What is Dokku?

A robust platform as a service is one of the most critical requirements for developers today. It is essential for the deployment of agile and feature-rich applications that deliver favorable experiences to users.

Dokku is one of the top PaaS offerings today, known for its remarkable ease of use and features. Take a detailed look at this platform and what it offers below.

Dokku Overview

Dokku is a widely-used platform as a service solution that lets users deploy and manage applications to environments on other servers. This PaaS uses Docker, a Linux-based container system for deployment management, and its users can efficiently perform remote server deployments.

Dokku is an open-source platform that runs on a user’s preferred server. To run this, PaaS users need to have a minimum of 1 Gb system memory, Ubuntu, CentOS 7 x64, or Debian 9+ x64 installed. Users also have the choice of directing a domain name to a host IP for using Dokku.

Ideally, Dokku is meant to be used atop a new virtual machine installation. A bootstrap installation is sufficient for installing all required dependencies.

Dokku Advantages 

  • Open-Source & Free-to-use

Dokku is entirely free and open-source, making it an ideal choice for developers and businesses on a tight budget. Backed by an active community, it gets regular updates and enhancements that can prove to be quite beneficial for platform-as-a-service users.

  • Reduce development cost

Using this free PaaS can radically reduce the cost of development and make projects more sustainable. Dokku can be a convenient platform for businesses that need a robust PaaS starting point.  

  • Accelerate time to market

Dokku is an agile platform that offers a vast array of services in association with leading providers like Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. It provides various convenient features to make the development, deployment, and management of applications easy for developers.

Dokku Features

  • Ease-of-use

Dokku is easy to use platform-as-a-service option for the needs of developers. Its users can rely on a pre-installed image to set up a server and begin using it without hassle. 

  • Open Source

Dokku is a widely-used Docker-based platform as a service that relies on Heroku build packs. Users of this platform will also be able to get Digital Ocean’s technical support to aid their development requirements. 

  • Free for use

Dokku is a free platform as a service offering that only requires users to purchase a Digital Ocean plan. Developers can start using the features after their application has gone live. 

Dokku Pricing 

Dokku is free to use. Dokku is one of the most powerful free-to-use PaaS offerings with several useful features for modern applications. It can be downloaded at https://github.com/dokku/dokku

Where to host your app created with Dokku?

Dokku users can download the required PaaS resources from its Github page and start using it immediately. It can be run on Digital Ocean, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Digital Ocean, in particular, is quite a convenient option for the needs of Dokku users. They can get easy access to several ready-to-use images to run Dokku on the Digital Ocean Marketplace. You can find information about installing and running Dokku and links to support resources on the same page.


Dokku can be the right choice of PaaS to fulfill your application deployment and management needs. Check out the features and benefits mentioned above to gain some insight into the platform. 


What is Dokku?

Open-source PaaS framework.

What are the advantages of Dokku?

– Open-Source
– Self-Hosted
– Ease of use

What is the price of Dokku?

It’s free to use and available to download on Github.

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