Top 10 Startups using Flask

Whenever software is developed, it is divided into some components. Two of these components include the frontend and backend of the software to organize things. While the frontend increases the user experience for the software, the backend is known to bring all the features into the software.

So, one can say that every part has its significant importance when it comes to software development, whether it is a mobile application, web application, or desktop application.

Different applications use different frameworks and technologies for development purposes, and here we will be discussing the top 10 startups using Flask.

What is Flask?

Several frameworks are available, but Flask is something different from all the others available. It is called a Python micro framework because development will never require any special libraries or tools.

Only the pre-existing libraries, including the third-party libraries, can provide all the common functions to get the development job done.

For more info, please read How to deploy a Flask project.

LYou may think that it is the only reason that Flask is used but the list of reasons or we should say benefits are longer than one can imagine. So, here are some of the benefits of using Flask for web development:

  • Flask is highly compatible with all the latest technologies available
  • It supports technical experimentation, which helps in developing better functioning applications
  • Development using Flask is not complex, which makes it the better choice for simpler cases
  • Applications developed on Flask come with high scalability
  • Prototyping with Flask is easier than ever
  • The overall development process is simple, and maintenance is easy as well

While these were some of the benefits of using the Flask startup framework for development purposes, the list keeps on going and makes Flask an amazing choice for everyone.

Top 10 Startups using Flask

With so many benefits to consider, Flask framework is an attractive option for developing the backend of an application.

It is also the reason why a lot of startups use it. According to Stackshare, here are the top 10 startups based on Flask and are very popular today.

1.     Zillow

Zillow was developed by former Microsoft Executives Lloyd Frink and Rich Barton in 2006. It started as an American marketplace company with an online operation where people could easily search millions of homes and real estate for sale. They used Flask for the backend of their platform, and it is one of the reasons behind the amazing success of this company.

2.     Patreon

Patreon is a platform that brings the content creators and their fans in one place. While the fans can enjoy several benefits from their favorite content creators by taking their Patreon subscription, they can earn a monthly income as their fans will buy their subscription.

This simple membership platform does not have many complex features, which is why the backend here is developed on Flask.

3.     Barogo

There are a lot of food delivery companies operating around the world, and it is one of them. The main idea and working methodology here are similar to what all the other companies have.

However, the service quality and restaurants enlisted here to bring more value for the customers. It is also an amazingly successful startup that was based on Flask.

4.     Affirm

Affirm is an American company that started in 2012. It is a financial technology company that is publicly traded, and it provides installment loans to people that they can use at POS machines. Affirm is successful today, and one of the reasons behind its success is that it started with Flask for its backend.

5.     Unibuddy

This platform brings students worldwide together as they can provide their information on the university websites, and they can connect with other student ambassadors for hiring purposes to build meaningful connections. This Web-based platform is also developed using Flask.

6.     Lime

As you cannot take your car or public transport anywhere in the world, Lime brings the right eco-friendly solution for everyone. It provides the right type of transport that you need. All you need to do is download their application and enjoy the service.

7.     Petal

It is mobile search engine that is available on the Huawei AppGallery. It is an intelligent platform that provides results from trusted sites whether you are searching for an application or something else.

8.     Trivago

Traveling itself is pretty exhausting that you don’t have a chance to roam around the area and look for the best hotel that you can stay at.

It allows for extensive value and price comparison. When you use Trivago, you can compare and even book your hotel without physically visiting it, so the experience is amazing.

9.     Reddit

Reddit is a platform that does a lot more than one thing. It is a Social News Aggregation platform used as a content rating and a discussion website, and the best part is that it started with Flask for its backend.

Users can register to the platform and post, comment, or share anything. It is somewhat similar to many social media platforms available today and has a huge user community active on it.

10.  AB180

Digital Analytics and Marketing technology can help organizations and businesses to reach their goals in a better way. It is a platform that started with Flask for its backend that provides data-driven performance marketing services. So, users, organizations, and businesses can take the services of this firm in the digital age to get a well-performing business.


If you create a strong and reliable backend for your application, your application can be reliable. It is because you can use the backend functionalities and change the frontend with ease to bring more value and a better user experience. So, it is very important to select the right Backend technology where a great example is Flask as it works in a very good way.

Flask can also be your best choice because of the amazing benefits it brings, like easy development, easy maintenance, and high scalability altogether.


What is Flask?

It is called a Python micro framework because development will never require any special libraries or tools.

What are the startups using Flask?

– Zillow
– Patreon
– Barogo
– Affirm
– Unibuddy
– Lime
– Petal
– Trivago
– Reddit
– AB180

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