What is CloudOye?

In this time of digital technology and online business, having a website has become necessary. It is because it makes reaching out to customers all over the world very easy. However, one thing that does not get easy while managing a website is the hosting work.

Well, in this case, platforms like CloudOye make things easier by providing their services. So, here we will be discussing their services, features, and advantages of getting their services.

CloudOye Overview

Whenever you look for website hosting services, reliability is one of the things that is mostly required. CloudOye is the platform that has been providing its hosting services since 2002, so there are no issues regarding the reliability of their services.

So, when you get the hosting services from CloudOye, you will not have to worry about anything as everything will be virtually managed by them, and you only need to pay. Apart from this, there are a lot of features and benefits that we will be discussing below.

CloudOye Advantages

The following are some of the most amazing benefits and advantages of using the website hosting services from CloudOye.

  • Guaranteed uptime means amazing performance

Nobody wants to see their website face downtime. It is because it affects the performance of their website, and there is a negative impact on the visitors. So, when you get the website hosting services from CloudOye, they make sure that you get 99.95% uptime. This uptime guarantee from CloudOye means that you will rarely find any downtime for your website.

  • Availability of SSL certificates increases credibility for visitors

Security has become very important these days, and now everyone looks for the “S” at the end of “HTTPS.” It is because this ensures that the website is secure and there is no harm in using it. To get this for your website, SSL certificates are very important. The amazing thing about v is that they provide a wide variety of SSL certificates for your website, making it a lot more credible for the visitors.

  • Customizations in services

It is a fact that everyone will not need the same service, which hugely increases the need for customization in services. CloudOye understands this, and they have customization options in their services. So, if you are looking for any type of customization regarding features, hardware, or anything else from their services, you can get it.

  • Pay attention to things that matter the most

Managing a business is very different from managing a website, and when you are doing both at the same time, the results are not great. So, why not pay attention to the things that matter the most. With the services from CloudOye, you will not have to deal with the issues with the website. It is because they will take everything into their hands and do all the management work.

CloudOye Core Features

When you get the services from CloudOye, there are a lot of features that you get along with. Here we will be discussing some of them.

  • Backup services are very affordable

As you are not managing your hardware, the need for backup increases because if the data is accidentally deleted, you will not have any option to get that back. While many hosting service providers charge a lot for the backup services, CloudOye has a very affordable plan for the backup services, making it easier for everyone to get these services.

  • Scalability options available

Scalability is an option that brings a lot of value to their services. It is because when your traffic increases, you will need to increase the backend resources. With CloudOye hosting services, you do not need to worry about this issue as you can get scalability for each hardware resource.

  • 24/7 customer service

An amazing thing about CloudOye is that they provide 24/7 customer service. You can contact them in the following ways.

  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Call

Not only this, but you can also get information from their video tutorials.

  • Your security is highly concerned

Data and information is the most important thing in this era, and CloudOye pays great attention to this. Not only do they have techniques applied to their software for increased security against attacks and viruses. But the hardware is also under 24/7 surveillance. It makes sure that there is no way anyone can access your data while you trust CloudOye with it.

CloudOye Pricing

Their pricing plans are very interesting with the most affordable rates. Here are some of the options that you get from CloudOye.

  1. $32 per month or $0.04 per hour.
  2. $120 per month or $0.16 per hour.
  3. $200 per month or $0.27 per hour.
  4. $340 per month or $0.47 per hour.

Each of these has different resources, and you can select according to your needs. Additionally, you can get your amount of resources by contacting their team.


If you are looking for a hosting service provider that you can trust, then CloudOye is an amazing option for you. Here we discussed how it brings value along with its services for the customers.


What is CloudOye?

CloudOye is the platform that has been providing its hosting services since 2002.

What are the advantages of CloudOye?

– Uptime
– SSL certificates
– Customer Service

What are the features of CloudOye?

– Backup
– Scalability
– Security

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