What is Kamatera?

Managing physical servers for online services is the thing of the past, and now is the time of cloud-based computing. With this need for cloud-based technology, many service providers are providing their cloud computing services. Kamatera is one of the best ones, and here we will be discussing it in detail.

Kamatera Overview

In the world of cloud-based services, Kamatera is a name that has been there for more than 20 years now. They are very well known around the world for providing their cutting edge technologies and exceptionally well services since 1995. With amazing services and experience of well more than 20 years, they are one of the world’s best cloud services providers.

Whether it is web hosting that you are looking for, cloud firewall, private networks, app development, or any other products and services, they can serve you in the best way. Not only this, but the best thing about Kamatera is that the products and services that they provide run on almost all operating systems.

Kamatera Advantages

Being one of the world’s leading platforms, Kamatera provides a lot of advantages for its services. These are the advantages that the users of all different services and products can enjoy. Here we have discussed some of them.

  • Affordable for everyone

The very first advantage of getting the service from Kamatera is that their services are very affordable. Whether you are getting cloud private network services or getting any of other services, they will charge you according to your terms. Additionally, the services you get there can be selected according to your requirements, making them even more affordable.

  • Custom services

It is a feature that most of the service providers lack, and it is providing custom services. With Kamatera, you get custom services according to your requirements. It makes Kamatera an amazing choice for everyone.

  • Flexibility in scaling options

As Kamatera provides cloud-based services, this nature of these services can provide flexibility in its services. It makes Kamatera a perfect option for a business with specific needs. Here you can get flexibility in services like server capacity, disk storage, and many more.

  • Fulfills your requirements without needing to maintain the hardware

One of the best things about getting Kamatera services is that you do not need to manage any hardware type. If you get the server management services, they will do it for you. If you need some development services, they provide that too.

Whatever the service your business needs, they can provide it, and as all of the services are fully managed, there will be no need to do any hardware management.

  • Amazing customer support.

It is the benefit that brings a lot of value for the customers or Kamatera. To make sure that none of the customers has to face any technical issues, their customer support is available 24/7

Kamatera Core Features

Kamatera is a platform that provides a lot of products, solutions, and services, and each of them comes with different features and specifications. However, some of the core features that Kamatera provides are listed below:

  • CPU monitoring services.
  • Data Migration and synchronization.
  • Permissions, access control, and credential management.
  • Scheduled and continuous backup.
  • Event logs.
  • Simple and disaster-based recovery of data.
  • Billing and cost management
  • Performance and capacity analysis
  • Demand monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Server monitoring
  • Virtual machine backup and monitoring
  • Multi-cloud management
  • Encryption
  • Version control
  • File sharing

Kamatera Pricing

When it comes to selecting the pricing policy, it gets interesting because the prices are very attractive for both the small level customers and the bigger organizations at the same time.

  • The free trial

The first thing that you will note is the 30-day free trial that you get at sign-up. It is free for everyone without any restrictions and commitment.

  • Paid services

When it comes to the paid services, the prices can be as low as under 5$ per month. However, considering that there are a lot of different services, they provide customized prices. These prices can be customized on different factors like hourly or monthly prices.

At the same time, the pricing will only change for the services that the user consumes. It makes Kamatera a perfect choice for customers who are looking for cheaper services.


The features and benefits that Kamatera provides along their services make them one of the best cloud services providers in the world. Here we discussed all the features, benefits, and pricing of Kamatera services and products.


What is Kamatera?

High performance cloud hosting provider.

What are the advantages of Kamatera?

– Scalability
– Pricing
– Customer service

What are the core features of Kamatera?

– CPU Monitoring
– Backups
– Encryption

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