What is Appcelerator?

What is Appcelerator?
What is Appcelerator

Appcelerator is one of the most efficient mobile applications developing platforms that provide a suitable development environment. It is designed for companies looking forward to creating an app for multiple platforms using a single code base. It uses the JavaScript components and APIs, the most powerful computer language for modern industry. Moreover, it runs and makes packages for iOS, Android, and Windows. The application is written in the native language, but it works on many platforms without any hassle of language barriers.

What is Appcelerator? Everything you need to know about

Appcelerator is the top-class tech company founded in 2006. The company provides several tools for application development for mobile devices across the many popular platforms. It is one of the most famous option, offering free, open-source codes and applications for public use. Appcelerator helps the application developers improve JavaScript skills, allowing them to create applications that could work over several platforms.

The tool has many useful built-in tools to develop applications with a minimal look, soft feel, and efficient working. It can nearly work with any system. It has a wide range of fantastic user interface control; these controls are buttons, cursors, navigational options. Appcelerator has a wide range of graphical animations and transition effects. It helps you to meet the store guidelines and regulations of Apple Store, Amazon Market, and Google Play.

Appcelerator can create both iOS and Android applications; the generated application gives the same feel according to the relevant platform. The Appcelerator also provide free of cost application development for many programmers and companies around the world. The company is serving in various industrial fields such as finance, health, government. It raised around $90 million in capital financing projects in the year 2014.

Appcelerator Pricing

The beginners’ cost for opting for the Indie Seat is free. Furthermore, there are few more exciting services plans specially designed to provide maximum support in debugging and analytics. You can access the fantastic Titanium and Hyperloop tools along with app builder CLI and Studio IDE in the Indie Seat plan. Appcelerator itself provides the Live View option that allows the programmer to see the changes made to the app with publishing it. Indie Seat Plan also has a community support forum. The Indie Seat Plan is basically designed for a single developer.

The Pro Seat Plan has additional features like crash analytics, multiple developers, app preview, and the most useful is eSupport, and it has all the other features included in Indie Seat Plan. It allows the analytics for crash app events.

 It has three months history record for user analytics. The enterprise seat plan is outstandingly designed for commercial or enterprise use. This plan has the premium support and the most customizable set-up. It further has all the included features of Pro Seat. Additionally, it detects and checks the crash and performance analytics.

Indie SeatFreeGreat for solo devs
Pro Seat$199/seat/monthFor growing companies
EnterpriseTalk to SalesGreat for Enterprises

Appcelerator Main Features

DE and Titanium SDK: 

It reuses the 60-90% code across the multiple platforms to provides maximum control over the application. It gives them direct access to most efficient native APIs using the Hyperloop tool. The SDK provides quick and instant support for upcoming releases of each operating system. The tool has continuous and seamless integration for the existing delivery systems.

App Designer: 

It provides the perfect designer and developer for apps for several platforms. It has a drag and drops to improve the workability. Additionally, it helps to produce quality code, allows the best practice in the field of development. The two-dimensional updates make the movements more seamless and flawless between the design and code. The user interface may change to operating systems and devices.


It offers direct access to almost every operating system, both iOS and Android API using JavaScript. It allows for implementing third-party native libraries without making significant changes. It quickly and effortlessly provides the effects to create active and dynamic animations without any lag — furthermore, many programming languages such as Java, Obj-C, and Swift along with Titanium Code.

Appcelerator Advantages

Quick Prototype: 

The Appcelerator can accelerate the application’s development in a very flexible way. It allows you to create with a few lines of code, and in a very short span of time, that could normally take  many days. Apart from this, there are the choice cross-platform toolkits that provide the development by using native way. One can use Appcelerator to construct a prototype before developing the application. It will save a lot of time. It is helpful to evaluate the user requirement with the User Interface of application. It rapids the process of app development.


It focuses on helping in the process of the development of web-interacted applications with web services and technologies. The Appcelerator makes a huge impact on not on the development procedure but also on the shortening of JSON Formats. However, it also saves the expenses overhead required to cope with the data provided.

Components of JavaScript:

Appcelerator understands that majority of developers are coming from web-development related experience trying to enter mobile application development. Interestingly, the Appcelerator produces the best language for the structure with workability, flexibility, and reliability.

Emerging community:

It has grown up to the community around million developers, working many cross-platform development tools to build many apps. Without any doubt, Appcelerator is trying the best to provide highly experienced developers and programmers to be part of their community. The majority of developers have now shifted to Appcelerator permanently.

Appcelerator Alternatives

Is that true? Learn more about the Appcelerator alternatives. 


This is a tool that gives the application backend using cloud technology and includes a good database with some good APIs. It has email verifications and integration with social networks and third-party service providers.


It is the backend application platform providing the APIs. Backendless is designed for mobile and web applications. It has the functions that help and supports the most common tasks and operations of backends.


It is the app development platform the provides decent SDKs, APIs, and few tools required by developer for creating some good applications. It solely focuses on business-related applications. 

So, this explains everything related to Appcelerator.

What is Appcelerator?

Appcelerator is one of the most efficient mobile applications developing platforms that provide a suitable development environment.

How does Appcelerator pricing looks like?

– Indie Seat: Free, ideal for solo developers
– Pro Seat: $199/seat/month, ideal for growing companies
– Enterprise Seat: Talk to sales, ideal for enterprises

What are Appcelerator Advantages

– Quick prototype
– Javascript Components
– Developer community

What are Appcelerator Main Features?

– DE and Titanium SDK
– App Designer
– Hyperloop

What are the alternatives to Appcelerator

– Back4app
– Backendless
– Pubnub

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