Top 10 Startups using Ruby on Rails

If you are choosing Ruby on Rails for your tech stack, this article is for you. It will list ten of the best startups using this technology to support online platforms, social networks, and local businesses.

When it comes to developing high-class web applications, different frameworks are used. As each has different features, different tools and technologies are used in each case. One of those frameworks is Ruby on Rails that is very efficient and widely used across the industry of web development.

As there are a lot of famous startups, who started with Ruby on Rails and have become pretty successful today, here we have listed the top 10 out of them for you. So, here are the top 10 startups based on Ruby on Rails.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Among all the web development frameworks, Ruby on Rails is one of the best options for software development.

The ruby on rails framework is a web app development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Although it is an open-source framework, it comes under the MIT license.

In technical terms, it is an amazing choice as it provides the basic development structures for the web services, web apps, and web pages along with the database. Being a model-view-controller framework, it comes with several benefits like the following:

  • It is best for developing user-friendly interfaces
  • Provides best security services
  • The applications developed here perform very well
  • It provides all internet content with ease
  • Along with these benefits, there are several others as well.

Top 10 Startups using Ruby on Rails

Different developers have different preferences when developing a website that performs well. According to Stackshare, companies that use Ruby on Rails include:

1. Shopify

The first one on our list here, as well as on several other lists, is Shopify. Being an e-commerce platform, it has aced the online business world with its features like easily customizable eCommerce platforms.

If you look at the list of most successful companies in the world that started with Ruby on Rails, it is at the top of the list.

2. Twitter

Twitter needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular social media platforms available today, and it is also based on Ruby on Rails. As it was developed using Ruby on Rails and jQuery, the development process was very short, and the developers could release it at the right time.

However, after some years of being in the market, it was rewritten in Scala, but the startup was made on Ruby on Rails. Its automation and easy of use show that it is built in some solid framework. So, twitter is one of the leading examples.

3. Instacart

This web app is all about the grocery delivery industry, and it was also started with Ruby on Rails. The application allows users to either use their mobile app or web app and access more than 300 retailers for any shopping needs. It is a famous application used in America and Canada.

4. Twitch

If you are a gamer, you might be aware of this platform. It is one of the most famous gaming streaming platforms available. So, it has a huge community that streams its videos live, including professional gamers and amateur gamers. What gets it on our list is its success being a startup using Ruby on Rails.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb is an application that comes with the basic idea of connecting travelers and hosts. In this way, people can list their free spaces for some time and earn a suitable amount for sharing their place. It comes with amazing UX and UI design and performance, all p[possible because of Ruby on Rails development.

6. Zendesk

This cloud-based computer support software lets the customers get in touch with the customer service of their required company. It was started on Ruby on Rails. Now, the users can use any of their computers, tablet, or mobile phone to connect to the companies like Shopify, Airbnb, Uber, and several other companies’ customer service.

7. Robinhood

Are you into stocks trading? If yes, then it is the platform you need to know about. The startup was started using Ruby on Rails, and it is now a famous platform known for commission-free trading opportunities. It allows the users to shape a better financial future with the help of stock trading and crypto trading using their mobile or web app.

8. Crazy Egg

If you are a developer, you must be aware of this platform. It provides users with features like website performance testing and A/B testing. This way, users can test their web and mobile applications with powerful testing features.

This startup made on Ruby on Rails brings amazing value and features for the developers to easily meet their optimization requirements and develop great applications.

9. Indiegogo

If you are looking for a crowdfunding platform developed on Ruby on Rails, it is one of the best.

Here users only need to present their idea without having the prototype ready, and they can get a lot of funding as there are more than 9 million backers available on the platform.

With these amazing numbers, more than 800000 projects have been launched with the help of IndieGoGo so far.

10. Scribd

Scribd is the platform that started using Ruby on Rails, and the main idea is focused on providing users with an enormous collection of books. More than 40 million books are available here, including magazines and audiobooks.

With this many books available, there are more than 80 million users available on this platform, and the amazing thing is that this number is continuously increasing.

Final Remarks

The selection of a framework for developing a website is among the first few steps. It pretty much decides how the development experience will be and how the application will be performing.

If we look at the applications available today, we will see that a lot of them perform very well, and that too is being developed on Ruby on Rails.

While there are a lot of web apps that were developed using Ruby on Rails, this was our list of top 10 startups that were developed using Ruby on Rails.

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What is Ruby on Rails?

It is a web app development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Although it is an open-source framework, it comes under the MIT license.

What are the startups using Ruby on Rails?

– Shopify
– Twitter
– Instacart
– Twitch
– Airbnb
– Zendesk
– Robinhood
– Crazy Egg
– Indiegogo
– Scribd

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