What is Cloudways?

It is the internet era, and every small and upper-level business needs to be present online. It is because it makes them approachable for the whole world and increases the competition. A website is necessary for this, and getting a reliable hosting service is very important to make the website go online.

Although there are a lot of service providers, getting reliable is one matter. So, Cloudways is one of the most reliable platforms for hosting, and here we will discuss it in detail.

Cloudways Overview

Apart from all the web hosting service providers, Cloudways is the platform that focuses more on providing value to their customers. It is done by making sure the website hosted performs very well. Simultaneously, simplicity is made sure so that the user can easily set up their application.

Additionally, the thing that makes it a very amazing platform for everyone is that their team takes the responsibility of managing all the hassle of server management, and you only have to pay for the services. It is one feature that makes it an attractive option for all types of business owners.

The businesses can focus more on their services and leave the technical things up to the professionals.

Cloudways Advantages

When it comes to using Cloudways for their website hosting and server management services, they provide you with many amazing benefits and advantages. Here we will elaborate on some of the advantages that come along with their services.

  • Scalability

For businesses, scalability is an important option because things may start small, but with time, the requirement for resources may increase. Cloudways pay great attention to this, and they provide exceptional scalability options for their users. So, with Cloudways at your side, you can enjoy all types of scalability features for your website’s backend.

  • Affordable pricing

Pricing is something that does not only need to be affordable, but it is also needed to be transparent at the same time. Cloudways is the platform that provides maximum affordability in their services. Additionally, their pricing plans are transparent with no hidden charges. It means that you will exactly know the prices you need to pay.

  • Amazing customer support

Any service provider that brings a lot of value to their services is the support that they provide. The benefit of using Cloudways’ services is that they provide amazing customer support. It is done in different ways to enhance the experience of the customer. Here are details about each of them:

24/7/365 live chat support makes sure that their experts will be available for you whenever you need their support.

Online ticketing in combination with advanced live chat makes solving queries in a short time possible. It reduces the time for solving time by more than 80%. Although this is a premium add-on, you can call the senior support engineer any time.

Cloudways Core Features

Speaking about the services you can get from Cloudways, there are a lot of features that you can get from them. Here we have discussed some of those features.

  • Great performance assured

One of the things that Cloudways pays great attention to is the performance of its services. Whatever services you are using and whatever package you are on, they will make sure that your website performs extremely well. It is because of the following things.

  • Hosting based on SSD.
  • Dedicated environment for each hosted service
  • Built-in Advanced Caches for maximining performance.
  • Automatic crash resolving servers.
  • Security without any compromises made

Another great feature that Cloudways provides is that its services make no compromises on security. The following things do it:

  • Dedicated firewalls for the servers built on the operating system level.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • IP whitelisting for enhanced security
  • Protection against attacks done by bots.
  • Monitoring services to keep you updated.

Getting stats about the services and performance is very important, and this is another field where Cloudways keeps you up to date. It is done by their real-time 24/7 monitoring services for your server and the AI-based bot notifications in real-time to provide insights.

Cloudways Pricing

The pricing plans are awesome for the customers as they have monthly and hourly payment options. Additionally, their cheapest service starts only at $10 per month. The best part is that you can start for free.


Finding some reliable platform for server management and hosting services have become very important because it affects your website’s performance.

Cloudways is one of the best platforms that you can select in this regard. Here we discussed everything that you needed to know about it.


What is Cloudways?

Managed cloud hosting platform.

What are the advantages of Cloudways?

– Scalability
– Affordable pricing
– Customer support

What are the core features of Cloudways?

– Performance
– Security
– SSD hosting

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