes these major market gaps.

So, here anyone can create, share, and manage events and sell their tickets online, making the whole process very simple for everyone.


Cryptocurrency trading and stock trading have always been interesting industries, and most of the platforms charge their commissions for every transaction you make.

Robinhood, however, is a startup based on Django. The basic idea here is to provide commission-free opportunities for everyone for stock trading and cryptocurrency trading.

Robinhood is an American financial services company that was started in 2015.

Delivery Hero

Delivery Hero is the application whose name speaks for itself. It is a startup about food delivery services based in Germany, and it provides amazing features and functionalities and uses Django.

The fact that it was developed in Django gave opportunities for adding a lot of features, and it was the reason for the application being successful in no time.

It also set a great base for the application so that now it is functional in more than 50 countries around the world.


DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery application that brings the customers and restaurants together where the customers don’t need to visit the restaurants. In this way, it makes the food industry pretty amazing. The interesting fact here is that this was a startup based on Django.

DoorDash currently operates in the US with more than 56% of the total market share in the delivery industry and more than 60% share in convenience delivery services.


Udemy brings the idea of taking the schools online. Here anyone can learn technical and academic skills in the form of online video interactive lectures.

The best part about Udemy is that it provides certification for every course you take. It is also among the successful startups that used Django as their main development framework.

It works worldwide and the number of videos and data its uses is amazing. It is trusted by users that are in touch with digital world.


Whenever a project is in the development phase, one of the most important things, in the beginning, is to select the right framework. While one cannot say that one framework is not good, each option comes with pros and cons of its own.

Django is the framework that brings some amazing features and benefits for the developers. It is also why different startups use Django as their main development framework, and this was all about the best 10 out of those frameworks.

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What is Django?

It is a Python-based framework that is used for the development of web applications.

What are the top 10 startups using Django?

– Spotify
– Disqus
– Prezi
– Dropbox
– Pinterest
– Eventbrite
– Robinhood
– Delivery Hero
– DoorDash
– Udemy

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