Top 10 React Native Templates

When it comes to developing applications with unique features, creating a great user-interface is also very important. However, building the user interface from scratch takes a lot of time. So, why not use some templates for this purpose.

There are a lot of templates for React Native applications that not only look amazing but also make the development process extremely fast. Here we will discuss some of these React Native templates.

The Top 10 React Native Templates

The following are the best 10 templates that you can use with your React Native application.

1.    Material Kit React Native

Google’s applications have their specific theme, and if you want your React Native application to have that theme, this is the right tool for you. It is because it comes with a UI kit that has a lot of components and screens. You can use these to create a minimalistic and sleek design, just like Google’s material design.

The best part of this tool is that each of the components comes with complete code, meaning you do not have to write or edit code for changing anything. All you need to do is to modify things according to your requirements in the theme file.

2.    React Native Elements

If you are a fan of customizations and custom designs, this will be the best React Native template. It is because this template platform provides the option of being fully customizable.

  • It means that you can make your application look the way you want it to look.
  • Other than this, the design that you choose will work on all the platforms because it will be for your React Native application.

Another interesting thing is that it is completely built-in JavaScript, so there will be no difficulty regarding the language barrier.

3.    Galio Framework

One of the most important things, when you are developing an application is its interface, and it must be attractive and decent at the same time. To achieve this in your React Native application, one of the best tools that you can use is Galio.

  • It is a template platform that will assist you in a lot of different ways. 
  • This platform comes with ready to use components that significantly helps in reducing the development time. 
  • Additionally, this platform comes with little things like typography and other themes that will make all of your projects look unique and great.

4.    Instamobile React Native

It is a platform that has crossed all the limits for helping the React Native developers. It is because they have so much that they offer for the applications to not only make them look good but also to help shorten the development time.

With Instamobile React Native, you can easily select from a huge list of templates for different activities and applications, making the app look very feature-rich and beautiful.

5.    Argon React Native

It is another template platform that is there to give your app development a head start. The amazing thing here is that this platform is also supported by Expo, making it very versatile for the React Native applications. One of the best parts of this platform is the great documentation that makes using it very easy for the developers. In contrast, the open-source components make things easier for the developers.

6.    Native Base

When you are developing React Native applications, one of the most frustrating things is that you have to work on the user interface for different platforms.

  • It is because the native applications look different on all the platforms. 
  • In this case, the Native Base templates make things very easy for the developers.
  • There are some ready to use components that anyone can use for the React Native applications.

 The usage of these templates and components ensures that you do not have to write the user interface code separately for different iOS and Android platforms.

7.    Creative Tim

Creative Tim is a platform that provides its templates to React Native. The main highlight here is that these templates and components are applicable for both android and iOS devices. Additionally, there is a huge community of developers working over here that makes sure that each of the templates provided here is exceptional in terms of quality.

When you use Creative Tim to get React Native templates, you will get so many options that will help you select the perfect one for your application’s requirements.

8.    CodeCanyon

It is a platform that provides its users with hundreds of React Native themes and templates. The best thing about these templates provided here is that they are up to date and the templates also come in different file types. It makes sure that the developers can find the file type with which they are comfortable to work.

9.    SnowFlake React Native

A single code base is one of the easiest and most attractive things for a developer. It is because it is something that significantly reduces the development time for them. SnowFlake React Native is something that reduces the development time for developers by providing everything under one platform.

Here the developers get a lot more than a template for their React Native application. You can choose from different templates, components, and boilerplates to help you by providing a head start for your application development. Above all this, SnowFlake React Native is compatible with a lot of platforms like the following.

  • Redux
  • RN Router
  • Jest

All of these make things easier for developers.

10. React Native Starter

Building apps from scratch means that you are putting time into the things that you already know. So, this is somewhat a waste of your time. As a developer, every second of your app development time is precious, and you must use it on the things that matter the most.

When you use React Native Starter, you do not need to build an application from scratch, and you can directly add the features. It makes the development process very efficient as compared to competitors.


Building a great application means that you are putting all your effort into it. But some tools help the developers to make their application great. Some of those work for the features, while others are great for the interface of the application.

Here we discussed all the best React Native templates that will make your applications look amazing without doing things from scratch.


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