Top 10 Startups using Laravel

Developing a well-functioning website is a long process involving development, testing, designing, and other technical work.

While it seems to be very hectic for the developers, different web development frameworks are available that make the whole thing pretty simple and easy for the developers.

In this way, the hard work for developers is eased beneficially. Laravel is the framework that helps in this regard.

What is Laravel?

If you are a web developer, you must have heard about PHP, a web development technology. Laravel is a backend framework of this technology that involves developing expressive and elegant syntax. It makes things easy by easing the common tasks and parts of web development that are standard in almost every application.

For example, sessions, caching, authentication, routing, and such repetitive things are made easy to develop and implement using Laravel. It is an open-source framework that anyone can use to build their feature-rich full-stack applications, while Laravel will be implemented as the Server-Side PHP framework.

Application development is easy with Laravel and here are some of the benefits of using this technology:

  • Using Laravel comes with several benefits, including the following:
  • Provides amazing security features
  • The websites developed on Laravel perform significantly better
  • Laravel is quick and simple to learn and implement
  • Handles network traffic amazingly
  • Flexible development environment
  • Maintenance is simple and easy
  • Cheaper than most alternatives
  • Integrating third-party services and features is easier than ever
  • It’s great for developing web applications
  • It’s easy to hire Laravel developers / development services
  • Laravel development companies are relatively cheap vs other technologies.

Top 10 Startups using Laravel

As Laravel seems to be an amazing backend framework to start with, there are many startups based on it. Some of them have achieved success in a pretty short time, and according to StackShare, here are some of the top notch 10 startups developed using Laravel on their tech stack.

1.     Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a Laravel based startup from 2014 that has made trading premiums very simple and easy for people. It is mainly known for the reliability its system brings. Still, additional features like promotions and discounts are also why many people are attracted to use it.

Speaking of reliability, it has had almost no complaints about the reputation or reliability of the platform since its launch.

2.     Kmong

Kmong is a Korean startup that uses Laravel for dealing with backend development. It comes with an idea of an online talent market where individuals can buy and sell their skills and skill-related services. It is an amazing industry for talented people with skills like designing, computing, music, computing, and other skills.

3.     Razorpay

Peer to Peer payment is easy to handle, but when it comes to business-to-business payments, things get complex because most of the time, these payments are huge. Razorpay is an Indian startup from 2013 that manages things in this regard.

So, businesses can safely use its Laravel based system for accepting and processing payments. It even includes features like payment disbursement on the product suite.

4.     TransferGo

TransferGo is another online payment management system that is based on Laravel. It is a startup from 2012 and provides amazing features and benefits to the people in the UK. Things like the low cost of transactions and no hidden charges make the whole thing very transparent, so anyone can easily rely on it.

On top of everything, the system is very simple and easy to use, and pretty secure.


Managing your social media presence can be important when it affects other things, and is a Startup from 2013 based on Laravel that brings social media management solutions. It works amazingly for the agencies as well as for the individuals. takes care of all the social media marketing areas like content planning, publishing, customer service, analytics, performance monitoring, community management, and more.

6.     Hiver

Work from home and remote jobs are becoming more common, and platforms like Hiver serve the important benefit of letting the teams collaborate. Here all the internal and external communication can be done based on emails.

The interesting thing is that it started as GrexIt in 2011. It was renamed to Hiver, which is now available as a Software as a Service (SaaS).

7.     9GAG

9GAG is a social media website where anyone from the world can upload their content. The content can be anything and from any platform, but the most important requirement for the content is to be funny as it is a fun platform. 9GAG is a Hong Kong-based startup started in 2008, with Laravel being the backend support for the platform.

8.     Useinsider

It is the platform that people can use to simplify their digital marketing needs. Here users can grow their brands without causing any marketing waste. It is based on Laravel and achieved success because of this backend framework. Additionally, it is also the reason for the success of a lot of companies.

9.     PedidosYa

People nowadays love to order food online, and PedidosYa is the platform from 2011 that was made to do this. It is a Laravel based startup that connects the restaurant to the online ordering platform. In this way, customers can easily order food from your restaurant online, and your restaurant will increase its customer base.

10.  Y42

The last Laravel based startup that we have here is Y42. It is a data platform that comes with features like scalability and other user-friendly features.

In terms of functionality, it comes with things like connecting, sharing, loading, transforming, and visualizing data of both SQL and no-code forms. The best part is that anyone can use it, and it provides end-to-end encryption for the safest usage.


With the number of benefits that Laravel brings for developers and the users of an application, things get pretty amazing. Not only is the initial development made easy with Laravel, but the lifetime maintenance and updating with additional features are made easy.

If you are also working on a startup and looking for the right PHP backend framework, then you can go with Laravel, but before making the final decision, make sure to check if it is compatible with all your requirements. Overall, it will be a very good choice but you also need to hire good company or developers for it.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is a backend framework of this technology that involves developing expressive and elegant syntax. It makes things easy by easing the common tasks and parts of web development that are standard in almost every application.

What are the top 10 startups using Laravel?

– Bitpanda
– Kmong
– Razorpay
– TransferGo
– Hiver
– 9GAG
– Useinsider
– PedidosYa
– Y42

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