Top 10 Startups using React Native

When maintaining apps for multiple mobile operating systems, developers can often run into work duplication and asymmetrical applications, which is detrimental to the user experience. For instance, maintaining a Swift codebase for iOS and a Java codebase for Android is a complicated task and not feasible in the long run.

React Native solves this problem by providing a platform for developers to build fully functional applications on multiple platforms using a single coding language. It is one of the top three popular frameworks with 14.85% of the installed apps in the US built on it.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source cross-platform software framework that is used to create and maintain natively rendered, cross-platform applications in iOS, macOS, Android, Web, and Windows.

With React Native, developers create one codebase that compiles to native Swift and Java, essentially creating a bridge between the Web UI components and their OS counterparts.

Facebook initially developed and used ReactJS and Native for their own social media smartphone application. After further development, ReactJS was made open-source and several other popular companies picked it up to develop and maintain their own applications.

From Tesla and Bloomberg to Walmart and Airbnb, several popular apps nowadays are built using React Native’s framework. Continue reading as we take a look at the top startups that use React Native for their app development needs.

Top 10 Startups Using React Native

According to StackShare, here are ten of the best startups using React Native.


Founded in 2006, Shopify is now one of the most popular multinational e-commerce companies in the world.

It is primarily known for its proprietary e-commerce platform that offers third-party businesses a myriad of services like creating online stores, payments, marketing and consumer engagement, shipping, logistics, etc. As of 2023, Shopify has been used in over 6 million websites in over 175 countries with over 4.4 million websites live using the platform.


Having a user base of more than 1.4 billion active users, Instagram is considered to be among the world’s most popular social media platforms.

Initially built only for iOS, the Android app was launched in 2012 and Instagram implemented React Native for the platform in 2016. Since its launch, Instagram has become a popular way of connecting with celebrities, brands, family, and friends. Registered users can share photos, GIFs, and videos of various lengths publicly or with selected followers.

Delivery Hero

The German food delivery giant Delivery Hero is a multinational service-as-a-company that operates in over 50 countries across the world.

It partners with over 500,000 restaurants and allows users to order prepared food from their favorite restaurants and get it delivered to their doorstep. Delivery Hero is also branching out to q-commerce, which involves delivering essentials from local retailers in under an hour.


Discord is a free Voice over IP instant messaging and media distribution platform that is used by over 350 million registered users to connect with their favorite communities called “servers”.

It is highly popular in the gaming industry where streamers can connect with their followers and share media and other items. The platform provides registered users a host of communications tools and services, like voice and video calls, persistent chat rooms, and integrations with other applications.


Plaid is an American financial services company that is primarily involved in developing data transfer networks for fintech and digital finance companies.

The product is implemented by digital finance applications like Venmo and Chime to connect with the users’ bank accounts. Users who share their credentials with Plaid can interact with their bank accounts, check account balances, and make payments.


Founded in 2005, Klarna is a Swedish fintech company that provides online financial services like direct payments, “pay later” services, and payment processing services for online storefronts.

It processes payments from over 90 million active users to more than 250,000 merchants in 17 countries around the world. Klarna is most popular for its post-purchase payments service, offering consumers credit on their purchases and easy instalment options.

Ze Delivery

Ze Delivery is a beverage delivery platform based in Brazil. It connects consumers with one of the most extensive beverage distribution networks in the country, ensuring timely delivery of a variety of drinks like energy drinks, cokes, tonics, teas, syrups, and dairy.

Ze Delivery is part of AB InBev’s ZX Ventures incubator group and processes north of 27 million orders annually through the website.


Founded in 2017, Lime (formerly LimeBike) is a fairly new yet one of the fastest-growing scooter and bike-sharing networks in more than 30 countries around the world.

It offers dock-less vehicles including electric scooters, bikes, mopeds, and car-sharing systems. Registered users can find and unlock these vehicles using their mobile application that tracks the location of each unit.

Quero Education

Quero Educação is an online education marketplace that connects students with educational institutes in Brazil.

Students can find valuable information about the courses offered in various schools and colleges across the country and then compare programs and options based on tuition fees, scholarships, etc.

After gathering the required information, they can also enroll and apply for graduation in private colleges.


The corporate wellbeing platform Gympass provides its subscribers unlimited access to the top gyms, fitness studios, and wellbeing apps under one subscription.

The service is exclusively offered through corporate organizations, which pay a flat fee for their employees to access several gyms and fitness studios at a discounted price from a single membership. Registered users can then visit a gym or studio per day that is offered in the same plan tier.


One of the biggest advantages of React Native is that it is under active development. Both the founder of Facebook (now Meta Platform) and the large community are constantly working to improve the framework to solve the issues that developers face.

With React, you can develop faster and cheaper. For more information on how to extract the full potential of React Native for your next project, contact the experts at a leading app hosting company. 


What is React Native?

It is a cross-platform development framework.

What are the advantages of React Native?

– It uses JavaScript
– Open-Source
– Large developer community

What are ten of the best startups using React Native?

– Shopify
– Instagram
– Delivery Hero
– Discord
– Plaid
– Klarna
– Ze Delivery
– Lime
– Gympass

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