What is File Maker?

The range of functionality offered by File Maker is pretty broad. However, at its core, File Maker works as a database that is meant to handle records.

So, do you want to know more about File Maker and how it can benefit you more effectively? Let’s look at the detailed File Maker overview below to learn more about it with ease.

So, here we go:

File Maker Overview

FileMaker is a fantastic workplace innovation platform that is here to help its users create custom applications to improve the performance, productivity, and operations of their businesses in the best possible way.

FileMaker is a flexible, fast, and robust platform that can work with almost any device type, including Windows, Android, iOS, and mac. Most amazingly, FileMaker can be integrated with other homegrown systems and applications as well.

FileMaker is also held to the well-known rigorous standards of other applications in the Apple portfolio. One of the core strengths of FileMaker is to create custom business applications that are visually appealing and professionally designed.

With its great-looking databases, FileMaker has become a more compelling platform for its users. It allows users to manage and share their data among different members of their teams with ease. Ultimately, this can help you to become more productive in the best possible way.

File Maker Core Features

Do you want to know why FileMaker is a fantastic platform to work with? Then, you must have a look at the core features of File Maker to understand more in this regard:

1.    Data importation

Do you have existing business data stored in any other application? FileMaker can let you import your existing data files. It will enhance your team’s productivity in the best possible way, as they don’t have to perform tasks repeatedly.

Even more, the simple and intuitive user interface of FileMaker will let you start using this platform without any learning curve.  

2.    Enhanced flexibility

Most amazingly, FileMaker is here to facilitate you with the best customization freedom. With this, you can design your own layouts for business applications without even any excellent coding skills. You can create an effective file sharing and database application without even hiring additional IT staff.

3.    Built-in reports

FileMaker can let you have insights into your business assets and data. The built-in reporting tools of FileMaker can let you have intuitive, understandable, and engaging reports. You can even save these reports for better presentations as well.

4.    Team sharing

You can make applications created by FileMaker as your central work hub. FileMaker is a platform that allows you to store and share your business data with your team members for a practical collaborative approach.

File Maker Advantages

With FileMaker, this is the time to leave your spreadsheets and stack of forms behind. It is because FileMaker is here to help you to move to a system that is always accessible, real-time, and well-organized as well.

FileMaker has made it easier for you to see all the necessary information about your business at the same place. So, you can use or analyze this information to make well-informed decisions with ease.

Also, creating reports to have new business insights has become more manageable now. FileMaker brings all your essential business information into a single platform which will ease your workload more effectively.

Overall, FileMaker can help you to improve all your common tasks such as:

  • Tracking assets
  • Managing contacts
  • Creating reports
  • Analyzing user information
  • Organizing events and projects and many others.

You can use it in a perfect way and it can be great for you to manage your complex projects also.

File Maker Pricing

Whether you are running a small business or working with an enterprise-level business, finding the right pricing plan is always essential while choosing any software solution.

However, File Maker is here with a lucrative pricing plan which is available for you to utilize as US$19 per user per month.

Most importantly, you can start with the free trial of FileMaker to test-drive its features with ease.


Overall, FileMaker is one of the most fantastic database development platforms that can develop database applications like a pro. You can easily use FileMaker to take a route towards digital transformation. It will let you build custom applications quickly that will solve all your current and future business problems with ease.

So, use this fantastic platform to build lucrative apps, accelerate your business and unlock the creative potential of your teams to the fullest with ease.


What is File Maker?

It is a cross-platform relational database application.

What are the core features of File Maker?

– Project Management
– Event Planning

What is the pricing of File Maker?

– $19/user/month

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