What is Apple CloudKit?

What is Apple CloudKit?
CloudKit - Backend as a Service

CloudKit it’s Apple’s Backend as a Service platform and it’s specially designed for iOS apps. CloudKit was introduced in the year 2014 as an amazing solution to integrate iCloud in your applications with ease. This cloud solution has been introduced by Apple. Basically, it is a type of framework which is meant to power applications on Apple platform with the amazingness of iCloud. CloudKit is an exciting as well as a feature rich Application Programming Interface which can help you to store and query your custom data in cloud. This service is available for tvOS, watchOS, iOS and macOS. 

Key Features of CloudKit

Here we have enlisted key features of CloudKit which are essential for you to know:

Automatic sync 

CloudKit is meant to work seamlessly with your applications on all web services and Apple platform. It offers automatic syncing so that users can access to latest content with ease. 

Powerful services 

With interesting services being offered by CloudKit, you will be able to focus on client-side development. Because CloudKit will take care of your backend, scalability and server-side storage solutions itself. CloudKit also provides authentication to ensure secure services. 

Simpler sharing 

CloudKit can help users to share data with others securely. They can share files, and more from their applications easily. Developers can customize the interface to match with app’s design quickly. 

Data management dashboard 

CloudKit offers an easier to use dashboard. This dashboard can let you have a detailed overview of the server activity of your application. Even more, you will be able to inspect data, measure user activity, maintain database schema as well as monitor trends with this. It can also let you know about the users’ bandwidth usage. This detailed overview of your application information will let you develop and test new features over time with ease. 


CloudKit is supporting three types of databases including private databases, shared databases and public databases. 

Private databases are meant to store data of your users such as images, private notes and more. These databases are being used to store private data of your applications which is not meant to be shared with anyone. Shared databases are being used to keep shared items. These databases will let you store the items which are being shared by multiple users on your app. However, the public database will keep the data which any user can read. But during the process of development you have to add credentials to read records in your public databases. 

CloudKit Pricing

When it comes to pricing structure of CloudKit then this is offering a generous amount of data storage and transfer services for free. Ultimately, the processes of building, testing and growing your applications will become super easier. Even more, if you want to scale your applications over time, then still there is nothing to be worried about. As it is offering highly affordable solutions for its services. You can experience average paid services available at $0.03 per GB only. 

Free Tier$0.00– 10GB Storage
– 100MB Database
– 2GB Transfer
– 40 req/s
Paid PlanPay as you go– $0.03/GB Storage
– $3.00/GB Database
– $0.1/GB Transfer
– $100 per 10 req/s

Advantages of CloudKit

Do you want to know some of the most amazing benefits of CloudKit? Have a look at the benefits of CloudKit we have enlisted below to get a better idea:

Easier setup

Most amazingly, CloudKit needs a very little setup unlike other backend solutions. It is because there is no need to choose or install and configure servers in this solution. Even more, Apple CloudKit is capable of handling scaling and security as well. 

Simpler solution

CloudKit is one of the simplest backend solutions you can ever have. There is no need to download any setup or additional libraries to get started with this platform. Rather you only have to register yourself and that’s all. Now you are all ready to start creating your applications with CloudKit. 

Enhanced security 

CloudKit can let its users trust the security and privacy measures of platform. As this solution is relying on Apple, therefore, enhanced security measures are ensured for this. Ultimately, you can store confidential app data too with CloudKit. 


Although the running cost of servers is a big deal for developers. But in case of CloudKit you don’t have to be worried about paying large expenses at all. As it offers a reasonable storage amount completely free. Even the scaling of services is also pretty affordable as compared to other similar solutions. 

Accelerated development process 

As with CloudKit developers don’t have to be worried about managing infrastructure or spending hours to develop backend services of their applications. Ultimately, they can experience accelerated application development process with ease. 

CloudKit Alternatives

Do you want to know some of the amazing alternatives to CloudKit? Here we have top 3 best alternatives to CloudKit which you must consider. So, here we go: 


This is one of the most interesting and easiest backend solutions which any of you can consider to have. This solution is meant to speed up your application development and can offer more ways to create feature-rich applications in the best possible way. Free account of back4app can let you have a test drive with ease. 


Kinvey is one of the foremost solutions to solely focus on backend and cloud integrated solutions in the market. This solution was meant to support mobile aggregation as a core objective. However, some other amazing services which it can offer you are including IT needs compliance, security providence through encryption, as well as backend services integration. An extensive feature range offered by Kinvey makes it an interesting alternative to CloudKit for you. 

AWS Amplify

This is another amazing alternative to CloudKit which is meant to kickstart any of your app development project in a more amazing way. surprisingly, it comes up with a flexible pricing plan by which you are never going to pay extra for its services. All and all, it is offering a wider range of interesting features which can make it easier for you to develop stunning applications. 


Over time, innovations in IT field is bringing more amazing solutions to the developers. Backend solutions are one of the most exciting services they can experience at present. These are not only accelerating development processes but making it easier for developers to develop feature-rich solutions. However, here we have brought a detailed overview of CloudKit which can let you make a better decision about when to use this service. 

What is CloudKit?

CloudKit it’s Apple’s Backend as a Service platform and it’s specially designed for iOS app. CloudKit was introduced in the year 2014 as an amazing solution to integrate iCloud in your applications with ease.

What are CloudKit features?

– Automatic sync 
– Simpler sharing
– Scalable Infrastructure
– Data management dashboard 

What are the benefits of ClodKit?

– Easier setup of iOS apps
– Easy to use solution
– Security

What are the alternatives to CloudKit?

– Back4app
– Kinvey
– Firebase

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