What is CloudSigma?

It is the era of rapid software development, and the things like server connection and cloud management elongate the process. However, managing things like the cloud is not something everyone can handle.

Especially when we talk about small-level businesses, managing the cloud becomes very difficult. Regarding this case, different service providers provide cloud services. CloudSigma is one of them, and here we will discuss it all.

Cloud Sigma Overview

CloudSigma is a trusted name for the Cloud as a Service service. With over a decade of providing services, this is the platform that has achieved a lot of experience, which helps them make their services reliable. By providing complete control over the servers, users get and the scalability options. CloudSigma makes its services a perfect choice for most users.

The best part is that their servers can run a wide range of operating systems with the only restriction of being unmodified. Ultimate experience and explicit performance being their primary goal, they provide the services with a lot of features and benefits that we will be discussing here.

CloudSigma Advantages

When you select CloudSigma for their Cloud services, there are a lot of advantages that you can enjoy. Here we have elaborated on some of them.

Instant Deployment of Resources

One of the best things and the advantage that attracts many people towards their services is that CloudSigma provides the option to deploy the servers in a short time. As nobody likes to wait for their server to be deployed, CloudSigma takes care of this issue, and they provide the servers that deploy under a time limit of 30 seconds.

Not only does it deploy fast, but it is straightforward and simple to do. Additionally, the dynamic infrastructure of this cloud server makes it perform exceptionally well.

Perfect Cloud Provisioning for all your services

Unlike most cloud services providers that do nothing but place you into a few fixed servers, CloudSigma provides you full control. With the services from CloudSigma, everything is tailored according to what you need and what your software requires. It makes each service that they provide unique from every other service.

No issues when you look for migration

Migrating through different clouds is one of the most complex things because of the different management modes and several back-end things. However, this is not the case if you are looking to migrate to CloudSigma cloud services.

Here all you need to do is to import your drives and nothing else. Whatever you have on your drive will be automatically migrated to the CloudSigma clouds.

CloudSigma Core Features

The cloud services from CloudSigma come with a lot of amazing features. Here we have elaborated on some of the core features from CloudSigma.

Amazing performance

When it comes to the performance of the cloud servers that you get from CloudSigma, there is no beating them in terms of performance. It is because of the following things.

  • CPU customization options
  • SSD and high-speed compatible hardware
  • 10 GigE Networking

With all of these and amazing software to make all of these fluently work in combination, the cloud servers from CloudSigma perform extremely well.

Safety is not compromised here

If you want to keep your data secure from the authorities worldwide, CloudSigma will be your best choice. It is because when you select their services from a certain location, your data is only subject to the laws and authorities of that location and no other.

API to fulfill all of your needs

When it comes to managing the web application, API plays an important role because it is the doorway to control everything. Well, in the case of CloudSigma, everything can be done using their API and the custom control panel that comes with it.

It means that you will have a feature coverage of 100%, while the custom control panel makes things significantly easier to use.

Cloud Sigma Pricing

Pricing starts at 10CHF and provides 1CPU/1GB RAM. More details available on the pricing page.


Sometimes managing data and the application requires cloud services as a necessary feature. The difficulty most organizations face is that the cost of doing this is very high. However, with the services from CloudSigma, there is no need to manage these things as you can get everything as a service.


What is Cloud Sigma?

Cloud hosting provider based out of Switzerland.

What are the advantages of Cloud Sigma?

– Instant Deployment of Resources
– Reliability
– Multiple datacenter locations

What are the core features of Cloud Sigma?

– Performance
– Security
– Transparent pricing structure

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